Apex Legends Mobile Fade: Unlock, Abilities & PlayStyle

Our Apex Legends Mobile Fade guide entails everything you need to know about this legend from abilities, playstyle, team composition, & more.

Fade is the latest addition to the ever-growing list of legends included in the game. He is an exclusive character to the mobile port of Apex Legends. So today, I will be providing a comprehensive guide on this character; How to unlock Fade and abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

Fade Character In Apex Legends Mobile

Fade Model Apex Legends
Ignacio Huamaní (Fade)

Here’s a quick breakdown of Fade’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile:

Legend TypeAbilitiesTeam CompositionsPerksFinisher PerksAbility Perk
Assault LegendSlipstream (Passive)
Flashback (Tactical)
Phase Chamber (Ultimate)
Renewed Purpose
Lingering Shadow
Punisher's Remorse
Battle Adaptation
Tactical Advantage
Mag Subscription
Pact of the Suit
Phase Echo
Lost in the Void

How To Unlock Fade In Apex Legends Mobile

Fade unlock battlepass
Fade in the Season 1 Battle pass

Different ways to unlock Fade in Apex Legends include:

  1. Battle Pass Progression
    • Progress through the free tiers of the Season 1 Battle Pass in Apex Legends Mobile.
    • You need to reach Tier Level 25 to unlock Fade.
  2. Grinding and Experience Points
    • Play regularly to accumulate experience points and progress through the battle pass tiers.
    • There are a total of 50 tiers, with Fade unlockable at Tier level 25.
  3. Premium Battle Pass
    • Consider purchasing the premium version of the battle pass to accelerate the unlocking process.
    • The premium pass provides an instant boost of ten tiers, requiring less grinding.
  4. Syndicate Gold
    • The premium pass upgrade costs 799 Syndicate Gold, while the premium plus pass costs 1599 Syndicate Gold.
    • Investing in the premium pass offers additional rewards along with unlocking Fade.

Best Fade Playstyle

Mastering Fade’s playstyle in Apex Legends Mobile is manageable. Like any Legend, there’s a learning curve. Despite being new, here’s a quick summary of Fade’s optimal playstyle.

Utilize Fade’s abilities unpredictably to outsmart foes. His agile kit, with Slipstream and Flashback, builds momentum. Phase Chamber proves invaluable in tight situations.

Fade excels for those seeking high mobility. His phase and warp abilities can confuse enemies and aid retreat from intense encounters. Play as him, gradually familiarizing yourself with his abilities.

Fade Abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

Fade abilities overview
The three main abilities of Fade 

Apex Legends Mobile categorizes Fade as a “Phase Punisher” in-game. The game tells you that his abilities are very similar to Legends like Ash and Wraith. These legends also have abilities that are based on dimensional powers and exploiting them to outplay most of your opponents.

Slipstream (Passive)

Fade’s ability grants a short movement speed boost after a slide with a 10-second cooldown. Caution is needed as it leaves a visible trail. Managing the cooldown is a minor task, but using it strategically to close gaps in heated encounters is beneficial.

It’s simple yet versatile. Save downed allies and bait the enemy team with Slipstream. Use it in tough battles to confuse opponents, drawing their attention and providing a breather for teammates.

Flashback (Tactical)

Fade’s tactical ability, Flashback, allows him to rewind his movement, returning to a previous position with a 20-second cooldown. Similar to Wraith and Ash’s teleportation skills, it reloads his primary weapon during the warp.

  • You’ll go back to where you were seconds ago, and importantly, during the rewind, Fade becomes temporarily invulnerable.
  • This ability is crucial for strategic deception against opponents.
  • In rough exchanges with the enemy team, frequent use is encouraged.
  • Timed correctly, Flashback can deceive opponents, offering a quick retreat from challenging situations, especially when combined with Slipstream.

Phase Chamber (Ultimate)

Fade’s Ultimate ability, Phase Chamber, generates a potent void area on the battlefield. Caught players can neither deal nor receive damage, with their movement speed significantly slowed. The cooldown is 90 seconds.

Void-trapped players’ locations are marked on your screen, making this ability impactful. Use it strategically to separate enemy teammates, enabling your team to eliminate any remaining members.

Best Fade Team Compositions

Fade is an offensive legend with some support through his ultimate ability, making him exceptionally effective in skilled hands. When choosing teammates, synergizing with Fade’s abilities becomes crucial for victory.

  • Given his similarity to Wraith and Ash, especially in non-ultimate abilities, pairing Fade with equally agile and mobile characters is recommended.
  • Optimal choices include Octane and Wraith. Octane’s raw speed, coupled with Fade’s Slipstream, offers exceptional mobility, while Wraith’s teleportation abilities complement Fade’s strategy.

Fade’s Skins And Emotes In Apex Legends Mobile

Cosmetics Fade
The different emotes and skins of Fade

Players of Apex Legends Mobile can fully inhabit their favorite Legend via the cosmetics features. There is a variety of skins, poses, and emotes available for purchase. These can be bought with varying amounts of Syndicate Gold currency. Fade has a plethora of unique skins and emotes you can buy to customize him to your liking.

The different guns of the game can be applied with his signature colors too. You can check more cosmetics out by heading toward the seasonal store section on the main menu. The store refreshes every season, and some items will be limited to a season. So always check for what new item might interest you.

My Experience With Fade

Fade is an exclusive legend that is only playable in Apex Mobile. Fade may not be the best legend, but the players using him might make the difference. While using Fade, I try to maximize the advantage that Fade’s ability can grant. I use Slipstream to get into enemy’s faces with a shotgun, unlike many other players who use it to escape fights.

naqib apex hours
My concurrent progress on Apex Legends

Fade’s Ultimate is the best counter that I use for Mirage’s decoys in Apex Mobile. Using Phase Chamber on Mirage will make all of his decoys disappear, and Mirage will be trapped inside the Phase Chamber, making him an easy target.


Apex Legends is finally out on Mobile after the longest 3-year wait during the initial announcement in 2019. From the creators of the widely and critically acclaimed Titanfall series. Respawn Entertainment debuted Apex Legends back in 2019. It quickly became one of the most popular Free-to-play Battle Royale games on the market.

This wraps up my detailed breakdown of the latest character in Apex Legends Mobile. I hope you enjoy playing as Fade and slowly becoming as proficient as him. Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions related to him in the comments box down below!

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