The Quarry Tarot Cards Locations [Chapter 1-10]

This guide shows all locations of Tarot Cards in The Quarry, along with their purpose and premonition through Eliza.

Throughout your journey in The Quarry, you will stumble upon Tarot Cards. You can give these cards to the narrator Eliza between chapters. These cards will give you a hint of the possible outcomes, which will guide you on what to do so your chance of survival gets better. It may also show an untimely demise in a chapter.

But there’s a catch! You will come across multiple Tarot Cards in The Quarry’s chapters. However, you cannot choose all those cards to predict the future. You can only choose one.

Key Highlights
  • Tarot Cards are scattered throughout the chapters in the game “The Quarry” and can be given to the narrator Eliza.
  • The cards give hints of possible outcomes, which can guide players on their journey.
  • There will be a sudden camera angle change when a Tarot Card appears.
  • Players can only choose one Tarot Card from each chapter.
  • Chapter 1 features only one Temperance card. Chapter 2 features The Hanged Man card. Chapter 3 features 2 cards, the Tower and the Star.
  • Chapter 4 features the Magician card and the Strength card. Chapter 5 features The Devil card and the Hermit Card.
  • Chapter 6 features The Justice and the moon cards. Chapter 7 features The Chariot and the world cards.
  • Chapter 8 features The lover’s card and Wheel of Fortune, The Empress and the Emperor Cards.
  • Chapter 9 features The Sun, Death, Judgement card, The Hierophant cards. Chapter 10 features The High Priestess card.

Finding All Tarot Cards in The Quarry is not that complicated if you know this simple trick. There will be a sudden change in camera angle when a Tarot Card appears. Moreover, you will need to respond timely as some cards will burn away if you don’t pick them up quickly enough.

Prologue Tarot Card in The Quarry

In Prologue, there is just one Tarot Card which you can find almost immediately with ease.

The Fool Card

The Fool: All Tarot Cards in The Quarry
The Fool Tarot Card

Once Laura goes into the woods, you will notice the camera angle suddenly shift just after a few steps. When the angle is shifting, The Fool Card is easily visible, and you can collect it during that duration.

Premonition: In Chapter 2, Jacob will have to make a decision between stealing the rotor arm of the van or breaking the fuel line. The card will show what will happen if Jacob chooses to break the fuel line. It will show that the van catches fire as soon as Mr. Hackett tries to start it.

Chapter 1 Tarot Card Location

The chapter contains only one Tarot Card, just like the prologue, but this one is harder to get. You will have to collect it immediately as soon as Jacob enters the lodge; otherwise, you will miss it.

Temperance Card

The Quarry: Temperance Card
Temperance Tarot Card

When Jacob is done climbing through the window to enter the lodge, they reach the main room after leaving the library. Once you enter the main room, you will see on your right a kitchen door, and a big metal fridge will be visible from there. As soon as Jacob crosses the threshold in the kitchen, The Temperance card will become visible.

Premonition: The card will show Emma picking up the fireworks she found in Chapter 2. Those fireworks will be set off at a bonfire, and Emma will be able to take some so she can defend herself from the enemies later in the game. However, if you don’t take them, there will be no major impact.

Chapter 2 Tarot Card

This chapter also contains only one Tarot Card. However, based on your choices, you might not go into the area having the Tarot Card. You might need to do the chapter couple of times as it makes you choose between finding some clues or the Hanged Man.

The Hanged Man Card

The Quarry All Tarot Cards: The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man Tarot Card

Here, you will have to choose the rocky road trail back to the others when Abigail and Nick go to collect the firewood. When you are on the rocky road, take a left at the fork in the road, that is where you will find The Hanged Man Card.

Premonition: In Chapter 3, Jacob will be caught by a hunting trap, hanging upside down as seen in the vision. However, this will happen no matter what decision you make; what matters is the decision you are going to take after it.

Chapter 3 Tarot Cards Location

Now comes a chapter with two Tarot Card in it. You will be able to collect one as Jacob and one as Abigail.

The Tower Card

Tarot Card: The Tower
The Tower Tarot Card

When Abigail is leaving the firepit to go into the woods, keep focusing on the camera angle as it will change shortly as soon as she starts hearing whispers. When the camera angle shifts to Abigail’s side, turn left and follow the trail, which will become visible as you keep following.

Premonition: When Emma is running away from the monster, which comes after opening the trapdoor, she will have to use the zipline to get away from it. The card shows that if things go wrong, what can happen. Emma would die if she fell from the zipline.

The Star Card

All Tarot Cards in The Quarry: Start Card
The Star Tarot Card

It is easy to find; as soon as Jacob enters the boathouse to search for towels, The Star will be visible once he steps inside.

Premonition: Emma will be exploring the island alone in Chapter 4. When she makes her way to the Treehouse, the card shows that if she opens the trapdoor, a monster will snap in and attack her. However, when this scene comes, before opening the door, you must search for the bag present in the treehouse.

