A Plague Tale Requiem: All Feather Locations

The Ornithologist Trophy is tricky to get, and getting All Feathers in the game unlocks it.

Among the many collectibles, you can now collect Feathers in the game, which will be worn by Hugo. In today’s guide, we will cover All Feather Locations in A Plague Tale Requiem, which will also allow you to achieve the Ornithologist Trophy. The Feathers are spread across the map of Provence. As you progress your story, you will find them along your path.

Key Takeaways
  • Feathers are a new kind of collectible, that can also be worn by Hugo as a cosmetic, added in A Plague Tale Requiem.
  • These Feathers can be found in various places around the Provence.
  • A Plague Tale Requiem has 7 Feathers in total, which include:
    • Jay.
    • Black Headed Gull.
    • Black Kite.
    • Barn Owl.
    • Raven.
    • European Goldfinch.
    • Greylag Goose.
  • Once you collect all the Feathers in A Plague Tale Requiem, you will be awarded the ‘Ornithologist Trophy’.

Our guide will make things crystal clear for you. Following our steps will lead you to the Ornithologist Trophy in no time. The Feather collection can be reviewed in the Codex tab, and you can equip the feather of your choice for Hugo. With that said, let us now list down the exact locations of every Feather in the latest installment of the A Plague Tale series.

All Feather Locations In A Plague Tale Requiem

No.Feathers Locations
1JayChapter 6: Leaving All Behind
2Black Headed GullChapter 7: Felons
3Black KiteChapter 8: A Sea Of Promises
4Barn OwlChapter 9: Tales And Revelations
5RavenChapter 10: Bloodline
6European GoldfinchChapter 11: Cradle Of Centuries
7Greyleg GooseChapter 13: Nothing Left

In ‘A Plague Tale Requiem’, Hugo claims that Feathers are better than Flowers because they can make you fly. To please Hugo, it is essential for the player to collect all 7 Feathers included in the game. As we mentioned earlier, these collectibles are scattered across Provence. You will come across some of them while on the main path of the storyline.

However, most feathers will require you to make slight detours to collect them. So if you’re planning to get your hands on the Ornithologist Trophy in A Plague Tale Requiem, then continue reading our guide, which covers every whereabouts for all feathers in the game. The first feather is an unmissable collectible, and it appears midway through the game when Hugo points it out.

Jay (Feather #1)

Jay feather location plague tale
First Feather [Image Credit: eXputer]
After sudden twists in the tale of Hugo and Amicia, you will get separated from the rest of the crew in Chapter 6, which is titled ‘Leaving All Behind’. The First Feather in A Plague Tale Requiem is found right at the beginning of this chapter. Hence, there isn’t much you need to do prior to its collection.

During the sequence, Amicia will be suffering from a concussion. Meanwhile, Hugo is quite worried about being separated from his mother and Lucas. In order to cheer him up, Amicia will take multiple approaches. Eventually, they will reach an open green field with a Lone Big Tree at a fair distance. To encourage Hugo, Amicia challenges him to race to the tree.

The Jay feather will be found right next to the tree and is unmissable in A Plague Tale Requiem. Hugo will kneel next to it, and Amicia will have to interact with him in order to continue the story. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the first feather, as it is impossible to miss during your gameplay.

Black Headed Gull (Feather #2)

Black headed gull feather
Second Feather [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Second Feather can be found in the 7th Chapter, which is called ‘Felons‘. The chapter is quite hazy for Amicia (and hence you!). Amicia will be suffering from a concussion. However, an unlikely companion will be aiding you through the journey. Amicia will doze in and out of consciousness for the first few minutes of the chapter. After that, she will find out that their new companion is willing to take them to The Island.

It is quite likely that you might miss the feather during Chapter 7 because the game does not direct the player in its direction. On the way to the boat, Amicia, Hugo, and the new companion will scale the shoreline. While on your way, you will notice a single shed right next to a dark cave. Enter the room without continuing your journey further.

Once inside, head towards the window on the left wall and jump through it. Follow the elevated tracks until you reach a dead end. Here you will find a few feathers cornered next to the cliff. Go over and interact with them to collect the Black Headed Gull Feather in A Plague Tale Requiem. With that, you will add yet another Feather to your collection!

Black Kite (Feather #3)

black kite feather
Third Feather [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Third Feather in A Plague Tale Requiem can be found in the ‘A Sea of Promises‘ Chapter. A Plague Tale Requiem’s 8th chapter is pretty short compared to the rest. On top of that, you will get to acquire the feather fairly early in the chapter, which is another plus point.

The opening of the chapter will take place within the ship. During this, you (as Amicia) will help set sail and talk to your companions. After a while, Hugo calls Amicia to show her the Island (which can be seen on the horizon). The sighting will get followed by a few more interactions, and eventually, the squad will land on the Island.

The vibrancy of the island will take you by surprise in an instant. However, without wasting any time, Amicia and Hugo will head to the market to ask about the location of a tree next to a pond. If you take your reigns away from the storyline and head to the left side of the market you will find a Lady talking to a few men. Talk to her and then circle behind her and stand next to the Tree, which is placed on a higher ledge.

Beside the tree, you can collect the Black Kite Feather in A Plague Tale Requiem. Similar to the last feather, this one is also missable if the player does not consider exploring their surrounding. 

Barn Owl (Feather #4)

barn owl feather
Fourth Feather [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Fourth Feather is found in the 9th Chapter of A Plague Tale Requiem, which is called ‘Tales and Revelations‘. The ninth Chapter is one of the most packed parts of the whole game. It features a lot of action, tension, and storyline progression. Not only that, but the chapter also holds three Souvenirs in A Plague Tale Requiem. Apart from that, the player can also find two Secret Chests during the chapter.

