Apex Legends Mobile: Best Legends To Play

Our Apex Legends mobile best Legends guide is here to help you select the right characters for the battle royale.

Legends in Apex Legends mobile are characters that you can play with. There are ten playable characters at the time of writing in the mobile version, and more of them will hopefully make their way to the game through further updates.

Even though every Legend has its own set of unique abilities that can assist you, not all of them are going to help you dominate the match. This is why it’s important to learn about the best Legends in Apex Legends mobile so that you don’t choose the wrong one.  

Key Takeaways
  • Apex Legends is a first-person Online Multiplayer Battle Royale shooting game. It features many characters also known as ‘Legends” with unique abilities with different modes such as; Squads, solo, and duo. 
  • Characters in Apex legends also known as ‘Legends’ all possess distinctive abilities which players can use to their advantage, that’s why choosing the best legends in Apex Legends Mobile is crucial. Some of the best legends as of now are:
    • Fade – An exclusive character in Apex Legends Mobile. His passive ability helps to escape from a tricky situation easily, with flashbangs as his tactical. His ultimate ability makes foes slower and more vulnerable.
    • Wraith – One of the best legends in the game, its passive ability warns the player of any incoming threat, and its tactical help to escape when needed. And the ultimate ability will provide a portal to travel across the map.
    • Gibraltar –  a giant with amazing abilities to help his teammates, his passive ability will help him to shield himself when shooting, his tactical ability creates a bubble that acts as a shield and his ultimate ability call down a mortar strike which deals high damage.
    • Bangalore – one of the balanced legends, her passive ability helps her to get to cover quickly when foes are near, her tactical ability helps create space by smoking enemies, and her ultimate ability calls down a series of bombs that deal high damage.
    • Caustic – The only toxic character in the game, his passive helps to see foes in his toxic gas,  tactical ability helps to set traps of toxic gas which deals damage and tamper with foes’ vision, and ultimate ability uses nox gas grenades to throw at enemies which deals great damage.
    • Lifeline – A support legend. The passive ability helps to revive teammates with the help of her drone, the tactical ability helps you and your teammates to heal easily, and the ultimate ability calls down a care package filled with amazing resources.
    • Bloodhound – One of the best recon legends in the game, his passive ability let him see the footsteps, his tactical ability helps him and his allies to scan the area for any nearby enemies, and his ultimate ability turns him into an assassin with increased movement speed.

Ranking All Legends In Apex Legends Mobile 

An important thing to keep in mind is that the following list is based on our personal choice, and you might find some other Legends better than these ones. That is totally okay as the choice varies from player to player. We will recommend you go with the Legend, which suits your playstyle the best.

For each Legend, we are going to talk about the abilities offered along with how they can be used in combat. If you’re currently playing either the PC or Console version, make sure to check out our Apex Legends tier list for them. Or, if you are on the mobile version, then consider reading Apex Legends Mobile Tier List.


Apex Legends mobile best Legends

Fade is a Legend that is exclusive to the mobile version of the game. This is the first time we’re seeing him, as he has never made an appearance in the PC and Console version. Because of this, we currently don’t know about the origins of Fade and what made him take part in the Apex Games. However, Fade has proved to be an excellent Legend in Apex Legends mobile, as he offers some pretty useful abilities. 

Fade’s Passive ability is called Slipstream, and it increases his speed after he executes a slide. It can prove to be useful during times when you’re trying to make a quick escape. As for his Tactical Ability, it’s called Flashback. When used, the ability will send you back to where you were two seconds ago.

Furthermore, it will also reload your weapon and will prevent anyone from harming you while you’re under the ability’s effect. And finally, we have Fade’s Ultimate ability called Phase Chamber. The ability can help you with bringing all nearby enemies into a void. As long as the enemies are in the void, their movement will become slow, and they won’t be able to use any attacks as well.

As you can see, Fade is meant for those players who like to have an aggressive approach toward taking down their enemies. His Passive and Tactical abilities can help him with mobility, while his Ultimate focuses more on assisting his teammates whenever they are stuck in a critical situation.

For instance, there can be times when you’re fighting an enemy squad, and a third squad decides to join the party. By using Phase Chamber, you can turn the tables around by trapping all of them. While you’re at it, why not read our Shroud Apex Legends Setting guide.


Apex Legends mobile Wraith

Next up, we have Wraith. She is easily one of the best Legends in Apex Legends mobile because of her amazing abilities. Wraith is also a popular character in the PC version of Apex Legends, as even many top streamers use her as their main. In the mobile version, Wraith continues to dominate everyone with her abilities that focus on mobility.  

Wraith can save herself and her teammates from danger thanks to her Voice from the Void Passive ability. This ability warns her about incoming threats. For instance, if an enemy player points their weapon toward her, the voices inside her head will tell her about them. It allows her to quickly find a safe place to hide or to get ready for a fight.

