All Anthem Details Revealed By Executive Producer Mark Darrah

Here Is What You Need To Know About The Game

Anthem is one of the games that everyone is excited about and we also got a closer look at the game at E3 2018. There is a lot of hype around the game and as the game will be coming out about a year from now, the fans want to know as much as possible. Executive Producer Mark Darrah revealed some details regarding Anthem on Twitter and the following is everything that we got out of him.

  • Freelancers’ Javelin exosuits are between seven and ten feet tall.
  • The player’s thrusters generate heat during flight, so they’ll have to land their Javelin periodically to cool them down. Leveling up will allow players to fly for longer distances.
  • You’ll be able to create the look of your human character, but BioWare has put more effort into customization of the various Javelin exosuits. Weapons and most abilities will be tied to custom loadouts specific to each Javelin type, and those can only be changed in the Fort Tarsis social hub.
  • The game won’t ship with a PvP component.
  • Players can play solo or in a group of up to four players. There will also be matchmaking for all activities. (Missions are designed for squads of four.)
  • Players can change from one Javelin type to the next without having to juggle multiple character saves or profiles.
  • Main story will feature key non-player characters to interact with.
  • There is fall damage.
  • Online to play; the game will have dedicated servers.
  • Able to replay missions you’ve already completed (e.g., when playing with friends or in a matchmade group).
  • No gender variations on the Javelins.
  • Health will drop from slain enemies.
  • Other players outside your squad can still interact with you (e.g., to revive one another when you fall in combat).
  • Primary enemy in the story will be the Dominion, a human nation bent on subjugating the other people. The Dominion believes that they can control the tools of the Shapers and bend them to their own purposes. The Dominion are an ancient enemy with a secret in their past.
  • For now, the game features no friendly fire.
  • Action takes place in a third-person viewpoint, whereas the Fort Tarsis hub will be a first-person experience.
  • Expansions, additional missions or story content, and new environments will be made free for all players as the game grows and evolves over time.
  • Microtransactions will be for vanity items — never for “power” — and won’t be hidden behind randomization or loot boxes. These can be earned through play.
  • Loot drops are player-specific; you won’t have to fight for rewards.
  • Anthem’ is a world without microchips and a world without mass production
  • The game won’t feature romantic relationships.
  • Freelancers (players) will have a human “Cypher” who interacts with them while they’re off adventuring in the larger game world.
  • Javelins cannot be permanently destroyed.
  • Color-blind mode.
  • Players, or “Freelancers,” will choose from four different Javelin classes that grant unique abilities and skill sets: the Ranger, the Colossus, the Interceptor, and the Storm. Javelins have the same movement speed outside of combat, but mobility is different for each Javelin type.
  • There are currently no plans for cross-platform play.

Anthem appears to be a very compelling game and it will be interesting to see what the final product will be like. The game will be coming out on February 22nd on for Xbox, PS4 and PC.

Talha Amjad

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