How To Boost FPS and Increase Performance in Hyper Scape

Great Game, but needs work

Released on July 12, Hyper Scape is a free to play shooting game by Ubisoft. The game was revealed through Streamers in an extraordinary way. Dozens of Hyper Scape copies were handed out to Streamers, Journalist, and YouTubers. Afterward, the game was instantly streamed by all of these individuals on the same day. and Ubisoft also went on to officially announce the game.

Now the game is pretty great. However, like other newly released titles, this one is no different. That is to say, it’s performance is absolutely bizarre, and requires tons of optimizations. If you one of those struggling to get high performance in Hyper Scape. I can assure you that you are in safe hands.

In other words, this guide is going to ensure you get High FPS And Improved Performance in Hyper Scape.

Disable Game Bar in Windows 10

Disabling Game Bar in Windows 10 will significantly improve performance. The Game Bar records and captures screen without any notifications. Along with that it also runs in background burdening CPU & Memory. Here is how you can disable Game Bar to increase performance.

  1. Head Over To Start > Type Game Bar Settings > Open the first result.Hyper Scape FPS Guide
  2. Once Opened, disable everything in the Game Bar.
  3. Now Disable Everything in The Capture’s Tab as well.
    Once done, just exit.

Enable Game Mode

Game Mode is a feature within Windows 10, that is designed to enhance gameplay for users. What Game Mode exactly does is that it automatically kills any application running in the background while playing games. These applications are mostly ones with high priority, that are really impacting your PC’s performance while gaming.

  1. Go To Start > Search Game Mode > Open Game Mode Settings.
  2. Once Opened, Simply enable Game Mode and exit.

Make sure your Nvidia, AMD, and Windows 10 Drivers are Up to Date.

New games often receive support from Windows and Graphics Card manufacturers. Therefore, always keep an eye for new updates, because these updates can significantly improve your Frames especially in new titles. Let’s look forward to how we can make sure Windows 10 is updated to the latest version.

  1. Go to Start > Windows Update > Open Check For Updates.
  2. Afterward, click on Check for updates and a loading indicator like this will appear.
  3. If there were any updates available, it’ll automatically install them.

Updating Nvidia Drivers

Once we are done with Windows 10 Updates and overall tweaks. We will now focus on updating Graphics Card Drivers as well.

  1. Open Nvidia GeForce Experience by right-clicking on Desktop. Now Open the Drivers Tab > Click on Check for Updates.Best Nvidia Settings for Hyper Scape
  2. If updates were available, a download button will appear, else it’ll tell “You have the latest GeForce Game Ready Driver”.

Ensuring AMD Drivers are Upto Date

If you are using an AMD Graphics Card, make sure your drivers are updated as well.

  1. Right, Click on Desktop, Open “AMD Radeon Settings”.
  2. Now Click on Updates, which will be on your bottom leftHyper Scape FPS Guide
  3. Once Opened, Hit Check For Updates.
  4. If there were updates available, you will see the latest drivers with the option to upgrade with Express and Custom.
    Hyper Scape FPS Guide
  5. Make sure you are always downloading Recommended Drivers, and not optional. Because, Optional Drivers are meant for testing, and are filled with problems.
  6. For installation type, simply go with Express, because you won’t miss anything.

Set High Priority for Hyper Scape to Boost Performance

Changing Hyper Scape’s priority from normal to High or Realtime is really important. When programs are set on High Priority, they are allowed to suck more power from the PC. Therefore, performance increases significantly. You can change Hyper Scape’s priority, by following the steps below.

  1. Open Valorant, and Minimise it.
  2. Right Click Task Bar, and Hit Task Manager.

  1. Go to the Details Tab, and look for Hyperscape.exe.
  2. Once found, Right Click Hyperscape.exe > Set Priority > High.
    Hyper Scape FPS Guide

Killing Useless Applications Running in Background

Apart from setting your Hyper Scape’s priority high. We must also focus on reducing further load by killing useless applications running in the background. Most of these applications automatically start with your PC.

  1. Right Click Task Bar, and open Task Manager.
  2. Once Opened, Go to the Startup Section, and Disable all applications with high priority.
    Hyper Scape FPS Guide

Once disabled, these applications won’t start along with your PC. Other than this, also make sure that when you are gaming. There are no applications like Google Chrome running in the background.

Sure, you are allowed to run some mini Softwares like Steam or Discord. But, no leniency with browsers, because they are can really squeeze the juice out your Hardware.

Best Hyper Scape Settings For Getting Max FPS And Performance

Now we will highlight the best settings in Valorant for max performance. These settings are mostly oriented for high frames, therefore visuals and game graphics will be compromised. In games like Hyper Scape, where players are most competitive. There is no point in having ultra graphics.

  1. Resolution – Keep it Max, but if you want a wide field of view, go for anything below 1920×1080.
  2. Refresh Rate – Auto
  3. Monitor – Choose Your Primary Monitor
  4. Settings for Advanced Options Tab
  5. Vsync – Off (you don’t want your FPS to be stuck on 60 FPS).
  6. Aspect Ratio – Auto
  7. Widescreen Letterbox –Off.
  8. Field of view – I keep it 100. However, the lower the FOV, the more FPS you get. Note, that lower FOV will drastically reduce your vision, and could affect your gameplay.
  9. Brightness: Personel Preference.

Hyper Scape Graphical QualityHyper Scape FPS Guide

  1. Animation Quality: Ultra Low.
  2. Anti-Aliasing Quality: None.
  3. Atmospheric Quality: Very Low.
  4. Resolution Scaling: Fixed 100%, lowering it can Improve FPS but will pixelate your Hyper Scape Graphics..
  5. Geometry Quality: Ultra Low.
  6. Frame Rate Quality: Use the same value as your Refresh Rate, in my case 144Hz/144 FPS.
  7. Lightning Quality: Ultra Low.
  8. Shadow Quality: Ultra Low.
  9. Sharpness: 100%.
  10. Second Quality: Ultra Low.
  11. Texture Quality: Ultra Low.
  12. VFX Quality: Ultra Low.


Recently I wrote a similar guide on Valorant highlighting the exact topic. I’ve to say, in contrast to Valorant, Hyper Scape seems to be much more optimized and requires much lower hardware. Valorant has had dozens of complaints, while Hyper Scape complaints are far less. Anyhow, if you have a really bad PC, and you somehow want to have flawless experience in Hyper Scape. This guide is exactly for you and will help you get the most out of your PC while playing Hyper Scape.


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