AMD Raven Ridge Updates are Once Every Three Months

Raven Ridge processors with Vega graphics will only be updated four times a year going forward, Threadrippers are going out to i7 8086 winners

AMD’s new line of Raven Ridge APUs with Zen architecture and Vega graphics are trying to give the dedicated GPU lines a run for their money since the cryptocurrency revolution started, and with what you get for that price point of $100-$150 is pretty sweet for integrated graphics.

However,  AMD is slightly slacking on how they’re going to be releasing updates that actually support these new APUs, as they’re separated from the Radeon branch of things they’re missing valuable updates that include better game optimization, something that the dedicated GPU crowd is receiving. There was promise back in May when an Adrenalin driver was released with support for the new monster APUs, but since then it’s been radio silence and confusion…until now.

An AMD Rep posted on a forum when someone asked,

How come there is no raven ridge support with the last two drivers? I thought they were now unified release.”

The Rep, AMDMatt, responded with, “APU drivers are updated every 3 months as WHQL releases only.

That makes sense since the APUs were released in February of this year, and the last update was in May. So that means now we can safely assume that the next update will come to us sometime in August, and the pattern will continue forever onward. It’s not the most efficient way to do things, a lot of consumers are going to get angsty waiting for their updates to come through, but at least we’ve now got a consistent basis and pretty much a guarantee of four updates a year. I can understand the frustration, back when I used to be a low-budget gamer myself I wanted to squeeze all the frames I could out of my processor. If there was an update out there that could improve my performance but I couldn’t download it, I know I’d be a little miffed about it.

But in other news, AMD has something else up their sleeve with their announcement that they’re going to be given away free Threadrippers to the world!

Well, it’s not exactly that, but they’re given away free Threadripper 1950x processors to the first 40 winners of Intel’s promotion in which they gave away 8086 limited edition i7 8086K processors with 6 cores and 12 threads in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the x86 processor. AMD says that the first 40 people to trade in their limited edition i7 will receive a free Threadripper, the processor that is built for only the most hardcore gamers in the world.

In order to get that Threadripper, anyone with a limited i7 can go to this page on June 25 and follow the instructions given by AMD, and the first 40 to complete all of those steps can trade in their processor. This is only for people in the US, and only for those who have won the contest done by Intel, so the majority of the world shouldn’t really care about this. But it’s still kind of funny to see these two companies go at it like this.

Tim Kallman

Tim is currently pursuing a career in video game design and development and is combining that with his passion for writing to make his thoughts heard. The industry is growing ever upwards and he wants to be a part of it any way he can. His love for video games extends to the custom PC he's built and maintained over the years with only the best parts he can find
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