Devil May Cry 5: 4K 60 FPS, Location, Nero’s New Prosthetic Arm, Lineage

Vergil Is Back?

According to the official Devil May Cry 5 site, the RE Engine that the game is made on offers “high framerate graphic” and while this does not mean much, it could hint to support for 4K. As the game is also coming to PC and higher-end consoles like the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro, 4K 60 FPS is a must.

Devil May Cry 5 is not located in London but it is close enough. The games typically take inspiration from real places and Devil May Cry 5 has taken inspiration from London. According to a representative from Capcom:

“DMC 5 is set in a fictional location of Red Grave City. Inspiration has been taken from real-life locations, including London, but it is not based on any one real-world city.”

There are people that are claiming that the armored demon figure that we saw in the trailer is Vergil and while it has not been confirmed, that could be the case. The spikes on this head are very much like Vergil’s signature hairstyle and there is blue light coming from his armor as well.

It is possible that the person that took Nero’s arm is none other than Vergil himself, as we can see a resemblance in the attire if you compare it to DMC4 SE. We can see that the cape that he is wearing is worn down and that the character has seen better days.

Devil May Cry 5

It is also possible that Nero and Vergil are related somehow. We saw that in DMC4 Nero’s demonic abilities trigger when he holds Yamato and we saw that the demonic aura around him resembled Vergil’s demon form. It was also Blue. There is some kind of a connection there.

According to the official story, Devil May Cry 5 takes place several years after 4 and here we see a mature Nero. I myself thought that the character was a reboot of Dante but the voice acting confirmed that this is indeed Nero who is expanding the DMC brand and is taking it on the road, as seen in the trailer. According to Devil May Cry 5 director Michiteru Okabe:

“The ‘Devil Breaker’, the prosthetic arm created by Nico, will change the game drastically. Devil Breaker has some slots for cartridges, and you can carry them when the mission begins. They are very powerful but fragile. You have to dodge enemy attacks or they will break very easily, so you need to put a new cartridge when one breaks. There are some cartridges placed in each level, and you can also buy them from Nico who will arrive in a van. The arm is one of Nero’s core mechanics in this game.”

Devil May Cry 5 is expected to come out in the first quarter of 2019.


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