2nd Generation Threadrippers Rumored to Launch Mid-August

AMD's second generation of Threadripper processors are rumored to land August 13

We’ve been anticipating the new line of AMD Threadripper processors for a while now, and we got to see a glimpse of the ultimate power they hold at Computex 2018. There we saw AMD do their own benchmark with the beast, a 32 Core 64 thread Threadripper.

But we didn’t know then when the release date was, but thanks to Benchlife (which is usually well informed) we now have an idea. It is rumored that the new Threadrippers will be releasing August 13 or sometime around there. The release will give us two new Threadrippers to play around with, the 32 core 64 thread 2990X and the sligthly less powerful 24 core 48 thread 2950X. Information is still slim, but the 2990X is said to have the power to reach 4.12GHz across all cores, pretty damn impressive. The first generation of Threadripper processors launched August of last year, so it would be reasonable to assume that the second generation would come a year later, especially since the second generation Ryzen processors just launched a few months ago.

We don’t know prices yet, but its said that the Threadripper 2990X will run for around $1,500 which would put the 2950X at around $1,150.


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