4 BEST Tower Of Fantasy Samir Matrices

We have curated a detailed guide which covers the Best Matrices for Samir in Tower of Fantasy.

Samir is one of the best Simulacra in the game, and she even took the 2nd spot in our Tower of Fantasy Best Characters list. Hence, it’s important to know the Best Matrices for her in Tower of Fantasy. Matrices work as enhancements for your weapons, and you can equip them to increase the stats of your Simulacra and their weapon. So, in order to get the best out of your Simulacra, you need to obtain the Best Matrices.

Key Highlights
  • You can use matrices to improve your weapons by giving the Simulacra and their weapons better stats by equipping them.
  • The majority of gamers target Samir and King while executing Gacha pulls because they are two of the top game mimics.
  • Matrices were assets that the player can unlock or acquire as they go through the game. You can attach these particular items to any gun of your choosing, which will significantly alter the Simulacra by boosting their stats.
  • With Matrices, the Tower of Fantasy offers a unique flag. The “Choice/Limited Matrices Banner” designates these.
  • Although Samir’s own matrix set is the finest, we will also discuss a few of the other best choices for her.
  • Samir’s top Tower of Fantasy Matrices includes Rational Liberation, Swamp Shadow Matrix, Hybrid Matrix Set, & Tenet Guard Matrix Set.
  • One of the finest Simulacra of Tower of Fantasy is Samir. You won’t regret spending the time to develop her.

If somehow you pulled Samir or are planning to beat the game with her, then you’re at the perfect place. In our guide, we will briefly learn things about Samir and Matrices. Then we will review Matrices for her in Tower of Fantasy.

Before we get into that, you can also read about Samir’s Awakening Skills and the Best Gifts for her. With that said, let’s move toward our topic!

About Samir

samir tower of fantasy
Overview of Samir

First and foremost, Samir is an SSR Simulacra, which is the highest rarity in Tower of Fantasy. Samir and King are one of the best simulacra in the game; hence, most of the players aim for them when doing Gacha pulls. Enough of that; let’s now learn a bit more about Samir as a character, along with her choice of weapon. 

Even among the most elite Executors, Samir is the best gunslinger in Aida, despite her outward appearance of laziness and free-spiritedness. She has a wild side and enjoys playing tricks and practical jokes with other people. So you may never know what she’s up to. 

Despite all that, as we mentioned earlier, she is one of the best gunslingers around. She is an aggressive Simulacra who focuses more on attack rather than defense or healing. Samir uses ‘Dual EM Stars‘, two-volt handguns. She is a strong DPS with strong close-quarters and ranged combat skills, and her extremely mobile moveset makes her a terrible foe to anybody who gets in her way.

You can try pulling her from the ‘Weapon Banners’ section in Tower of Fantasy. To make pulls, you will need to spend Black or Gold Nucleus. After every 80 pulls, the game guarantees an SSR Simulacra/Weapon, and the counter won’t reset if you somehow pull something before your 80th try. Thus, if you have enough Nucleus accumulated, there is a high chance of getting Samir. 

Once you do that, you can start building the strongest version of her by applying the Best Matrices in Tower of Fantasy. To get you up to speed, let’s learn what matrices are. If you’re just starting up the game, you can also read our Tower of Fantasy Beginners Guide to understand things in more depth.

What Are Matrices 

Tower of Fantasy matrices
Matrices in Tower of Fantasy

We will keep this section as brief as we can. So that you understand what matrices are in the simplest way, then we can move on to find out the Tower of Fantasy’s Best Matrices for Samir. Nevertheless, what are Matrices in Tower of Fantasy?

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Matrices are items that the player will unlock or obtain during their gameplay. These unique items can be attached to any weapon of your choice, which will ultimately affect the Simulacra by increasing their stats. They can get buffs by getting an increase in their attack stats, resistance, HP, or any other ability. 

Matrices offer unique buffs to a character in Tower of Fantasy. They can truly give you a huge advantage over your opponent if you pay close attention to them. You can equip up to 4 Matrices for your weapon. Just like the characters and weapons, matrices also come in different rarities such as; R, SR, and SSR

Tower of Fantasy provides a separate banner for Matrices. These are called the Choice/Limited Matrices Banner. From here, you can use the relevant Nucleus to pull some of the Best Matrices in the game. After that, the Matrices can be equipped from the ‘Matrices‘ tab found in the ‘Weapons‘ menu.

We can now list some of the Best Matrices in Tower of Fantasy, considering that you’ve learned the necessary thing you need to know about matrices.

Best Matrices For Samir 

tower of fantasy best samir matrix
Best Matrices for Samir

By now, you should be well notified about Samir and what Matrices are in Tower of Fantasy. We only briefly touched on those subjects to give you a better understanding of this particular portion. You already know now that Samir is an SSR Simulacra who uses Volt-type dual-handguns called the Dual EM Stars.

Generally, the Best Matrices for every Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy are their own sets. This means that the best matrix set for Samir is her own; however, we will also cover some of the other top options for her. Since her Matrix Set belongs to the SSR rarity, it won’t be that easy to come by. 

Therefore, it’s important to have a couple of best options for Matrices setup for Samir. Without further ado, here are some of the Best Matrices for her in Tower of Fantasy. 

Rational Liberation Set (Samir)

tower of fantasy samir matrix set
Samir Matrix Set

The first Best Matrices Set for Samir is her own, which is called ‘Rational Liberation’. This was a no-brainer inclusion in the list because the set is customized to fulfill and enhance the ability of her Dual EM Stars. Therefore, the Rational Liberation Matrix set should be your top choice when choosing the Best Matrices. 

