AMD and NVIDIA Head to Head in Battlefield V

Someone put a GTX 1060 and a Radeon 580 in contest in the Battlefield V alpha

You got to love it when two giants go hand to hand in combat. In this case we’re talking about NVIDIA and AMD going at it in the Battlefield V closed alpha. No, it wasn’t the companies themselves, rather, someone over at PCGamesN.com put two cards, an NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB and an AMD Radeon Rx 580 8GB. Both are powerful cards and when put together in the past they’ve each held their own with differences only appearing marginally. However, during the Battlefield V closed alpha it seemed like AMD had the upper hand over NVIDIA.

Over the tests, it was seen that the Radeon performed over 30% better than the 1060 overall. For example, during the 1080p DX11 test, the 1060 performed with an average framerate of 45 while the Radeon smashed that by having an average framerate of 68. The graphs below highlight this and the rest of the important data:

Bottom line though, this might not be anything to worry about to begin with. The game is still in its alpha phase, drivers haven’t been completely optimized, things are still rough. The differences above are substantial enough, but they might diminis

h in the coming months before the game actually releases. Having said that, DX12 is still a concern for NVIDIA, their cards running about 9% below what the same card can do with the same settings but on DX11. That performance drop is on the smaller side, but you don’t see the Radeon 580 having any problems with that.

Tim Kallman

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