Gaming AI Takes it Up a Notch

Pooh-pooh! Did I not tell you to be careful about what you wish for? Now don’t come crying when you are unable to complete that level cause of that super hard AI.

Your wishes for better virtual enemies are granted in several of the new releases on offer. Numerous titles unveiled at the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA promise AI that’ll make you sweat it out. Right from the combat enemies of Fallout 3 (Action RPG) to those of the Project Origin, everyone is becoming more proactive and capable of assessing and reassessing players’ moves.

For instance in Fallout 3, the enemies change tactics depending on how the player acts. Also the alliances change depending on the choices that players make in game. But not every AI will work against you. In Lionheaf Studio’s Fable 2, an animated dog plays the faithful and intelligent companion.

The landscape of the game is also susceptible to reactive changes in Fable 2. Examples of improved AI are rife including Borderlands (Gearbox Software), Animal Crossing (Nintendo) and The Agency (Sony Online Entertainment). Things could get a lot more interesting hereon in.

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