Ghost of Tsushima Will Have A Difficulty Setting According To Sucker Punch Co-founder Chris Zimmerman

Mostly Like Be Able To Switch Difficulty On The Fly

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the games that we got a closer look at E3 2018. The game is exclusive to Sony and the trailer looked amazing. The game looks like it is kind of inspired by DarkSouls and if you are a fan then you must be wondering about the difficulty settings.

Sucker Punch Co-founder Chris Zimmerman talked about the game and the different aspects at E3 2018 and when he was asked about the difficulty settings in Ghost of Tsushima, the following was his response:

Oh, there’ll absolutely be a difficulty setting. We can try to auto-detect it, but it’s difficult to do that. But, I think the point is, it’s not a masocore game. It’s not about killing the player, it’s about the time machine. If you don’t die, it doesn’t feel like a time machine, and if you die too much, you don’t care anymore. We have to hit the right balance between those extremes.

We are still not sure whether players will be able to change the difficulty on the fly or that it will be fixed once it has been selected. Zimmerman had the following to say in this regard:

I would guess yes, but I don’t know for sure yet.

Chris Zimmerman also talked about the creative process behind the game and what the vision was at the end of the day. He wanted to keep things realistic and transport players to Japan, in the older times. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

“One of the taglines we had when creating Tsushima was ‘mud, blood, and steel. That sense of groundedness and reality, and, again, trying to transport you back to that place and time. If you go to Japan, one of the things that inescapable is just how green the place is. Everywhere you look, it’s a green wall – verdant, lush. You may look at the game and think, ‘Did they get a little carried away with how much stuff there is?’ This is actually what Japan looks like.”

Ghost of Tsushima looks to be a pretty impressive game and it will be coming out exclusively to PS4 but there is no release date at this point in time.


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