Get Pedalling, The Tour de France 2018 Is Out

With Le Tour de France scheduled to start in just 8 days, the cycling series’ official game has hit the shelves worldwide and its newest trailer has captured everybody’s attention. The official Tour de France 2018 is now available to purchase in hard cover and download from online stores on the PlayStation 4 and XBox One consoles as well as the Microsoft Windows PC. While the adventure of cycling continues from one edition to the next, this year enjoy a little something more with the newest edition of the game.

The Tour de France 2018 edition comes with a whole new gaming mode called Pro Leader. You are no longer bound to the standard list of cyclists available. This is your chance to create your own cyclist and enter him into this year’s race. Navigate the tracks with your new cyclist and develop his career as you go along. While this feature may seem like nothing, the level of integration that has gone into it really shines through. You’re not creating any ordinary cyclist character, but the person you create is developed on new systems that measure and build his skill, strength, and success to make for more realistic outcome of the game play. With the new team Progression System in which every rider’s performance directly impacts the rest of the team and with every aspect of your rider’s health monitored in game through an improved Fitness Peak System where you are given the opportunity to pick when your rider will be at his or her best in the season, you are not only given creative control to make these decisions, but you must watch them play out and face the consequences of good wins and bad races alike. This could mean that you may lose some team members when the going gets tough, and with the improved artificial intelligence system, all of their behaviors, actions, and reactions will be all the more believable, making you feel as competitive as you never thought you could. These sophisticated and intricately built systems give you the most realistic career building possible. You’ve not just created a character on a console; it’s as though he or she’s come alive.

In addition to the enhanced perks of the game play, this year’s edition has twice as many races in the Pro Team mode schedule and many classic tours and maps have returned to the game. What’s more is that you get the chance to create your own tour with your own map, stage, and race picks from the Tour de France, the Critérium du Dauphiné, the Paris-Nice, the Euro Tour, the Open Tour, the Sprint Challenge, La Route Corse, or even the new Classics introduced along with the revived Paris-Roubaix.

For PC players of the game out there, with this year’s Pro Cycling Manager 2018, make all the calls to lead your team of cyclists to victory in 200 races across 500 stages around the world including more than just the Tour de France. You call all the shots, decide the strategy, and carry your team. You can play this solo or in the multiplayer mode online, but the goal remains to prove that you are the best leader out there and your team will emerge victorious. In the 2018 edition, this task will seem all the more challenging, however, as you will be faces with advanced contract and new negotiation management in the career mode. There are new and more detailed systems in place to deal with the negotiations of sponsors and the transfers and recruitment of riders. Your cyclists also have more detailed individual development as they now get to have a primary specialization as well as a secondary specialization that they build throughout their career.

Get The Tour de France 2018 now online or in stores to try all of this out and more. It keeps getting better every year and the latest edition has left us floored with a lot more than we could have expected.

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