Battlebit Remastered: Best AK15 Builds [Top 2]

Take a look at the two best builds for the AK15, along with the recommended attachments and their strategy guide in Battlebit Remastered.

In Battlebit Remastered, AK15 is considered one of the best weapons with amazing builds and is capable of dealing decent damage, just like its counterpart AK47 rifle. The assault rifle is best for overall damage, and it allows the players to finish off their enemies in just a few shots and sometimes even a single headshot. With a suitable build, AK15 can prove to be a great gun to use in Battlebit Remastered. 

Key Takeaways
  • AK-15 is one of the assault rifles in Battlebit Remastered and has powerful builds. 
  • To unlock the AK15, players will have to reach level 15. 
  • With AK15, players might want to consider two powerful builds for both long-range and close-quarters combat. 
  • For long-range, barrels like the BCM gunfighter and the flash hider attachment are recommended. 
  • Furthermore, extended B magazine and green laser side rail along with a red dot as your main sight are good options. 
  • For medium to close range, the B25 URK attachment, along with a tactical grip, is the best option. 
  • Additionally, the red laser and quick magazine, along with strike fire as your main sight, can help you deliver great damage at longer distances with more accuracy. 
  • Moreover, it is also important to aim for the body so that you end up landing a few headshots when the barrel goes up. 

Best Builds

Below is an overview of the two recommended builds for AK15 covering both short and medium range.

Build TypeBarrelUnderbarrel MagazineSide RailMain Sight
Short RangeFlash Hider barrelBCM gunfighter or Tactical gripExtended B magazineGreen LaserRed Dot
Medium RangeTactical BarrelB25 URKQuick A magRed laser or Flashlight Razor, Kobra, or Strike Fire

How To Get AK15 In Battlebit Remastered 

Before you can curate the perfect Battlebit AK15 build, you have to unlock it first.

Best AK15 Build Battlebit Remastered 
How to get AK15 [image capture credits to eXputer]
Fortunately, you won’t have to grind much to get your hands on this powerful weapon, as it is available from the very start.

  • You will be able to unlock AK15 early on in Battlebit by reaching level 15
  • You just have to spend a few hours to reach level 15 and unlock the assault rifle
  • By creating a strong Battlebit AK15 build, you will be able to increase its range and damage output.
  • Additionally, the weapon is great for close quarters better and has some of the best attachments in Battlebit Remastered. 

Best AK15 Overall Build 

As soon as you unlock AK15, you will be able to deal around 40 damage without any modifiers. 

  • This makes AK15 a very good weapon to use in both medium and short-range against enemies.
  • However, with the right attachments and loadout, you will be able to deal damage at a longer range as well. For that, you will have to focus more on recoil and scope.
  • In the overall Battlebit AK15 build, we will be focusing on recoil and aiming at a shorter distance. The following are the details of the loadout. 

Barrel And Underbarrel 

For the barrel, we will be using the flash hider barrel for this particular Battlebit AK15 build. The reason I recommend a flash hider for the short-range is that it will highly reduce the muzzle flash of the AK15.

How to get AK15 Build Battlebit Remastered 
Tactical Grip [image capture credits to eXputer]
Doing so will allow you to have a clear sight of your target enemies. Furthermore, you will need to lower your muzzle flash if you want to use AK15 in a shorter range and be able to see your enemies clearly. 

  • For the under-barrel, I would recommend using the BCM gunfighter or tactical grip under-barrel. This is because we will be focusing solely on increasing our aim and reducing recoil. 
  • In addition to that, you will also get a great boost in the accuracy and aim of AK15, making it a great choice. 

Magazine And Side Rail 

For the magazine, I would recommend using the extended B magazine to get a high-damage Battlebit AK15 to build. 

Magazine [image capture credits to eXputer]
The extended magazine is great if you want to deliver more shots during matches. However, keep in mind that it will, in one way or another, affect your recoil rate a lot.

  • After your recoil has been optimized, you will be able to use the extended magazine with much more ease, and your survivability rate will increase as well. 
  • For the side rail, I will highly recommend using the green laser if you plan on increasing your hip fire accuracy.
  • Furthermore, in close quarters the side rail can be very beneficial and can increase the lethal prowess.

Main Sight And Grip 

For the main sight, I would recommend using a red dot, which is simple but quite effective.

Red Dot Sight
Red Dot Sight [image capture credits to eXputer]
Furthermore, for close-quarters combat, only red dot can allow you to deal with perfect shots at your enemies. You will want to avoid scopes at short range.

