Diablo Immortal: How to Get & Spend Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal Diablo Immortal is a consumable item that can be traded in to start the largest Elite Quest, and our guide tells you how.

What is Adventure Journal in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Adventure Journal
Adventure Journal in Diablo Immortal

The Adventure Journal in Diablo Immortal is a unique item that can be used in exchange for something else in the game. It’s the most consumable and demanding item in the game, but unfortunately, it can not be quickly farmed, so the player must use other ways. 

Key Highlights
  • The Adventure Journal in Diablo Immortal is the most demanding item which can be used in exchange for something else in the game.
  • You can get Adventure Journal through Codex which allows the players to track their character related achievement and get rewards. The Adventure Journal can also be obtained by becoming the strongest warrior in Diablo Immortal.
  • This Journal can only be traded with different items. You can also use it to unlock secret quests of Diablo Immortal known as Elite Quests. This will help you gain rewards, stories and boss battles in the game.

The Adventure Journal can only be attained through codex or other ways of progression in the game. Its rewards in the game are used to get the Elite Quests that are longer than normal.

Ways to Get Adventure Journal

Since farming Adventure Journal is not very efficient, there are two more ways to get your hands on the consumable item in Diablo Immortal. The two ways are listed below. Also, here’s a Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks guide that’ll help you. 

Benefits For Completing Codex Tasks And Milestones

Codex in Diablo Immortal helps tell the player about his progression in the game. There are several activities and battle passes that need to be completed. Codex also provides rewards and in-game currencies. 

The battle pass will track all Diablo Immortal activities that award the player battle points. There are also some quests like opening treasure chests and killing monsters. Completing activities like challenge rifts and bounties also help players gain rewards. 

Codex Diablo Immortal
Codex Rewards to get Adventure Journal

The Codex tab also allows the players to track their character-related accomplishments, progression in the open-world, and PvP-related character progression. This progression helps them gain 100 Hilts per level. 

All these rewards and achievements are recorded, and after a certain level of accomplishments has been made, the player might get an Adventure Journal. 

After Completing Paragon Levels in Diablo Immortal

Paragon Levels works in a way that helps the player to level up in the game even after they have reached the highest level cap, that is, level 60. It also allows you to advance your characters. 

Paragon Level Diablo Immortal
Paragon Levels Adventure Journal

Players gain bonuses after completing a specific number of Paragon Levels in Diablo Immortal. The player will receive minor bonuses after completing level 70, but after completing 200 levels, the player will gain some significant bonuses and rewards. 

Each Paragon Level requires more XP than the previous level. After completing a specific range of Paragon Levels in Diablo Immortal, the player will be rewarded with the Adventure Journal that can be exchanged for some lengthier quests. 

Both these reward systems are not efficient and quick. Most of the time, the player will get Diablo Immortal Hilts rather than Adventure Journals as rewards for completing Codex tasks and Paragon Levels. 

These rewards systems are context-specific, but these are the only ways we know to get Adventure Journal. Other than this, there is no way of buying Adventure Journal through micropayments in any shop. 

There may be some other ways in the future as future game updates, but for now, you can only get Adventure Journal by becoming the strongest warrior in Diablo Immortal. 

How to Spend Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal itself can’t be used to buy something; rather, it can be traded with some other things or characters in the game to level up. It’s one of those consumable items that can be used to unlock secret Diablo Immortal longer quests. These quests are known as Elite Quests. 

Elite Quests

Elite Quests are quite a big deal in Diablo Immortal. Unlike other quests available throughout the game, this one must be traded. Elite Quests are also longer quests that have many smaller ones in them. 

Completing the Elite Quests will help you gain many rewards, stories, and boss battles. Elite Quests are vast, and the player will have to travel the entire Diablo Immortal world, but the quests are easier than other quests.

The quest is not for the impatient players; you might have to interact with many NPCs throughout the quest and become Immortal faster in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Elite Quest
Elite Quest Adventure Journal

The player has to trade the Adventure Journal with Taite the Adventure Seeker, a character in the Elite Quest. Taite can be found in the South Westmarch. Trading requires you to speak to Taite and ask him for a chance to start the Elite Quest. 

Gameplay of Elite Quest
Diablo Immortal Elite Quest

Exchanging one Adventure Journal Diablo Immortal for starting the Elite Quest is enough. The Elite Quest also provides you several chances to take down different bosses and enemies in Diablo Immortal. This will further unlock the endgame features for you. 

Pender’s Purchase

One more thing that the Adventure Journal can use is buying these legendary gloves known as Pender’s Purchase. These crafted gloves require the player to reach level 70. These gloves were named after Lord Pender. 

For all the reasons we have listed above in this guide, you’ll understand why gaining the Adventure Journal is so important for any player in Diablo Immortal. Once you have the item, you can be extremely powerful and significantly different in the gameplay. 

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