Apex Legends Mobile Fade: Unlock, Abilities & PlayStyle

Our Apex Legends Mobile Fade guide entails everything you need to know about this legend from abilities, playstyle, team composition, & more.

Apex Legends Mobile maintains a lot of the same aspects as the original version of the game. The combat pace, modes, and progression are relatively equivalent. However, the roster of legends has some differences. Most specifically, there is a brand-new legend on the team. Fade is the latest addition to the ever-growing list of legends included in the game. He is an exclusive character to the mobile port of Apex Legends. So today, I will be providing a comprehensive guide on this character; How to unlock Fade and abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

Fade Character In Apex Legends Mobile

Fade Model Apex Legends
Ignacio Huamaní (Fade) in Apex Legends Mobile
Legend TypeAbilitiesTeam CompositionsPerksFinisher PerksAbility Perk
Assault LegendSlipstream (Passive)
Flashback (Tactical)
Phase Chamber (Ultimate)
Renewed Purpose
Lingering Shadow
Punisher's Remorse
Battle Adaptation
Tactical Advantage
Mag Subscription
Pact of the Suit
Phase Echo
Lost in the Void

The real name of Fade is Ignacio Huamani. He was born into a family comprising of Military tech hunters. At a young age, he learned never to let the sight of loot ruin his mind. He spent his entire childhood forced to help his Brothers and ex mercenary Father in their line of work. 

Ignacio was an underdog in his family and wanted to prove himself in every way possible. He wanted to show everyone that he could get the dirty work done on his lonesome. So Ignacio connected with the criminal underground and with the help of an Info-Broker. He set out to pursue a contract, to hunt a powerful lost tech suit in exchange for a rich sum of a reward.

Little did he know, the contract was a set-up from the broker. So his family paid the price before the client and his hitmen could kill him. Ignacio quickly activated the suit and escaped to another dimension. Upon arriving back, it was already too late as his entire family was already slaughtered in cold blood. 

With nothing but revenge on his mind, Fade joins the Apex Games League. He vows to climb the ranks of legends in hopes of drawing attention to himself and his suit. Luring the Info-broker out of hiding to fulfill his long-awaited vengeance.

How To Unlock Fade In Apex Legends Mobile

Fade unlock battlepass
Fade in the Season 1 Battle pass of Apex Legends Mobile

Fade is the brand new legend of the developing cast of characters and exclusive to this version’s legend roster. I will guide you step-by-step on how to unlock Fade in Apex Legends mobile easily. Unlocking and accessing him is not complicated at all. However, there is some grinding involved. To unlock Fade, you need to progress some of the free tiers in the battle pass of Apex Legends mobile. 

You only need to grind up to Tier level 25 to be able to unlock and use him. There are a total of 50 tiers, but playing daily and getting the necessary amount of experience points during the Season 1 battle pass should easily unlock Fade for you.

Alternatively, you can purchase the premium version of the battle pass. This will get you up to speed on unlocking Fade. You will be able to progress ten tiers right off the bat and will need to grind only minimally. You will also be rewarded with several other amazing things, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

The simple premium pass upgrade costs 799 Syndicate Gold, while the premium plus pass costs 1599 Syndicate Gold. You can only unlock the ten free tiers via the latter version, so it’s worth noting you have to spend extra to be able to skip tiers.

Best Fade Playstyle

Getting the hang of Fade’s playstyle in Apex Legends Mobile is not too hard. Like any other Legend in the game, there’s always a slight learning curve to fully mastering their potential. Fade is still a brand new character in the game, but I am quickly going to entail a summary of his best playstyle so you can grip the reigns on him.

Most players will want to use Fade’s abilities in unpredictable ways to outwit their foes in combat. The abilities of Fade provide a very agile kit for him. Use Slipstream and Flashback in cohesion with each other to gain momentum in every encounter. Phase Chamber can be extremely useful to gain the upper hand in tight situations.

