King Arthur Knights Tale All Camelot Buildings

A mythical castle, Camelot, is the base of all operations for all six classes in King Arthur Knights Tale and this place was made by the Arthurian legend. It has All King Arthur Knights Tale Buildings across the Camelot. Everything is managed across the Camelot, whether the heroes or the economy.

All the buildings around Camelot can be accessed through the World Map of Avalon. The player chooses missions to complete, and can also change the heroes’ equipment and their stats. Availability of different services, purchasing items, and healing a hero’s injury can only be possible if the player unlocks different King Arthur Knights Tale Camelot Buildings.

Key Takeaways
  • King Arthur Knight’s Tale offers seven different buildings to the players each with a unique purpose while the early access offers three of these buildings only.
  • The Hospice building offers healing and vitality restoration for your wounded heroes and can be unlocked by 500 gold and 500 building resources.
  • The Merchant building offers rarities such as special items and weapons and can be unlocked using 250 gold and 250 building resources.
  • The Cathedral building helps the player’s heroes recover from all injuries and ailments and can be unlocked for 500 gold and 500 building resources.
  • The Round Table building has many purposes and holds all the laws, issues, and knighthood. It can be unlocked using 1000 building resources.
  • The Training ground building allows heroes to get special training and gain XP. It can be unlocked using 500 gold and 500 building resources.
  • The Enchanted Tower building acts as a trading place for all items and allows the player to remove curses from his knights. It can be unlocked for 500 gold and 500 building resources.
  • The Crypt building is a burial site for all your dead knights and heroes which you lost in the fought battles or by any illness.

Unlocking All Camelot Buildings In King Arthur Knight’s Tale

The Buildings can only be unlocked by a required amount of gold and some building resources to be spent on unlocking. There are seven buildings in total, but the player with Early Access can unlock only three buildings. Those three buildings are Cathedral, Hospice, and Merchant in the game. 


Hospice building to treat heroes

The Hospice building has a number of comfortable beds and skilled healers to offer to your wounded heroes in the King Arthurs Knights Tale Buildings game. If any of your heroes are wounded in the game, you can take them to the Hospice building in Camelot. The lost vitality of your heroes can easily be recovered at this place. 

Note that your hero can move around in the Camelot if he is under the treatment time in Hospice. Almost 20% of your hero’s maximum vitality can be recovered by staying in the Hospice and completing every mission one by one. There is a special treatment slot your hero has to go through for every lost vitality. In every treatment slot, the hero will recover and heal. 

There are eight upgrades in the Hospice building, and an hourglass depicts how many missions you will have to complete for the lost vitality of your hero. The hourglass will have a number placed next to it. If you want a quick treatment for your hero, the vitality healing cost can be reduced by 10%. Only the Round Table party heroes can be treated at the Hospice. You should carefully look at the trait of the hero before placing him in the Hospice and giving him the required treatment needed. 

How to Unlock?

The player will have to spend 500 Gold and 500 Building resources to unlock the Hospice building to treat his injured heroes. 

If, by any chance, you have to bail out your hero, you won’t get the amount of Gold back. The hero’s treatment will also be unfinished, and his vitality won’t be fully recovered if you bail him out without completing all the required missions listed next to the hourglass. 


King Arthur Knights Tale Camelot Buildings

Merchant is a building hidden behind the shadow of colossal ramparts in the Avalon. Players send their heroes to the Merchant building to get all sorts of rarities from different parts of the island. It has many rarities, including legendary weapons, and other mysterious objects that are found nowhere else in Camelot. These objects are mostly gathered from the ruined castles and stored here. 

This Merchant building offers six upgrades and has a court Chandler. Only those heroes can be given to the Court Title whose names were listed in the Round Table Party. The hero can’t be from the Idle Party. Right after you place your hero, a specific effect is activated that allows you to use the Merchant’s shop and trade in all sorts of Weapons, Trinkets, Armor, and Consumables. The selling price of the is increased to 10%. 

How to Unlock?

To unlock the Merchant building, you will have to spend 250 Gold and 250 Building Resources. 


King Arthur Knights Tale Camelot Buildings

Cathedral is a towering building that has timbered rooftops. Heroes go to the Cathedral building to purify their faith as the building teaches one true faith. It helps in cleansing the soul as well as the body of any hero. Heroes go there to heal their wounds. Even the deepest wounds can be healed when the knights visit the Cathedral building. 

You might be thinking that the Cathedral building works similar to the Hospice building when it comes to healing the hero. The Cathedral building helps knights recover from all sorts of ailments and harsh injuries. Round Table party-listed heroes’ names can be given to the Court Title to move towards the Cathedral Building. No heroes from any other party are accepted in this building. The Cathedral building offers eight upgrades in total. 

The player must look at some of the traits of the hero before sending him to the cathedral building. The player will have to give the hero the title that suits him best according to his trait. 

By using the Master of Faith, the cost of the hero’s injury treatment is reduced to 10%. 

How to Unlock?

