Micron GDDR6 Memory Mass Production Started, Featured In High End Nvidia And AMD Graphics Cards

Offers Higher Performance At Lower Cost

Micron has announced that mass production of GDDR6 memory has started and the new type of memory is able to offer higher performance at a lower cost as it is easier to manufacture as compared to DD4 or GDDR5. There are 4 key highlights of the news and they are as follows:

  • Micron begins mass production for 8Gb GDDR6 memory, delivering significant performance improvements over the fastest available GDDR5 designs
  • GDDR6 memory enables bandwidth-intensive applications in core markets such as acceleration, graphics, networking and automotive
  • GDDR6 delivers enhanced performance to a wide variety of applications ranging from virtual reality to 4K video, AI, autonomous vehicles, and beyond
  • Micron has introduced ecosystem enablement tools with key ecosystem partners such as Rambus to ensure optimized performance and reduce time to market for new applications

Now that GDDR6 is in the mass production stage, it will be coming to high-end AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. We have the Volta based graphics cards on the Nvidia side of things and we have the 7nm based gaming graphics cards from AMD. We are not sure which architecture AMD is going to be using for the gaming graphics cards but it is highly likely that they will come with GDDR6 memory.

GDDR6 will be able to provide better performance and will consume less energy and will be used in the following segments:

  • Artificial Intelligence — Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning are memory intensive applications that require more bandwidth from memory solutions. GDDR6 delivers the higher bandwidth required to accelerate AI in applications like computer vision, autonomous driving and the many other applications that require this higher bandwidth.
  • Graphics — Enabling significant performance improvements for today’s top GPUs, GDDR6 delivers enhanced graphic memory speeds to enable higher application bandwidth. Micron GDDR6 will be a core enabling technology of advanced GPU applications, including acceleration, 4K video and improved rendering, VR/AR and crypto mining applications.
  • Networking — Advanced networking technologies require access to high speed/high bandwidth memory. GDDR6-powered smart Network Interface Cards (NIC) enable significant improvements in network bandwidth. Additionally, high bandwidth RAID controllers featuring GDDR6 memory deliver dramatic enhancements to data access and protection.
  • Automotive — As auto manufacturers push for autonomous vehicles, high-performance memory is required to process the vast amounts of real-time data required to make this technology a reality. Micron GDDR6 delivers 448 GB/s auto qualified memory solutions, that deliver more than double the bandwidth of LPDDR5 automotive memory solutions.

According to Kris Baxter, vice president, Marketing, Micron’s Embedded Business Unit:

“As demand for advanced automotive applications such as ADAS and other autonomous driving solutions grows, the need for high bandwidth memory in automotive will grow as well. Advanced high bandwidth GDDR6 memory solutions are a key enabling technology for autonomous vehicles and will be an important tool for the automotive industry as they develop next generation transportation initiatives,”

We are just getting started here. GDDR6 memory is going to have a big role to play in the future of graphics not only for PC but for consoles as well. These are just a few applications that affect us directly.


Talha Amjad

Talha has been in the tech industry for the last 6 years and is a current member of the PC master race.
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