In general, Fade can be an amazing character for people looking for a character with high mobility. His phase and warp abilities can puzzle enemies and let you retreat from heavy-hitting encounters. I recommend playing as him and slowly getting a feel for his abilities.

Apex Legends is a game where maneuverability and correct positioning is the key to winning battles. He is an excellent Legend for that kind of playstyle. And learning Fade’s abilities is crucial to unlocking his mastery in Apex Legends Mobile.

Fade Abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

Fade abilities overview
The three main abilities of Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile categorizes Fade as a “Phase Punisher” in-game. The game tells you that his abilities are very similar to Legends like Ash and Wraith. These legends also have abilities that are based on dimensional powers and exploiting them to outplay most of your opponents.

Every legend in the game has three different abilities, which make them versatile for any given situation. There are the two main Passive and Tactical abilities. And lastly, your Ultimate ability needs to be charged up; however, it can quickly turn the tides of the battle and is especially crucial to use during intense situations.

We will be discussing each ability of Fade in short detail, aswell as the optimal situation to use them. Using them without any prior knowledge can cost you some encounters and, sometimes, the entire battle. So let’s take a deep look at the main abilities of Fade in Apex Legends Mobile.

Slipstream (Passive)

This ability grants Fade a short movement speed increase after a slide with a 10-second cooldown. It is worth noting that Fade leaves a visible trail when using this ability, so use it with caution at all times. Managing this ability with the cooldown might prove a minor task but rest assured, being mindful of using this ability to close the gaps during heated encounters with foes can prove very beneficial.

It is a very simple skill to use; however, it can be great for other situations too. Using slipstream to save allies who are downed and baiting the enemy team can also be fantastic usages for this ability.

Overall, I urge you to use this during tough battles as much as possible. This ability will not only confuse your opponents but also allow you to draw their attention to you so you can provide a breather for your teammates.

Flashback (Tactical)

The tactical ability Flashback rewinds Fade’s movement, letting him warp back to an earlier position with a 20-second cooldown. This ability widely resembles Wraith and Ash’s teleportation skills and abilities. During the warp, the ability will reload the primary weapon of Fade.

You will warp back to the position you were at roughly a couple of seconds ago. It is worth mentioning that during the rewind, Fade will be temporarily invulnerable to any sort of damage. This is a very important ability of Fade, one that most players will want to use to trick their opponents strategically.

We encourage you to use this ability frequently during rough exchanges with the enemy team. If you time it just right, this ability can easily deceive your opponents. FlashBack can be used to instantly retreat from a difficult situation, which should prove highly effective when combined with Slipstream. Better yet, skillful players can use this ability to gain an edge over incoming enemies. Most specifically, ambushing them from around the corner.

Phase Chamber (Ultimate)

The Ultimate ability, Phase Chamber, creates a powerful area of void on the battlefield. It makes any player caught in it unable to take or inflict damage to anyone while slowing down their entire movement speed. It has a 90-second cooldown.

The locations of the void-trapped players get marked on your screen. This ability can prove consequential for a couple of encounters. It is strongly advised players use this ability to separate enemy teammates from each other. This will allow you and your team to pick off any remaining members that may dodge or move out of the range of the ability.

Moreover, Phase Chamber can also be used on Yourself and your teammates. You can power yourselves with the power of void and become immune to most damage. This supplies excellent cover for your team to heal and pop shields aswell as avoid tricky Ultimates like Bangalore’s rolling thunder. So this ability can be used in a couple of different ways depending on the situation. So players should find the right opportunity to use it.

Best Fade Team Compositions

Fade is a legend that is focused on pure offense while also providing some small support via his ultimate ability. He is an exceptionally adept character in the right hands. But it’s important to know the best legends to go along with him as teammates. 

Synergizing Fade’s abilities with your team’s legends can be a vital tactic to overcome your opponents in every battle. Fade is a similar character to Wraith and Ash. With the exception of the Ultimate ability, his abilities may only support him. With that in mind, I strongly suggest pairing Fade up with equally agile and mobile characters so that your teammates can keep up with your pace and movements.

