Ghost of Tsushima Allows Players To Choose Between Combat and Stealth

Co-Studio Head Chris Zimmerman

Ghost of Tsushima is a PS4 exclusive game and we got a closer look at the game at E3 2018 but people still want to know more. We now know that head-on combat will be an option that the player can choose, if not then you can opt to use stealth instead. Co-Studio Head Chris Zimmerman talked about the fighting mechanics in Ghost of Tsushima and the following is what he had to say in this regard:

It’s up to you, really, as a player. It’s an open world game, you can choose your path. The game has to work well for people with different play styles. They’re looking for different things in the game, we have to give it to them. There are people that have a pure samurai-style: where you walk into the door and say, “come at me.” And we have people that want to play pure ghost, where they don’t want anyone to see them around.

From the looks of things, it seems that people will be able to play the game without ever being detected. This is a great thing to know and I am sure that players of both play styles will be interested in checking out Ghost of Tsushima.

There are things in the game that happen, situation you find yourself in that really are steering you towards one style or the other. But you definitely have a different balance from player to player. So it’s really up to you.

There have been some impressive PS4 exclusive titles in the last couple of months and this seems to be another one of them. Ghost of Tsushima not only looks good as seen in the trailer but from what we are hearing, it will play well too. It should be interesting to see what the game has to offer.

We have also learned that while the developers have gone into great depths not to make mistakes when depicting the history of the time, they have exaggerated a few things in order for the game to look and play well. The armor, for instance, is not historically accurate because the armor from that part in history is not appealing at all.


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