Aliens: Dark Descent Plot & Story [Explained]

Embark upon a riveting journey amongst the Marine Squad in Tantalus Base in Aliens Dark Descent!

Aliens Dark Descent features an enthralling storyline and is set to be released on June 20th, 2023. Embark upon a world filled with aliens and take them down with your squad while focusing on your ultimate survival. Players might want to know about the Aliens Dark Descent Plot and world-building. Therefore, a detailed walkthrough might be required! 

Important: Players should know that the AI system in Aliens Dark Descent can learn your playstyle and strategize against you.
Key Takeaways
  • Aliens Dark Descent takes place in 2198 and is set about 20 years after the events in Alien 3
  • The plot is focused on an area called the Tantalus Base, and a deadly Xenomorph and alien outbreak has caused a Marine Squad trouble, who are left to figure out how to deal with the outbreak. 
  • The gameplay features that of a top-down squad-based tactical action game that makes the player a Commander, commanding the squad. 
  • A total of 5 classes, such as the Tecker, Sergeant, Recon, Medic, and Gunner, combine to make an undefeatable squad against an opponent.  

What Is The Plot In Aliens Dark Descent? 

The plot of “Aliens: Dark Descent” is set in the year 2198, taking place 20 years after the events of “Alien 3” and a few years before “Aliens.” The story unfolds primarily at Tantalus Base, which was formerly a Weyland-Yutani Corporation facility and relay station on the Lethe planet.

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The plot revolves around a breakout of deadly xenomorphs, prompting a squad of marines, led by Alvarez, to deal with the threat. As they investigate the xenomorphs, they discover an even greater menace within the Tantalus Base, a hybrid creature merging aspects of both xenomorph and human physiology.

This new threat attacks Alvarez’s squad, forcing him to lock them behind with the mutated creatures, believing he has contained the danger. However, the creatures infiltrate the entire area, leading to Alvarez’s grim fate.

ADD Marine Squad
Marine Squad

Players take on the role of marines who crash-land in the area and must explore various locations, including orbital stations facing alien outbreaks due to smuggling specimens during a party. As players traverse the terrain, they face horrific mutations, Guardians, human survivors, and other threats while attempting to survive and uncover the mysteries of this dark and dangerous world.

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Alien Outbreak

Combat And Game Setting 

Aliens Dark Descent focuses purely on being a squad-based top-down tactical action game that makes the player (you) become a commander and a part of a squad of marines that needs to handle the threat brought upon by the Alien infestation and outbreak. 

  • While you can handle the enemies well, there will be times when you need the help of your squad to take care of the enemies for you. 
  • While in the middle of battle, players can cause the time to slow down, allowing you to lend out orders to your fellow team members with well-thought-out plans to take the enemies down. 
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The APlot And Gameplay does not focus on being linear, but rather, while it has a main storyline, there will also be multiple side quests and objectives that keep players entertained for hours on end. 

  • The more quests that are made available to you, the more you will be left to think and strategize before being able to take on opponents, making it crucial for you to think before you act lest you become prey to enemies. 
    ADD Classes In Action
    Classes In Action
  • Each marine member will have their own set of skills, being able to cast them against opponents, making it a bit easier for you to take them down. 


Worldbuilding plays a significant role in immersing players in the game:

  1. Exploration: The game offers a top-down perspective that allows players to immerse themselves in the world. Players can explore unlocked areas, experience the story alongside their marine squad, and appreciate the environment.
  2. Interactive Elements: Interactable objects and barriers can be destroyed to progress further into different sections of the game, uncovering hidden mysteries along the way.
  3. Progression: Opening doors and accessing new locations is essential for advancing the plot. Players can also level up their squads to become more formidable in combat.
  4. Safe Haven: The Ortega serves as a refuge where players can take a break from the dangers they face. It offers a moment to recuperate before heading back into perilous situations.
  5. Survival Tactics: Players are encouraged to be cautious of their surroundings, watch out for enemies, utilize shortcuts, and create safe zones to enhance their chances of survival.
  6. Adaptive AI: The game features an AI system that adapts to the player’s style and learns their patterns. Players are advised to vary their strategies to prevent the AI from becoming too adept at countering them.
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Players can choose from 5 classes in Aliens Dark Descent to take on the responsibilities of protecting their team while allowing them to take down the deadliest foes. 

Aliens Dark Descent ClassesDescription
GunnerThe Gunner is an insanely recognizable marine-force, being able to support his team by providing insane fire support.
MedicThe Medic is there to ensure that the team remains safe and sound, being able to provide healing abilities to keep the squad alive.
ReconThe Recon uses a Light Pulse Rifle, being able to become the master scout for the entire team.
Sergeant The Sergeant is able to bring up the morale of the squad, being able to up the teammate's confidence.
Tecker An inquisitive and intelligent mind, the Tecker takes on the role of being the mastermind of the squad.


There are a total of 7 enemy types to face off when going through the Aliens Dark Descent Plot, and all of them are vicious, so make sure to be wary. 

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  1. Facehuggers: Anytime an egg detects a host, the Facehugger can have its life. It is a spider-form of the Xenomorph that is only alive to implant a Chestburster contained in a living being. 
  2. Guardians: The most elite of the elites, they are not only strong against players, but they have an Embryostasis implanted in them, making them slow down their life cycle, and they can walk through the Xenomorphs with ease. 
  3. Praetorians are larger and stronger than basic Xenomorphs and creatures with a defining chest and large head. 
  4. Queen: As can be said, the Queen leads its hive, and they are insanely intelligent, being able to showcase their intelligence, so be wary. 
  5. Runner: While Runners are insanely fast, they cannot be as strong as the Drones or Warriors, making them a bit weaker.
  6. Synthetic: Maintenance synths made by Seegson can provide the role of a guard and protect the Pioneer area. 
  7. Warrior: Lastly, the Warriors are considered a part of a class in the Hive and extremely dangerous. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Aliens Dark Descent Plot, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide!

Enemy And Class Photo Credits: FocusEntertainment

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