Dying Light 2: How Fallout New Vegas Writer Chris Avellone Helped With The Game

Lead Designer Tymon Smektala Had Nothing But Praise

Dying Light 2 is a game that we are interested in seeing. We got a look at the game at E3 2018 and it seemed very interesting indeed. Lead Designer Tymon Smektala talked about how Fallout New Vegas Writer Chris Avellone helped with the game and he had nothing but praise. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

He was with us from the start. He helped us to define the idea for modern dark ages, a unique setting that we have in the game. It’s a setting that explains, presents a world where the civilization has gone back to [the] dark ages. But everything that you see around is quite modern.

He further went on to talk about the details and what Avellone has been working on when it comes to Dying Light 2. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

Perhaps it’s not working, but the things that we take for granted right now—the things that we see outside our window, are artefacts of a previous time. Right now, everything is brutal, primal and merciless. Chris Avellone helped us to define that world, define the rules that govern it, and [helped] define the factions that operate in the city.

As explained in a previous interview, the game is like a stream, various elements are connected to one another. We are not sure at this point how this is going to be implemented and neither have the developers talked about this much as they want players to experience this for themselves. You can check out the interview and a closer look at the game in the video below.

Dying Light 2 appears to be an interesting game and I for one am looking forward to checking it out when it comes out. As of right now, there is no specific release date for the game but it will be coming out for Xbox, PC and PS4 sometime next year. Having that said, stick around for more information as we will be keeping you updated regarding the game.

Talha Amjad

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