Cyberpunk 2077 Has The Biggest CDPR Development Team

350 Devs Working On The Game

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most ambitious games that have ever been made and the hype around the game is real. CDPR has its biggest team working on the game as we speak and this team is ever bigger than the one that was working on Witcher 3. Adam Kicinski, CEO of CD Projekt RED  talked about the development of the game and the following is what he had to say in this regard:

It is in the process of production. Currently, a team of nearly 350 developers from the CD Projekt RED studio is working on it – the largest in the history of the studio so far. Production goes according to the schedule, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us, because we have set the bar very high. Expectations are also large, which is clearly visible after our presentation at E3 – we are all very happy about its quality.

While we got a look at Cyberpunk 2077 at E3 2018 and there was even a closed demo for a few members of the press, it is safe to say that the game is deep in development and it will still take some time before we will be able to play the game. It is speculated that the game will be coming out in 2020.

Everyone asks when the premiere will be. I am guessing that the answer will not come here, but can you at least refer to analysts’ expectations, according to which it will be 2020 at the latest?
Anticipating the release date on the basis of publicly available information is the role of analysts and journalists. We, of course, have this date strictly designated internally, but we do not consciously talk about it in public. We will reveal it to players when we are ready for it.

Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be a great hit and it is safe to say that CDPR has the support of fans all over the world. Fans are willing to give CDPR time that the devs need in order to complete the game.


Talha Amjad

Talha has been in the tech industry for the last 6 years and is a current member of the PC master race.
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