Final Fantasy 7 And Dead Space – Remakes Done Right

Faithful remakes can truly outshine their original releases in some form of capacity

Story Highlights

  • The recently released Dead Space remake and Final Fantasy 7 remake showcase unique elements which are originally founded by their classic title.
  • Dead Space Remake remains true to the classic while revamping its core structure and introducing new elements.
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s combat is an innovation, with components taken from the original in order to craft a rather compelling system.

Remakes of beloved titles have lately become so popular that developers are looking for any opportunity to polish a classic gem from its original releases so that a new generation of players can experience it in all its glory.

But even that can have its repercussions as rushed or underbaked remakes can potentially ruin the spirit of their original release.

Thankfully in the case of both Final Fantasy VII and Dead Space‘s remakes, they not only manage to rebuild upon their classic title’s foundation but also excel in almost any expectations that hardcore fans may have had prior to its release.

Dead Space Remake Is A Step-Up From Its Original

The Dead Space Remake
Dead Space Remake (2023)

Looking back on it, the original Dead Space was easily one of my favorite survival horror games in a time when I hardly ever knew about the beloved Resident Evil series.

The game provided a fantastic sci-fi horror adventure and despite having a monotonous protagonist, the characters and gameplay were easily a highlight that made it stand out as the best of the best from EA’s golden era.

The remake is one of the prime examples of how it builds upon the legacy left by the original as most of the iconic setpieces and elements that made it special still exist with Motive’s unique twist on it.

One of the biggest changes was how Isaac Clarke finally featured a voice, meaning the entire script had to be altered which not only benefitted the characterization but also improve the game’s viewpoint for newer audiences.

Furthermore, it felt truly appreciative that the gameplay received tweaks and enhancements which made it an even better experience than the original in a few ways such as additional weapon modes, their upgrade parts as well as the fact that the USG Ishimura was one giant seamlessly interconnected level for you to explore.

While a minority of the fanbase might argue about it, the fact is that the Dead Space Remake doesn’t ruin the charm of its classic, but quite frankly, makes revisiting the original from 2008 even more intriguing.

Not only is that apparent from its newly contextualized narrative but also that it expands the world-building formula by a large margin due to the characters being much more fleshed and how the game handles the transition so well leading into the original sequel, Dead Space 2.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Intuitive Gameplay Formula

final fantasy 7 remake
Cloud Strife From the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

There is no arguing over the fact that the original Final Fantasy 7 which was released back on the PlayStation 1 to this day is still considered one of the most timeless and treasured games of all time.

The game is a testament to the JRPG genre as a whole alongside other undying classics such as Dragon Quest and even Chrono Trigger. But the question remains; Does the remake of FF7 even surpass the near-perfect qualities of its original?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake establishes a completely different narrative or to be specific, a ‘timeline’ in contrast to its original one. The full experience of what the storytelling may offer is yet left to be seen as the remake is designed to release in a trilogy, with the next part; Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth slated to launch this year in Winter.

However, what I did experience so far and along with many other fans was how Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s combination of Action and Turn-based combat became the most mechanically complex gameplay system in recent JRPGs, going as far as to make it the best-reimagined combat systems in the whole franchise.

The ATB system in the original game became such a successful element that there was no doubt we’d see it soon evolve with later titles and now with the remake in all, its glory. Aside from that, even the fantastic visual splendor of the combat is certainly a treat too in a viral clip of Cloud and Sephiroth exchanging their Limit Breaks.

Where the combat truly becomes glorious is when players enter the Hard Mode playthrough of FF7R (which is required to complete in order to achieve the Platinum Trophy) which tests your prowess as you cannot use any kind of healing items, requiring you to solely rely on equipped Materia Orbs and instincts itself to survive.

The Materia system is so deeply engaging with the player as you can create a few types of unique builds for each character such as a mage-focused Cloud Strife (Who is usually the one to prefer mowing down enemies using his Buster Sword).

That alongside how the AI tends to carefully handle controllable party members can usually result in such a streamlined experience, one that even made me appreciate the game’s combat especially more as I reached closer and closer to its Platinum Trophy on my PS4.

The Significance Of Both Remakes

There is a stark contrast between the nature of both remakes present here and it goes to show that while Dead Space managed to offer a 1:1 experience while rejuvenating a few parts here and there, it still managed to make the importance of the classic title a larger presence at stake.

FF7R leans a lot into making itself stand out, as a totally different narrative changes several things in it, the combat manages to build upon the foundation of the original as there is hardly any moment where it feels repetitive or too overly drawn out.

Both games have these unique elements that take inspiration from their timeless originals as they present them to a whole new generation of fans with a fresh coat of paint.

Final Thoughts

The Dead Space Remake and FF7R are both prime candidates for what remakes can achieve when they closely mimic their original elements which made them so extraordinary in the first place.

Both games provide a deeply enchanting experience that honestly pushes modern-day players to try or at least check out their classic releases which though may feel dated at times, can sometimes offer the same rich experience as the remakes.

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