Regardless of that, our focus will remain on the feather collectible in the game. The Barn Owl feather can be missed by many players if they don’t properly scan their environment. Hence, if you’re that kind of player, then you could lose out on the Ornithologist Trophy A Plague Tale Requiem.

Nonetheless, You can obtain the feather while on your way to the Sanctuary. Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia will reach the sanctuary stealthily to avoid detection from the Count’s guards. 

Once you weave through covers and create distractions with the help of Sophia, eventually, you will end up inside a Broken Tower. The spiral staircase will take you up to continue your journey toward the sanctuary. However, ignore the main exit from the tower and keep on climbing the spiral staircase until you reach the top.

Climb the ledge after exiting the tower from the top. Now all you need to do is follow the path until you reach its end, which is where you will find the Barn Owl Feather in A Plague Tale Requiem. 

Raven (Feather #5)

raven feather
Fifth Feather [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Fifth Feather in A Plague Tale Requiem is found during the ‘Bloodline‘ Chapter. You will need to play a fair share of the 10th Chapter before you reach the feather’s location in the game. Luckily for you, the ‘Raven’ section will provide you with all the relevant information you need regarding the 5th feather in the game.

After some time passes in the chapter, you will begin getting hunted by some Slavers. You will need to carefully navigate through the area without getting caught or dying. Once Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia reach the Old Temple, you will be required to find a way out. Eventually, Amicia will use her grapple hook to swing down a Chandelier to break open a door.

After the trio is back in the open, proceed down the path and make a left turn after you reach a fork in the road. You will come across a small tree, loop around it, and fall down from the ledge to make your way to the cliffside against the shore. Continue on the track until you reach its end. This is where you will find the Raven Feather in A Plague Tale Requiem.

European Goldfinch (Feather #6)

european goldfinch feather
Sixth Feather [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Sixth Feather can be found in the 11th Chapter, which is called ‘The Cradle of Centuries‘. Unlike some of the other feathers, this one appears midway through the chapter. So that means you can freely roam and progress your story during the starting phases of the chapter without any worry.

However, once you reach the Underground Area and begin exploring it, that is when you need to be attentive. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to explore much, then there is a high possibility that you’d miss out on the Feather Location in A Plague Tale Requiem.

As Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia explore the dark ruins of the temple, they will come across many fascinating items that will initiate dialogues between the characters. There will come the point where the trio will be unable to find a way out of a certain room. Fortunately, Sophia will place a Tank in front of the door, which Amicia can blow up.

After going through the blown-up door, go to the top-right corner of the room. Through a tiny gap, you will be able to notice another explosive barrel. Shoot it to open up a Hole that Amicia can crawl through and collect the European Goldfinch Feather.

Greylag Goose (Feather #7)

greylag goose feather location plague tale
Seventh Feather [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Final Feather can be collected near the end of the game. To be precise, you will find it in Chapter 13, which is titled ‘Nothing Left‘. Since it is near the end of the game, we will try to refrain from giving out any information that may spoil the story for you.

While keeping things straightforward, here is a quick guide on how you can find the last feather in A Plague Tale Requiem. So to find the feather, Amicia, Hugo, and Lucas will go across the town to the location where the Belfry fell. There will come the point where you will jump down and go through a Burning Flower-decorated Archway.

Once through this, you will find a small chest to your left, which you can loot. After you go through the next doorway, you will notice a Pushable Cart on your right. Begin to push the cart towards the door that the trio came through. 

The highlighted ledge on the other side will progress the story and take away your chance of getting the last feather. Hence, pay close attention and push the cart towards the ledge on the left. After that, climb the ledge, and you will find the Greylag Goose Feather right in front of you. With that, you will complete your feather collection in A Plague Tale Requiem.

The Ornithologist Trophy

After collecting all the Feathers that we mentioned above in A Plague Tale Requiem, you will unlock the Ornithologist Trophy. Obtaining the feathers in the game is a lot trickier than the flowers. The game only holds one unmissable feather, and the rest can be entirely missed by players who don’t like to explore the areas.

If you’re someone who grinds out games and explores every corner of the world, then the Ornithologist Trophy will be lightwork for you. The rest of the gamers can use our guide to reach the pinpoint locations of All Feathers in A Plague Tale Requiem. 

Just to round up the Feathers along with their spots in A Plague Tale Requiem, we have included a quick list of all the chapters that hold these collectibles. 

  1. Leaving All Behind (Chapter #6)
  2. Felons (Chapter #7)
  3. A Sea of Promises (Chapter #8)
  4. Tales and Revelations (Chapter #9)
  5. Bloodline (Chapter #10)
  6. The Cradle of Centuries (Chapter #11)
  7. Nothing Left (Chapter #13)


That’s all we have to offer you today! We hope our guide that covers Locations for All Feathers in A Plague Tale Requiem proves to be helpful. There’s nothing more satisfying than completing the collection of a certain collectible in a video game. In addition to that, if you’re aiming for that high-tier Platinum Trophy in A Plague Tale Requiem, then this guide will assist you greatly!

A Plague Tale Requiem offers beautiful story-driven gameplay for all gamers. It follows the journey of Amicia and Hugo De Rune after the incidents of A Plague Tale Innocence. The game was released after 3 years after its first installment, which received remarkable reviews. Follow the gripping story of the siblings as they travel across Provence in search of answers about Hugo’s supernatural condition.

Hopefully, you learned some valuable information about A Plague Tale Requiem and its collectibles. For more high-level guides on ‘A Plague Tale Requiem’, stick around at eXputer!

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