As for her Tactical ability, it’s called Into the Void. She can disappear for a short period by using it, and no one can attack her while she’s using it. However, she does leave a light trail behind her while moving around, so enemy players can kind of guess where she’s going. And finally, her Ultimate ability, called Dimensional Rift, provides her with the luxury to set up a portal from one point to another that anyone can use, including enemy players.

Wraith’s abilities focus both on keeping her alive for a longer period and assisting her teammates. Her Passive can help her team prepare for a fight, while the portal can help with moving from one place to another quickly. On the other hand, whenever Wraith’s health falls below a certain percentage, and she knows that there is no time to heal, she can use the Into the Void ability to disappear and rush to somewhere safe. 


Gibraltar is yet another character on our list which is meant for those who like to play aggressively. At first, you might think of him as someone whose slow and will do more harm than good. However, some of you don’t know that Gibraltar happens to have one of the highest win rates in Apex Legends mobile, which alone is enough to tell how amazing he is. 

The Passive ability given to Gibraltar is called Gun Shield. As its name suggests, whenever he aims his weapon toward his target, a protective shield pops out, which protects him from incoming fire. This way, he can even target Snipers that are far away without worrying about getting eliminated by a headshot.

Gibraltar character

His Dome of Protection Tactical ability, on the other hand, also deploys a shield. But this one comes in the form of a giant bubble that can be put on the ground. It remains for around 18 seconds, and it protects anyone inside it. The only way for the enemy squad to attack you is to come inside the shield themselves. Otherwise, they need to wait for it to disappear. 

Gibraltar’s Ultimate ability, Defensive Bombardment, is one of my favorite abilities in Apex Legends mobile. When used, it lets him call down a mortar strike on a specific location. The strike is capable of dealing a good amount of damage to anyone who is within its radius. However, make sure you and your team fall back to a safe place as the explosions can damage you as well. While you’re at it, consider reading our Best Apex Legends Players guide.

Overall, Gibraltar packs the defensive and offensive capabilities that have no parallel and that is why we think he is the best Legend in Apex Legends mobile who can make his enemies go through hell. His defensive capabilities are as amazing as his offensive ones, as all of them contribute to making him perform better in combat.

An important thing to keep in mind about Gibraltar is that he has a hidden ability called Fortified, thanks to which the damage he takes is reduced by 15%. This has been done to keep a balance between the Legends, as the huge size of Gibraltar makes him an easy target. Therefore, the developers decided to reduce the amount of damage he takes so that players don’t avoid picking him just because of his size. 


Bangalore managed to create a name for herself in Apex Legends, and she isn’t any different in the mobile version. She happens to be one of the most balanced Legends in the game, and this is what makes her worth picking. Bangalore can be used by any type of player, as she can help you play both aggressively and defensively. 

Now, there can be times in Apex Legends Mobile when you’re casually wandering around, and an enemy squad suddenly attacks you. If this happens to Bangalore, her movement speed is increased for a short period of time, thanks to her Double Time Passive.

It allows her to reach cover quickly. As for her Tactical ability, Smoke Launcher, it’s one of the most useful abilities in the entire game as it lets her fire Smoke Grenades. It is something that can prove to be extremely useful during critical situations, and no other Legend is capable of creating a Smoke Screen. 

Apex Legends Mobile Bangalore

Bangalore’s Ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder, is somewhat similar to the Ultimate ability of Gibraltar. You can use it to rain down missiles on a specific location. For instance, if there are multiple enemy squads fighting around, Rolling Thunder can be used to target all of them at once. 

Overall, Bangalore is pretty amazing, and you should try her at least once. I made the mistake of not picking her up, and it was only after I played with her a couple of times that I discovered that this Legend could help turn the situation in your favor quickly. If you’ve played FPS games before, you already know how important Smoke Screens are. And when things get tough, you can always rely on her Rolling Thunder to create havoc. 


When it comes to trapping the enemy squad, there isn’t any Legend who can do a better job than Caustic. The Legend specializes in setting up deadly traps that not only deal damage to enemy players but also block their vision. If you’re someone who loves to play around with the enemies before taking them down, you need to pick Caustic. 

Caustic’s Passive ability, Nox Vision, is linked to his other ability as it lets him see his enemies clearly when they are inside the Nox gas. His Tactical, on the other hand, is called Nox Gas Trap and it is the ability that lets him trap enemy squads.

He can place a total of 6 Nox Gas Traps on the ground, and these traps are activated whenever an enemy player walks past them or if they are shot. Upon activation, the traps released toxic Nox Gas that deals damage over time and blocks the vision of enemy players. 

Apex Legends mobile best Legends Octane

His Ultimate ability is called Nox Gas Grenade. As the name suggests, Caustic can throw grenades that can also release toxic Nox gas upon impact. You can think of them as throwable Nox Gas Traps. When paired with the Toxic Gas Traps, these grenades can prove to be lethal. Also, why not go through our ShivFPS Apex Legends Settings guide. 