To unlock the Cathedral building, the player will have to spend 500 Gold and 500 Building resources. The players are given the court title, Master of Faith. 

The Round Table

Unlocking the Round Table building in King Arthur Knights Tale camelot Buildings and unlocking its functions is extremely important for players to progress further in the game. All sorts of laws, issues, and knighthood are stated in the Round Table building. It’s a building where all the legendary gatherings occur, and all the noble knights of Camelot are present here. 

If the players want to swap themselves with other idle heroes, they should go to the Round Table building. The player will have to unlock several functions that will eventually unlock the Hospice building. The Round Table can have almost seven upgrades to unlock more features. 

After unlocking the Round Table, the player will have to upgrade it for better features. Upgrading will help in unlocking more seats and passing laws and all decrees. The player can also upgrade delegated Court Titles to specific heroes. You can add more loyalty points to the heroes within the Round Table building by enabling more effects. After completing more missions in the Round Table, you can make your heroes gain more XP. At one time, only one or two laws can be passed.

The hero you have to move to the Round Table building should be from the round Table party, not the Idle Party. Shifting your hero from the Round Table to Idle will remove their current court title. Before moving your hero, see all their traits and then pass your decision. 

The Grand Master of the Round Table building helps reduce the cost of Decrees by 10%. The Royal Protector adds 5 loyalty points for anyone that holds the title. The Defender of the Bridge adds 5 loyalty points for anyone that holds the title. 

How to Unlock?

Unlocking the Round Table building is not so hard as it doesn’t require any Gold. It only requires 1000 building resources.

To unlock missions and upgrades requires a lot of Gold and other Building Resources. You get bonuses in between every mission. The decrees are bonuses such as additional Gold and Building Resources. 

Training Ground

Knights who need to be trained in better martial skills for upcoming battles go to the Training Ground building. There is a saying in the King Arthur Knights Tale Building game that says that drops of sweat in the Training Ground are a lot better than a single drop of bloodshed in combat. 

After unlocking the Training Ground, the players can leave their heroes for special training and proceed with their adventures in the game. This way, the players can gain XP and keep an eye on other heroes on missions across the Camelot. 

One Merchant is always required for the reconstruction. Mostly the heroes are sent for training without any costs. As the player completes the mission, the hero who is getting trained gains all the XP. 

The player is allowed to withdraw any of his heroes in between training, and the XP they have gained from completing the mission will be applied to the hero who was being trained. With a Master of Arms in the Training Ground, the training cost can be reduced by 10%. 

The Training Ground has a Knight’s Tournament that allows you to send all your heroes who are two levels below from the highest level participation hero on a Joust. To enter this Knight’s Tournament, the player will have to spend some Gold as an entry fee. 

While deciding which heroes to send to the Training Ground, the player must be aware of the traits of the heroes and then send the one who requires more training. The heroes you will send to the Training Ground should be the heroes of the Round Table party. Idle party heroes won’t be accepted by the Court Title. 

How to Unlock?

To unlock your hero’s entry to the Training Ground building, you must spend 500 Gold and 500 Building Resources. 

Enchanted Tower

King Arthur Knights Tale Camelot Buildings
The Enchanted Tower

The Enchanted Tower is known for its magic spells. The Enchanted Tower building is a mysterious tower isolated from all the other buildings in the Camelot. It is only dedicated to teaching the mystical arts of magic. This place enables knights to remove all sorts of curses on them. They can instill all the arcane energies of the Avalon. The heroes can also access the hidden knowledge from magical items in the Enchanted Tower. 

The Enchanted Tower is one of the Camelot Buildings that is a trading place for all weapons, armors, and trinkets. The heroes can sacrifice their relic items in exchange for the Relic Dust, a currency used to buy different items from the Enchanted Tower. 

The Enchanted Tower provides six upgrades in total, and you can even unlock specific upgrades which will allow you to add some extra skill points for Arcanist and Saga classes. Also, you can respec in King Arthur Knight’s Tale via the Enchanted Tower

The same concept of sending heroes goes for the Enchanted Tower as it was for other buildings in the Camelot. No Idle party hero is allowed inside the Enchanted Tower. Only Round Table part heroes can move to the Enchanted Tower. Don’t forget to look at the specific traits of your hero whom you are willing to send to the Enchanted Tower building. 

How to Unlock?

Unlocking the Enchanted Tower building requires 500 Building Resources and 500 Gold. 


The resting site for all your heroes after they die. The players will leave their dead knights who have been killed while fighting or died of any other illness in this Crypt building to rot away. 

This building was known as the Burial Ground before its name changed to Crypt in the game. There are no further updates in the game after that, and this is the only building that needs no accomplished mission. 

If any player wants to pay regard to a specific hero, they can do it by clicking on their tombstone. This is one of King Arthurs Knights Tale Buildings that will help you remember all the heroic warriors you once had. 

How to Unlock?

There is no need to unlock this building. Every dead hero will automatically move here at the end.

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