Gamecube Classic on the Horizon?

Nintendo has filed trademarks relating to the beloved console

A Gamecube Classic may be on the horizon.

Nintendo has really been hitting that hard to reach spot on your back that triggers the feeling of nostalgia. The past couple years have seen the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic as well as the SNES Classic, both consoles that are reminiscent of the classic consoles of their namesake. They’re smaller than the original consoles, but they run emulation software which has a library of some of the best games that have come out for that specific console.

The consoles usually come out around the holidays and sell out immediately.  Nintendo has filed several trademarks related to the Gamecube such as game software and console hardware. However, we haven’t seen anything about a new classic console coming out this year, the next console in the sequence being the beloved Nintendo 64. Last year we saw Nintendo register a few trademarks which involved some art for the N64, which led us to believe that the classic version of that console was coming soon. The N64 Classic would have to come out first considering it’s the console that came next in history, so we’d be likely seeing the Gamecube Classic next year.


Tim Kallman

Tim is currently pursuing a career in video game design and development and is combining that with his passion for writing to make his thoughts heard. The industry is growing ever upwards and he wants to be a part of it any way he can. His love for video games extends to the custom PC he's built and maintained over the years with only the best parts he can find
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