Chapter 4 Tarot Cards

The chapter contains two Tarot Cards as well. Both of them will be collectible at the beginning of Dylan and Emma’s character’s scene.

The Magician Card

The Quarry all Tarot Cards: The Magician
The Magician Tarot Card

When you can walk around as Emma, turn around immediately and go to the end of the pier; when you are approaching there, you will have a short cutscene, after which you will be able to go to the very edge of the pier. Once you are there, you will be able to collect The Magician Card.

Premonition: This card shows that in Chapter 5 Ryan will hack Dylan’s arm at the radio shack. And once Dylan is bitten, you will have the option of chopping his arm off so the infection will not spread.

Strength Card

The Quarry: Strength Card
The Strength Tarot Card

The gameplay will continue as Dylan after Emma’s encounter on the island. The strength card will appear as part of a cutscene, unlike other Tarot Cards. Make sure you are ready to grab the Strength Card by pressing the interact button as soon as the group opens the door to the lodge to grab it.

Premonition: Once Nick’s infection starts developing, the card shows that Nick will be very worked-up, grabbing Bobby Hackett by his neck and throwing him away.

Chapter 5 Tarot Cards Locations

You will also find two Tarot Cards in this Chapter. When Ryan and Dylan visit Camp Cabins on their way to the Radio Hut, they can be collected before entering the building.

It is important to remember that you can talk to Ryan while reaching the radio hut. Ryan will ask you if you are ready to enter. Say no if you have not found all the clues and tarot cards. If you talk to Ryan again, the exploration will end immediately, and the next scene will begin. Therefore, do not speak to him unless you are totally ready.

The Devil Card

Devil Tarot Card in The Quarry
The Devil Tarot Card

In the Cabin Circle, you will have to look for a big tree by which a swing is hanging, and it will be in the center. The Devil Tarot Card will be between the nearby picnic tables and the swing. You will notice a triangular pattern formed by them; once you stand in the middle of it, the card will appear.

Premonition: In this card, you will see Nick’s infection increase even more, which will change him a lot. He will kill Abi brutally in the pool house during Chapter 6. However, it can only be prevented if Abi decides to shoot Nick. One must die.

The Hermit Card

All Tarot Cards The Quarry: Hermit
Hermit Tarot Card

Now you will have to walk around the radio hut. The Hermit Tarot Card will be behind the building. However, in front of the radio hut, you can also find the claw marks evidence piece.

Premonition: Jacob will get caught in a bear trap during Chapter 6. The card shows that due to missed QTE, Jacob will be able to free himself but fall into another bear trap by his head.

Chapter 6 Tarot Cards

You will be able to find two of all Tarot cards in The Quarry through Abigail and Jacob.

Justice Card

Justice Card
Justice Tarot Card

You can get off the boardwalk by going down the stairs through Jacob. Once you do, on your left will be the Justice Tarot. However, don’t go too far since the Tarot will be somewhere near.

Premonition: The card will show Laura inside her prison cell shooting Sheriff Travis Hackett in Chapter 7. You will have a choice of taking a risk by trying to steal Sheriff Travis’ gun. If you mess up QTE, Laura will pull the trigger on Sheriff accidentally.

The Moon Card

The Moon
The Moon Tarot Card

Once you are exploring the pool as Abigail, go and check the showers. In the hallway’s center shower stall, you will be able to find the Moon Tarot. Make sure that before moving the space heater to comfort Nick, you pick the Tarot.

Premonition: This card will show a vision of Laura injecting a syringe into Travis to steal his keys in Chapter 7. You can get that syringe from a room upstairs.

Chapter 7 Tarot Cards Locations

You will be exploring the police station as Laura in the chapter, and you can find two Tarot Cards in it as well.

The World Card

The Quarry: World Card
The World Tarot Card

Walk around Laura’s cell, then stand in the left corner by the bars. Notice the bed as the World Tarot will reveal from underneath it.

Premonition: This card will show in Chapter 8 Laura looking at Ryan fall down to the quarry.

The Chariot Card

Chariot Tarot Card
The Chariot Tarot Card

Now when you are able to leave the cell as Laura, explore the rest of the building. When you go outside the cell block, there will be a large office area; walk around the center of it. When you are between the desks, you will notice a shift in camera angle. The angle will shift to the ceiling, where you can collect the Chariot Tarot.

Premonition: This card reveals Kaitlyn and Dylan opened the door of what seems like a broken van back at the camp. They will reveal something unpleasant, and it will happen in Chapter 8; no matter what decisions you make, it cannot be prevented.

Chapter 8 Tarot Cards

In chapter 8, you will find plenty among all Tarot Cards in The Quarry. However, Chapter 9 will have the same number of cards. So, if you are planning on doing these together, then keep your mind active.

