Apacer’s New RGB RAM Sticks: Panther Rage

Apacer's new Panther Rage memory has RGB lighting which improves over the previous model

Everybody needs RAM, everybody could use more RAM. It’s important to have ram that’s quick and efficient, but the RAM we’re looking at today doesn’t just shine in the performance department, it just downright shines.

Coming from Apacer, we have the Panther Rage DDR4 memory with actual RGB lighting features going across 7 crystal-like lights on the top of the stick which almost look like the teeth of a panther and even more impressive when the light shines through them. The Panther Rage improves over the previous version they put out where they only had a single light to manipulate,  with it being 200% more efficient using newly developed hardware in the RGB controller, this thing can really shine. You can plug it in and change the lights directly from the popular ASUS Aura Sync software controlling the lights directly, choosing from multiple patterns, and even having them sync with lighting from other components.

But like I said above, this RAM doesn’t just look cool, it’s fast. You can purchase it at either 8 Gb or 16 Gb, both with a variety of different clock rates,  2400, 2666, 2800, 3000, or 3200 MHz and you can overclock it out of the box without any need to switch around settings in the BIOS. Nobody likes having to do that. Apacer has also included a highly efficient heat spreader which, combined with the stick’s efficacy in operating at low voltage, ensures prime overclocking conditions.

This RAM stick is for the gamers and enthusiasts out there who really want to conquer what it means to have little lights blink on and off inside a computer, to really provide an atmosphere for which your components can bathe in while you lose match after match of CS: GO.

Tim Kallman

Tim is currently pursuing a career in video game design and development and is combining that with his passion for writing to make his thoughts heard. The industry is growing ever upwards and he wants to be a part of it any way he can. His love for video games extends to the custom PC he's built and maintained over the years with only the best parts he can find
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