Let’s have a quick look at what Samir’s Matrix Set offers so that you can figure out if it suits your playstyle or not. 

  • 2 Piece Set: Increase damage when it hits a target by 1% on every hit. It can be stacked up to 10/13/16/20 times on a maximum. The ability will last for 1.5 seconds.
  • 4 Piece Set: Increase the electrical explosion damage of Deal EM Stars by 16%/22%/30%/40% of ATK.

As you can see, the Samir Matrix set directly impacts the ability of her weapon, which makes it the most unique and the best choice of Matrix in Tower of Fantasy. You can try getting the Rational Liberation Set by doing Gacha Pulls on Matrix Banners. However, since the set is an SSR rarity, it won’t come by very easily. 

Luckily, there’s nothing to worry about; we have included a few more sets to go for until you get your hands on the Rational Liberation set.

Swamp Shadow Set (Sobek)

tower of fantasy sobek matrix set
Sobek Matrix Set

The Swamp Shadow Matrix is an SR Matrix set. You can get the Sobek Set by defeating him in Tower of Fantasy, and you can read our Boss Guide to learn more about the deadly enemies in Aida. Anyways, the Sobek set is the Best SR Matrix for Samir in Tower of Fantasy.

As we mentioned earlier, the Rational Liberation can be a bit hard to get by; until then, you can make use of the Swamp Shadow Set for Samir. The Matrix will enhance the damage dealt by Samir and Dual EM Stars, making it a worthy pick for her since she is an Attacking character.

Here are the details about the Swamp Shadow Matrix Set:

  • 3 Piece Set: For every opponent close by Samir, increase damage done by 6%, 7.5%, or 9%. The ability can be stacked up to Three times.

The Swamp Shadow Matrix Set only comes in 3 pieces, which means you won’t fill all the matrix slots. Nonetheless, it’s a great choice as it boosts up its attack stat of Samir, which will be highly beneficial for you and your team (if you’re playing in a group). Another perk of the Sobek Matrix Set is its SR rarity, which makes it easier to obtain.

Now that we have covered the Tower of Fantasy Best SR Matrix for Samir let’s move on to another viable option that you can go for.

Hybrid Set (Samir & Crow)

tower of fantasy crow matrix
Crow Matrix Set

For Samir, you can also make use of a Hybrid Matrix Set which combines the Rational Liberation and Fanatical Pursuit matrix set. We have already covered the former, and the latter set belongs to an SSR Simulacra called Crow, who is another great character in Tower of Fantasy. His set will allow you to increase the critical damage of Samir’s Dual EM Stars.

However, the Fanatical Pursuit Matrix set is SSR rated, which means getting Samir’s and Crow’s set will require more grinding. So in order to achieve this build, you will need to save up a lot of Nuclei and spend them on the Matrix Banner.

Regardless of that, here are the stats buffs that you will get with Crow’s Fanatical Pursuit Matrix Set:

  • 2 Piece Set: Increase critical damage by 24%/30%/36%/42% for targets who have less than 60% health.
  • 4 Piece Set: Every second for five seconds, crits do damage over time equal to 18%/22%/26%/30% of ATK. This effect is not cumulative.

Once you have Samir’s and Crow’s matrix sets, you can either use switch them every now and then, depending on the enemy. For example, if you’re facing a boss, it would be better to equip the full set of Rational Liberation. Whereas, when you’re facing a horde of enemies, you can make use of the Fanatical Pursuit Set.

However, we titled this section ‘Hybrid Matrix Set‘ because you can also combine the two Matrices, which is a great option for Samir in Tower of Fantasy. Her crit damage will get a buff, and her damage will also get increased, which will ultimately boost her weapon’s stat greatly.

Thus, it is one of our Best Matrices in Tower of Fantasy for her. Even though it is a bit tough to get a hold of but it’s one of the strongest combinations you can go for!

Tenet Guard Set

tower of fantasy tenet guard matrix
Tenet Guard Matrix Set

Finishing up our list of Tower of Fantasy top-tier Matrices, we have the ‘Tenet Guard‘ Matrix set. The set belongs to the R rarity, which makes it very easy to come by. The reason we include the matrix set is that players can equip the Tenet Guard Matrix until they get their hands on some of the sets mentioned above.

Hence, the Tenet Guard is a great option to go for in the early game, and it’s the Best R Matrix in Tower of Fantasy. Tenet Guard has a direct impact on volt-type weapons, making it an excellent low-rarity choice for Samir.

Here is what the Tenet Guard (Standard Operation) Matrix Set offers:

  • 3 Piece Set: Volt-Type Weapons will inflict 6% increased damage to opponents.

As you can see, by equipping the Standard Operation set, Samir will cause 6% more damage from her Dual EM Stars. Even though the buffs may seem insignificant as compared to the Matrices we mentioned earlier, it is still a great R rarity matrix to go for.

You can later switch towards the better options we mentioned above. But for starters, the Tenet Guard is the Best R Matrix for Samir in Tower of Fantasy.

Round Up

So there you have it! Our complete guide Matrices guide for Samir. In summary, we discussed a few quick facts regarding Samir and Matrices in Tower of Fantasy in this article. After that, we listed down some of the Best Matrices for the SSR Simulacra. The Matrices we listed down covered all the major rarities of; R, SR, and SSR.

We hope you found our guide informative and that you yield the best possible sets in Tower of Fantasy. Samir is by far one of the best Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy. You won’t be disappointed in investing time to build her up. Stay tuned to eXputer to learn a lot more about the MMORPG game Tower of Fantasy!

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