We prefer you use legends like Octane and Wraith. Octane is a legend whose abilities are built on pure raw speed. His jump pads can quickly give you the height advantage on your enemies. Combining his passive ability stim with Fade’s Slipstream can provide super-fast speeds to move around with ease.

And Wraith players can use her warp teleportation abilities to go hand-in-hand with Fade to confuse their enemies completely. Alternatively, players can also use Bloodhound or Mirage too. Bloodhound can use her tracking abilities to provide support. In comparison, Mirage can deploy his Clones in the midst of battle to confuse players alongside Fade’s abilities.

Fade Skins And Emotes In Apex Legends Mobile

Cosmetics Fade
The different emotes and skins of Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

Players of Apex Legends Mobile can fully inhabit their favorite Legend via the cosmetics features. There is a variety of skins, poses, and emotes available for purchase. These can be bought with varying amounts of Syndicate Gold currency. Fade has a plethora of unique skins and emotes you can buy to customize him to your liking.

The different guns of the game can be applied with his signature colors too. You can check more cosmetics out by heading toward the seasonal store section on the main menu. The store refreshes every season, and some items will be limited to a season. So always check for what new item might interest you.

My Experience With Fade

Fade is an exclusive legend that is only playable in Apex Mobile. Fade may not be the best legend, but the players using him might make the difference. While using Fade, I try to maximize the advantage that Fade’s ability can grant. I use Slipstream to get into enemy’s faces with a shotgun, unlike many other players who use it to escape fights.

naqib apex hours
My concurrent progress on Apex Legends

Fade’s Ultimate is the best counter that I use for Mirage’s decoys in Apex Mobile. Using Phase Chamber on Mirage will make all of his decoys disappear, and Mirage will be trapped inside the Phase Chamber, making him an easy target.


Apex Legends is finally out on Mobile after the longest 3-year wait during the initial announcement in 2019. From the creators of the widely and critically acclaimed Titanfall series. Respawn Entertainment debuted Apex Legends back in 2019. It quickly became one of the most popular Free-to-play Battle Royale games on the market.

The game had fast-paced combat and relied on tactical synergies with your teammates. Long have the fans waited patiently to play the game on their various mobile devices. And it’s safe to say Apex Legends mobile is quickly making its mark on the trending pages of the play store and apple app store.

This wraps up my detailed breakdown of the latest character in Apex Legends Mobile. I hope you enjoy playing as Fade and slowly becoming as proficient as him. Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions related to him in the comments box down below!

What Is Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is the long-awaited mobile version of the full platformer game that fans have eagerly been waiting for. Now that the game is released finally for iOS and Android, players can run as fast as they want using Octane, track their prey using Bloodhound’s abilities, or rain artillery from the sky using Bangalore; do this all one the go!

The game may seem similar to the main platformer version; however, the touch screen controls will present unique challenges. That is why at eXputer, you will find Apex Legends mobile HUD, control settings, best legends, guns, and character tier lists to keep yourself updated and dominate the fight in the ring.

Key Legends Differences Between Mobile & Main Apex Legends

The mobile port of Apex Legends functions largely the same as the original version released on consoles and PC. The key differences to note, however, should be kept in mind before players dive in to play Apex Legends. The different play modes that were released at later times on the base version of the game are already available to access as soon as you boot up the game. 

There’s a free battle pass for you to jump in and progress at the start of the game. There are a few missing legends from the current roster, which will be added later on, hopefully. Unfortunately, there is no news of Cross-play or Cross-save progression for existing players.

Lastly, There are new perks to work towards with each Legend that provide unique aspects during the combat. The new Syndicate Gold currency can be acquired in many ways and also be purchased via microtransactions. With the important changes of both versions out of the way, let’s take a look at Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

We will be discussing and looking at his abilities, recommended playstyle, and the team comps to take with him. First and foremost, let’s look at his character details and relation to the narrative side of Apex Legends.

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