Another Eden Flower Quest: All Vendor Answers

Another Eden Flow quest is short side-quest that requires you to purchase specific flowers from a vendor. Our guide entails every step of it.

Another Eden is a fun-to-play mobile platformer game that offers a wide variety of main and side-quests. Most gameplay elements are pretty straightforward to execute; however, sometimes, players are required to pay attention to what the NPCs converse about in their dialogues. If missed, you can later run into trouble that can actually block the progression of some side-quests. Mourning Flowers side-quest comes under a long list of Another Eden flower quest types that are short and easy to complete, provided you know how to trigger the quest and remember the correct answers.  

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Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space is a free-to-play, role-playing game that was released and published in 2017 by the Wright Flyer Studios. It holds a lot of similarities with the old classical game Chronos Series as both video games share the same writer Masato Kato and the composer Yasunori Mitsuda. The greatest thing about playing Another Eden is that it is easily available to play on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PC. 

Key Takeaways
  • The quest is available after you have safely passed through Acteul and are on your way to the Palistfal Palace.
  • To complete the quest, you must help a royal maid buy the correct flowers for the ceremony of the prince and princess who have passed away.
  • The maid has forgotten which flowers to buy, so you must listen carefully to the details of the ceremony and memorize them.
  • The correct flowers are:
    • 10 white lilies
    • 5 red roses
    • 3 bluebells
  • Once you have purchased the correct flowers, return them to the maid and give them to her.
  • You will then be rewarded with 1000 Mira and 100 EXP.

Another Eden Mourning Flower Quest

This guide covers all the steps about how to pass another Eden Mourning flower quest. Read on till the end to understand all the steps you will have to implement in order to complete this side-quest and get its rewards. 

Once you reach Chapter 9 in the game, you will come across a mourning flower quest. This will appear when you have passed through the Acteul successfully. After that, while you are passing the Palistfal palace, you will come across a sub-quest marker directing you to interact with Chief Maid who is apparently in need of help to sift out the mourning flowers for the lamented prince and princess.

Mourning Flower Walkthrough
Mourning Flower Quest, Answers and Rewards

As the story of Another Eden revolves around palace life, this Mourning flower quest is also a side quest in which you have to help a royal maid who has been sent to buy some flowers for the ceremony of the prince and princess who have passed away.

The main quest is that the maid who was directed to complete the task has forgotten which flowers to buy and you are supposed to help her out. The only way to pass this side quest is by carefully listening to the details and memorizing them.

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The Mourning Flower side quest only appears when you have safely passed through the Acteul and are on your way to the Palistfal Palace. On the second floor of the royal palace, you will come across a sub-quests marker aiming at the maid who had been given the task to go out and buy the mourning flowers.

Once you have undertaken the side quest and made your way to the second floor to meet Chief Maid, you will get all the briefing about the Mourning flowers. She will take you all over the history, characteristics, and importance of the flowers in the royal family.

Remembering The Flower Details

We truly understand that it could be hard to bear her long tell tales and even tough to remember all the details. But bear with it, and once she is finished talking. You can take a sigh of relief and head back to the older maid, where she will ask you where you are supposed to clean. Command her to clean the corridor by selecting the corridor option. Once that’s done, you will have to travel back to the Acteul to reach the flower vendor. In order to save your time, it is recommended that you choose the option to fast travel.

Interacting With Flower Vendor

Once you reach the flower vendor, he will ask you three questions regarding the purchasing of flowers. Now, if you remembered what the Chief Maid told you regarding the flowers, then you’d easily select the correct answers. The answer to the flower vendor’s three questions was tucked away in the ramblings of the chief maid.

However, it is most likely that you may not remember those details but if you do then give yourself a pat on the back and praise your memorization skills. However, just in case you forgot the little details Chief Maid conveyed to you, then we have got you covered. Here are the correct answers to all three questions that flower vendor asks from you. It is crucial to select correct answers; otherwise, you will proceed forward with Another Eden Flower quest.

Mourning Flower Quest Answers

Select these answers while interacting with the flower vendor to proceed with the side-quest in Another Eden. His three questions are: What kind of flowers are you looking for? How many petals should the flower have? What is the flower called, or state the name of the flower?  

  • 1st Dialogue Answer: Red, White, Pink
  • 2nd Dialogue Answer: Five
  • 3rd Dialogue Answer: Cordina rose

Once you answer these three questions correctly, the vendor will hand you down the flowers. From there, head back to the Palistfal Palace and deliver flowers to the Chief Maid. Doing so will complete the Mourning Flower side-quest in Another Eden. 

Mourning Flower Side-Quest Rewards

Here is a list of rewards that you get after completing the Mourning Flower side-quest in Another Eden:

  • 1x Medium Class Scroll
  • 3x Round Stone
  • 3x Red Fruit

Final Thoughts

Another Eden is a game filled with side-quests, such as the mourning flower, that adds spice to the game’s storyline. The side quests can be tricky at times, but you can easily ace these short side-quests once you follow the directions correctly.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Another Eden mourning flower side-quest. Have you played this side-quest before? Did you remember the correct answers of flower vendor in your first playthrough? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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