  • If you are looking to deliver more headshots, the red dot is the perfect sight to consider.
    AK15 Build details Battlebit Remastered 
    Vertical Grip [image capture credits to eXputer]
  • On the other hand, the grip vertical grip is a good option to consider for a high-damage Battlebit AK15 build.
  • A tactical grip can help you reduce the recoil rate significantly. 

Best Medium Range Build 

The second best Battlebit AK15 build will use attachments that will help you deal damage over a medium or long range. Below are the recommended attachments for a good medium-range AK15 build. 

Barrel And Underbarrel 

For the barrel, I will highly recommend choosing the Tactical barrel if you’re looking to reduce recoil at a longer range.

High Damage AK15 Build Battlebit Remastered 
B25 URK Attachment [image capture credits to eXputer]

Furthermore, the tactical barrel will help you decrease any horizontal and vertical recoil significantly, making AK15 the best weapon in Battlebit Remastered.

  • You will also be able to increase the damage output of AK15, which will, in turn, increase your survivability as well.
  • For the under barrel, I will highly recommend using the B25 URK, especially at a longer range.
  • Additionally, the B25 URK will also help you improve the hip-fire accuracy of AK15.
  • Make sure to use B25 URK whenever you have the tactical barrel equipped to get the best recoil reduction in Battlebit Remastered. 

Side Rail And Magazine 

For this particular loadout, you can choose to skip the side rail; however, if you want, you can use the red laser or flashlight.  

AK15 Build loadout Battlebit Remastered 
Red laser Siderail [image capture credits to eXputer]
Both red laser and flashlight are good options as a side rail for AK15. However, you can also use the green laser

  • For the magazine, I will recommend using the Quick A mag.  
  • This is because when you are using AK15, you will notice that it has a very slow reload speed.  

Main Sight 

For the main sight, I will highly recommend using the strike fire main sight if you want to focus on aim down sight as well.

  • The strike fire 1.5 ACOG will help you reduce the recoil significantly when you use AK15. 
  • The razor main site will also help you in increasing the accuracy over a longer range.
  • You can also try using a grip like the shift short-angled grip if you want to make up for the ADS while using a razor. However, the accuracy will significantly decrease if you are using AK15 at a closer range. 

Tips For AK15 Build 

Whenever you are modifying the Battlebit AK15 build, make sure to choose certain attachments carefully, especially the barrel and under-barrel, as they can affect your gameplay a lot. I have compiled a list of tips that can help you create a powerful AK15 build so you can take on your enemies no matter what range. 

Aim And Recoil 

While AK15 is a powerful weapon that excels on the battlefield, there are some factors where AK15 might not be as good and powerful as other weapons. The main one is aim and recoil.

Ak15 in action
Ak15 in action [image capture credits to eXputer]
In order to reduce the recoil rate and increase accuracy, we will be focusing on attachments like the BMC gunfighter for the under-barrel rail and the tactical barrel. 

  • The B25 URK is also a great attachment to consider, especially in close-range and medium-range combat. 
  • Furthermore, you will also have to practice shooting with your mouse so that you will be able to control recoil more effectively. 
  • For aim, I would recommend that you always aim at the lower points of your target enemy
  • Doing so will allow you to raise the barrel and get a precise head shot which can deal a lot of damage and even finish your enemies off in a single hit. 

Medic Playstyle 

AK15 is one of the weapons that can be used best by the medic class. In power and damage, it is essentially the same as M4, and mid-range combat requires the damage-dealing capability of AK15. 

  • Even if you are playing at a longer range, you just need to focus more on your scope and switch to semi-auto if you want to get more precise shots. 
  • Instead of spraying, I will recommend fighting single shots as they are more accurate when using AK15. 

Dealing More Headshots 

With assault rifles such as AK15, dealing with headshots can be quite a task. As soon as you unlock AK15 after you reach level 15, it will be capable of dealing around 40 damage.

AK15 Build Battlebit Remastered guide
Using AK15 in the close range [image capture credits to eXputer]
The higher damage-dealing ability of the AK15 makes it one of the best automatic rifles that you will be able to unlock early on in Battlebit Remastered. 

  • However, since it is best for close range and medium range, you will face a lot of difficulties in landing more headshots. 
  • To deal with the recoil, I would recommend you always target the body so that when the barrel goes up, you will land some chest or headshots. 
  • If you are looking to deal damage at a longer range, then I would recommend using the compensator attachment instead of the flash hider.
  • But make sure that you remove the extended mag if you want to deal with precise shots at a longer range. However, it still won’t come as close to a sniper, but the AK15 assault rifle is definitely a better option than SMG’s or even LMG’s.

With this, I conclude my detailed guide on the best AK15 builds in Battlebit Remastered. While you are at it, don’t forget to check out the guide on controller support and settings in Battlebit Remastered and how to get the supporter pack.

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