Aliens Dark Descent: All Enemy Types

Eager to know about what enemy types will Aliens Dark Descent feature? Read out our guide to all about them!

Aliens Dark Descent is released now after its predecessor Alien Isolation came out in 2014. The survival game is packed with a range of Xenomorphs, including Facehuggers, Praetorians, Queens, and human commandos. The Aliens Dark Descent enemy types are diverse and dangerous, each with different characteristics.

Key Takeaways
  • Xenomorophs are intelligent enemies for which you must be careful while dealing with them. They adapt to your actions and behaviors.
  • Currently, there are seven enemy types in Aliens Dark Descent, which are listed here:
    1. Facehuggers: These are small but deadly creatures that can kill you instantly. Facehuggers evolve as baby eggs, out of which they sprout as you come near.
    2. Guardians: A new enemy type is humans, a device implanted in them known as Marlow.
    3. Praetorians: Large creatures whose main goal is to protect the Queen.
    4. Queen: You will encounter the most intelligent and largest type as the final boss.
    5. Runner: These are  Four-Legged creatures that are very fast but less resilient.
    6. Synthetic: AI incorporated with hairless rubber skin attacks you whenever you enter a restricted area.
    7. Warrior: These are the most dangerous enemy types with the most sinister looks.

All Enemy Types In Aliens Dark Descent

The Aliens Dark Descent enemy types require you to be skillful while dealing with them. It would help if you discovered new paths as you pave the continuous world and find shortcuts to safe zones. Moreover, use motion trackers to monitor their movement to stay ahead as Xenomoprhs adjust accordingly to the player’s habits. According to the latest update on the official website, here are all the enemy types featured in Aliens Dark Descent 


Image shows Facehuggers Aliens Dark Descent
Image shows Facehuggers in Aliens Dark Descent [Picture Credits: eXputer]
These are small and fragile, but their deadliness cannot be overlooked. They are easiest to defeat but can perform instant kills by jumping swiftly at your face. According to the bio, they evolve as baby eggs that come to life as facehuggers upon finding a suitable host. They will come across like a mine as you come near the egg. The facehuggers are unique Aliens Dark Descent enemy type, a spider look-a-like form of Xenomorph.


Image shows Guardians
Image shows Guardians (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Guardians are new enemies to be included in the lineup. These are very creepy humans who worship Xenomorphs. They are a new enemy type and an elite in the Darwin Era. Also, Guardians undergo a device implantation known as Marlow, as visible from the trailer. These creepy creatures are the ones you should be looking forward to in Aliens Dark Descent. 


Image shows Praetorians
Image shows Praetorians (Picture Credits: eXputer)

They are huge and more challenging than most Xenomorphs and appear once a Hive is near completion. Hives were not developed in the movies, so they were not to be seen. Their main objective is to protect the Queen and can be identified by their broad head crest. Furthermore, they undergo a specific process to get very hard skin.


Image shows Queen
Image shows Queen (Picture Credits: eXputer)

The Queen is the final boss, which you will probably encounter. Every Hive is led to her as she lies within it. It is the most clever and largest form of Xenomorph.


Image shows Runner
Image shows Runner (Picture Credits: eXputer)

It differs from human-spawned Xenomorphs as it roots its physicality in four-legged animals. It moves around very fast, but at the same time, Runners are less resilient as they have low HP.


Image shows Synthetic
Image shows Synthetic (Picture Credits: eXputer)

These brilliant creatures attack whenever you go to a restricted area or breach specific protocols. Their aggressive behavior is indicated when their eyes turn red. Moreover, they are incorporated with AI and have hairless rubber skin.


Image shows Warrior
Image shows Warrior (Picture Credits: eXputer)

These are the most lethal of all the Alien Dark Descent Enemy Types. Moreover, Warriors have ridged skulls which makes them look more frightening. Droners and Warriors are often compared, but warriors outweigh them as they are more dangerous.

Without any doubt, this game is an iconic one in the real-time strategy genre for which the fans are eagerly waiting. We have listed all the enemy types for Aliens: Dark Descent we know. We are still determining if these are all enemies or will the developer will add more to the lineup. Keep following our website for the latest updates. Know more about the story and plot of Aliens Dark Descent.


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