Benchmark Leak for NVIDIA GTX 2080 Ti

Benchmarks have been leaked for what looks like a special delivery GTX 2080 Ti

Rumors have been bubbling recently over NVIDIA and the speculated next generation line of graphics cards they have in the works. But all we’ve been hearing about so far has been about the 1100 series, the benchmark leak we have today is supposedly from a GTX 2080 Ti, beyond anything we’ve heard about so far.

The test was done by a user by the name of Nagato in the Ashes of Singularity game, and he tried all of the preset graphics options. He was running the test with a Core i7-7700K (4 cores and 8 threads) at 4.2GHz which is more than enough for high-end gaming. It should be said that Nagato actually has no time played in Ashes of the Singularity so whoever this guy is he must be a tester and not a gamer like the rest of us.

As you can see in the results, the differences between the low setting and the crazy graphics setting are pretty miniscule, but that can probably be chalked up to a lack of optimization with the card. The framerates aren’t terrible either, but the average across the board is still under 60 at 1080p despite the graphics setting.

What’s interesting about this 2080 Ti is that in the title it has “Special supply for GSS”, a meaning that is slightly ambiguous though it explains how this guy got it if he’s on the secret special list for getting these things. GSS is an abbreviation for GRUS Sparse Solver which is a program that computes CPU and GPU cards side by side. Recently NVIDIA announced a CEO Edition Titan V card that they gave out limited supply of to top AI researchers, NVIDIA does have a history of handing things out for the purpose of research, so this could be one such case.


Tim Kallman

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