Gordon Ramsay Helps Teen With Lymphoma Build His Dream PC

With Make A Wish Foundation

Gordon Ramsay is a well know chef around the world and not only is he known for his skills in making food but also for owning and maintaining multiple food establishments around the world. Gordon Ramsay, with the help the make a wish foundation helped a teen suffering from Lymphoma build his dream PC.

We are not sure what the exact specifications of the PC, but from the looks of things this lucky guy got a brand new Nvidia GTX 1080 along with an Intel Core i7. While the generation is not clear, it appears to be a latest 8th generation CPU from the box. Other than that we can spot an Acer display, an NZXT case and the NZXT Kraken all in one liquid CPU cooler.

Furthermore, we can see that the peripherals are from Logitech. There is an Asus motherboard, 750W power supply, official Windows 10 licensed copy, some sort of RAM and a Samsung SSD. While this is for charity, it is safe to say that the dream PC cost more than $2000 keeping in mind that the price of the graphics card, CPU and RAM along is around $1000.

This is not the only wish that Gordon Ramsay fulfilled, he partnered up with other celebrities in order to fulfill wishes of other people as well and you can check that out in the video included below.

Gordan Ramsay was able to complete 24 wishes in 24 hours which is a big thing, considering how busy he is. I think that it should be appreciated that he took time out of his busy life to help people with their hardships. I am sure that thee acts of kindness meant a lot to these people and that these acts made their day. This will indeed be something that they will remember for as long as they live.

Talha Amjad

Talha has been in the tech industry for the last 6 years and is a current member of the PC master race.
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