Call of Duty: WWII – United Front DLC 3 released

Since its release back in November of last year, Call of Duty: WWII has introduced, Activision has released two DLC, and now, just today, it is set to release the third addition to the DLC line-up for the title. The DLC, called “The Tortured Path” Nazi Zombies’ trailer can be viewed below

The trailer includes the story that surrounds the DLC. It involved a Zombie take over throughout Europe, the Zombies being dead (or the undead) Nazi Soldiers that spread like an epidemic. A group of people, played by the players are the sole fighters in the world that fight these unusual enemies.

United Front includes three new Multiplayer maps: Market Garden, Monte Cassino, and Stalingrad. United Front also features a new War Mode mission: Operation Supercharge, as well as a fresh Nazi Zombies experience, where four new heroes are sent across three distinct locations to transport and defend the final pieces of Emperor Barbarossa’s sword.

Firstly, the Market Garden, it is set around the operation, “Market Garden”, which was one of the largest Air based operations in the history of Europe. Described by the developer, “Fight off the German advances to maintain control of the Allied mansion base. Set in Netherlands during Operation Market Garden, this map brings intense tight quarters combat and gun fights around every corner”.

Secondly, there is Stalingrad. Based on the largest confrontation in World War II history, features two main bases located on opposite sides of a war-torn city. It allows for snipers to control the map, overwatching it while runners can go down in sewers to go behind enemy line. Activition describes it as, “Survive long-range battles between opposing basses in Stalingrad’s snow-covered factory district. Use strategic overlooks to control the map’s center, or duck into the underground sewers to engage in close-quarters combat”.

Lastly, Monte Cassino. Join the Italian campaign in Monte Cassino. Nestled below a mountaintop monastery, this war-torn village offers rich verticality with rooftop vantage points and sneaky flank paths along the cliffs.

The DLC is available today for download.

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