The Lovers Card

Lovers Tarot Card
The Lovers Tarot Card

You will have to follow the main path once Laura and Ryan fall into the abandoned quarry. The path will take you upward, and shortly after, a cutscene where a railing will break off the scaffolding, and you will enter the next chamber.

There will be a path on your left there; go on that platform and collect the Lovers Tarot.

Premonition: This card will show Laura biting Ryan’s arm; however, she will not get affected by the infection. Rather, she will be doing it with her own choice. Moreover, in Chapter 9, the events will unfold when Ryan gets stabbed by Bobby. Since Laura is infected, she will offer her help to Ryan by biting him.

If she bites him, Ryan will gain regenerative powers which come with the infection. However, it is completely your choice to make.

Wheel of Fortune Card

The Quarry: Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

Once you clear the way after removing the boards past the cave-in sign, as soon as you proceed down the main tunnel, on your left will appear the Wheel of Fortune Tarot.

Premonition: The card will show a monster who will kill Bobby Hackett. If you have stabbed Bobby earlier, in Chapter 9, this course of the event will occur naturally. Bobby will be weak because of the stab, due to which he will not be able to defend himself.

The Empress Card

Empress Tarot Card
The Empress Tarot Card

Once you come out of the quarry to Hackett House’s basement, take a left to find a side room, it will contain the Empress Tarot.

Premonition: Like the Wheel of Fortune Tarot, the card will also show a monster killing Constance Hackett. If you have not killed Constance yet while playing as Laura, then this will happen in Chapter 9.

The Emperor Card

Emperor Card
The Emperor Tarot Card

After walking out of the side room in Hackett House’s basement, return to the main path. Walk straight ahead, and you will find the Emperor Tarot on your right.

Premonition: The card will also show a monster, but this time Jebediah Hackett is the one being killed. He can be killed earlier, just like Constance, but if you have not killed him, the monster will eventually.

Chapter 9 Tarot Cards

As mentioned earlier, Chapter 9 also contains four Tarot Cards. The story in the chapter will be very tense, so make sure you stay moderate and search carefully. However, Hierophant Tarot comes with a catch. If you collect this card, Eliza will not allow you to choose any other card you found in chapter 9 than Hierophant to make a prediction.

Instead, it will just trigger a special cutscene. Therefore in All Tarot Cards in The Quarry guide, we have explained only the Hierophant’s premonition.

Death Card

Death Card
Death Tarot Card

Ryan will emerge from hiding alone once you interact with Constance and the rest of the family in Hackett House. Just go to the center of the room, ignoring everything so that you can get the Death Tarot. The reason for being quick is that if you do any other action, there are chances of triggering another scene, due to which you will not be able to retrieve the card.

The Sun Card

All Tarot Cards in The Quarry: Sun Card
The Sun Tarot Card

You will be going upstairs from the main path when Laura enters the room with a piano. Find whatever clues you can, and once you are done, proceed along the landing, where you will find a room with large windows. The Sun Tarot will be visible as soon as you enter the room. Don’t cross the room without collecting the card; otherwise, another cutscene will begin.

Judgment Card

Judgement Tarot Card
Judgment Tarot Card

When you open the gate of Scrapyard to the main area, there will be a shipping container tunnel in front of you. Pass through it, and on the other side will be a cutscene that will start to play as more lights turn on.

See the staircase on your left; once you climb them, take a left. Go inside the platform, and once you reach the center of it, Judgement Tarot will appear.

The Hierophant Card

Hierophant Tarot
The Hierophant Tarot Card

When there is a storm shelter, remember the stairs that lead you to the parking lot. You will have to come back to those stairs again. When you are approaching the stairs, the Hierophant Tarot will become visible.

Premonition: When you collect the card, a special cutscene will begin with Eliza. The card will show the events of the Freakshow Fire. The very event whose clues you were looking for. You will see a glimpse of the supposed Hag of Hackett’s Quarry and Silas. You might as well find more answers regarding The Quarry’s history. Moreover, there will be a QTE there which you don’t want to miss.

Chapter Tarot Cards

The last and final Tarot Card will be collectible before the attack on the lodge.

The High Priestess Card

The High Priestess
The High Priestess Tarot Card

When you are busy exploring the lodge, go upstairs and then to the left over the kitchen. You will see a large carpet and a staircase going upstairs inside a room. The staircase will lead you to the third floor. To find the High Priestess Tarot, you will need to explore this top floor.

However, make sure that you do collect his card before preparing for the final battle, which will take place at the portrait of Septimus Hackett.

Premonition: You will find the card before the game’s epilogue without revealing a vision. It might be because this is the last chapter of the game, so there are no more visions left.

That is all from our side; the guide on call Tarot Cards in The Quarry will allow you to make a better decision in choosing a card before Eliza. We aimed to minimize the spoilers, and we hope you did not read the premonitions unnecessarily. 

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