Overall, Caustic is the kind of Legend you can trust with trapping the enemy squads. Your main strategy while using him is to hide the traps at spots where you know enemies are going to pass through. Most players like to set up these traps inside a room, and they use the Grenades to target those who are outside of the room. This way, they are able to take on the entire enemy squad with ease. 


People mostly don’t like to play the support. They always want to be the one who gets most of the action, and there are good reasons behind it. However, Lifeline happens to be a support Legend who is better than most of the other Legends in the game. Her abilities focus on assisting her teammates, something that is expected from a support Legend. 

Lifeline’s Passive ability Combat Revive makes her unmatched by other legends in the game and we believe she deserves the spotlight of becoming the best legend in Apex Legends mobile. We all know how difficult it is to revive a teammate during a fight. However, it’s a walk in the park for Lifeline as she can use her Passive to deploy her healing drone to revive her teammates.

The healing drone not only revives the teammates on its own but also deploys a protective shield around them. This is something that lets you focus on other things while your teammates are being revived. The best part is that the healing drone can revive two teammates at the same time. What more could you ask for?


Her Tactical ability, on the other hand, is called D.O.C Heal Drone, which allows her to deploy the healing drone. If you or your teammates are standing next to it, the drone will start healing you. And finally, Lifeline can use her Ultimate called Care Package to call down her very own Care Package from the sky, which is filled with pretty useful gear, such as shields, weapons, and more.

Overall, Lifeline is the best healer in Apex Legends mobile, and no other Legend can come close to her support abilities. She can keep her time alive for a longer period by healing them and getting them up on their feet quickly whenever they get knocked down. If you haven’t tried playing with Lifeline yet, you must, as you might not be able to go back to other Legends after playing with her. 


Bloodhound is the ultimate hunter. He’s a blood-thirsty Legend who likes to do things aggressively. At the time of writing, he is the best tracer in Apex Legends mobile. However, a big mistake people make is that they think of Bloodhound as only a mere tracker. But what they don’t know is that there are only a few other Legends who can put up a fight as good as Bloodhound.

Bloodhound character

To begin with, Bloodhounds’ Passive, Tracker, allows him to track down his enemies. He can see different clues such as footprints, blood, and much more, thanks to it. He can tell if a fight happened here recently or if someone used or destroyed a door.

Then, we have his Tactical ability called Eye of the Allfather. He can quickly scan the surroundings, which reveals enemies, traps, and clues within a 75 meters radius. The only downside is that the enemy players know if a scan is performed, so it can make them alert of your presence. Before reading further, you might find this guide interesting: Apex Legends Best ALC Settings.

As for his Ultimate, it’s called Beast of the Hunt. It is easily the most aggressive ability in Apex Legends mobile as it transforms Bloodhound into a lethal killer. When used, his movement speed is increased, and his hunter senses are enhanced.

He remains in the state for around 30 seconds, but if he manages to take down an enemy while the Beast of the Hunt is activated, he gains an additional 5 seconds. Furthermore, the cooldown of his Tactical ability is also reduced when he’s in this state. 


Now, coming down to the best Legend in Apex Legends mobile. For me, Octane holds the top spot in the charts as he is just too good. He happens to be the fastest Legend in the game, and he is perfect for aggressive players. Apex Legends mobile is the type of game where you always have to stay on the move, as slow players only become a burden on their teammates. And when playing with Octane, you will never have to worry about being the slow one on the team. 

The thing which I love most about Octane is his Passive ability. It’s called Swift Mend, and it regenerates his health automatically as he gains one health per second. Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry about using Health Kits again and again.

His Tactical ability, on the other hand, is called Stim, and it increases his movement speed by 30% when he’s walking and 40% when spriting. The effect lasts for around 6 seconds, and it costs health to use. However, with Stim activated, you can instantly rush to any location without worrying about the enemy squad catching up to you.

Best Legends in Apex Legends Mobile

And finally, we have his Ultimate called Launch Pad. As the name implies, Octane can throw a Jump Pad anywhere he like, which launches anyone who steps on it high in the air. You can even press the jump button to perform a double jump when in the air.

As you can see for yourself, Octane’s abilities focus mostly on increasing overall mobility. Both his Tactical and Ultimate ability can make him dance around in the field, and he can either use them to rush towards their enemies to flank them or make a great escape if he’s low on health. The best part is that if he takes any damage, his health automatically starts going up after a few seconds. Overall, he is worthy of being called the best Apex Legends mobile Legend. 


This marks the end of our Apex Legends mobile best Legends guide. We’ll make sure to update this list when the developers add new Legends to the game. Until then, we hope that you enjoy the game’s mobile version as much as the PC and Console versions. 

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