Armored Core 6: The BEST OS Tuning Upgrades [All Types]

Unlock the full potential of your AC by optimizing it with the Armored Core 6 best OS tuning that lets you dominate on the battlefield.

The Operating System Tuning is an upgrading feature in Armored Core 6 where you can enhance and improve your AC’s capabilities. Through tuning, you can increase the defense and offense abilities of the mecha robot and upgrade its fighting potential. You can modify and upgrade plenty of parts in your AC. So, ensure you know everything about the Armored Core 6 best OS tuning and which parts in the AC you should target first.

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Key Takeaways
  • Armored Core 6 features many Tuning upgrades for players to choose from.
  • Primarily, there are four main sections of Tuning Upgrades: System Unlocks, Core Expansion, Attack Control, and Damage Control.

  1. In System Control, players should focus on basic attacks such as Boost Kick, Weapon Bay, and Quick Turn for increased mobility.
  2. For the Core Expansion, players can go for Assault Armor for increased damage and Pulse Armor for Sheild effect.
  3. Selecting the perks of Attack Control in Armored Core 6 depends on the type of build players are using. 
  4. Finally, Dynamic Deflection Control Tuning and Repair Kit Optimization are both reliable options in the Damage Control category.

Armored Core 6 OS Tuning

Here is an overview of all the Operating System Tuning options in AC 6 so you can select the best ones for you:

Upgrade NameTypeEffectUnlock Cost
Boost KickSystem UnlocksUnleashes a heavy kick by combining the speed of Assault Boost. It uses the sheer weight of AC for collective damage.1 OST Chip
Weapon BaySystem UnlocksEnables the shoulder weapons to be replaced by additional hand weapons to customize your AC.2 OST Chips
Weight ControlSystem UnlocksLet's you purge additional weapons from the AC. This reduces the weight of AC and helps in improving mobility when needed.3 OST Chips
Manual AimingSystem UnlocksEnables the manual reticle control of AC.2 OST Chips
Quick TurnSystem UnlocksUnlocks the instant swap turns of AC, letting you abruptly swap to side or rear direction.1 OST Chip
Assault ArmorCore ExpansionsUnlocks the Core expansion Assault Armor which could be installed. It creates a pulse explosion centered on the AC, dealing AoE damage. It also cancels out incoming enemy damage while perk is initiated.1 OST Chip
Pulse ProtectionCore ExpansionsUnlocks core expansion Pulse Protection that could be installed. Pulse Protection creates a pulse barrier at the spot of initiation. The barrier protects from the damage until time is depleted.2 OST Chips
Pulse ArmorCore ExpansionsUnlocks core expansion Pulse Armor which could be installed. It creates a pulse barrier that follows the AC. The barrier stays till the tie limit or until the hitpoints deplete.3 OST Chips
Terminal ArmorCore ExpansionsAutomatically triggers a pulse barrier when the Armored Core’s AP reaches the limit.5 OST Chips
Kinetic Weapons – Fire Control TuningAttack ControlEnhances kinetic weapon damage except melee weapons.2 OST Chips
Explosive Weapons – Fuse Control TuningAttack ControlEnhances explosion weapon damage except melee weapons2 OST Chips
Energy Weapons – Output Control TuningAttack ControlIncreases damage from Energy weapons except melee weapons.2 OST Chips
Melee weapons – Drive Control TuningAttack ControlEnhances melee damage.3 OST Chips
Direct Hit Modifier – Damage TuningAttack ControlIncreases damage of direct strikes.4 OST Chips
Access SpeedAttack ControlImproves object access speed2 OST Chips
ACS – Dynamic Deflection Control TuningDamage ControlMitigates damage taken from opponent attacks.2 OST Chips
Repair Kits – OptimizationDamage ControlIncreases the healing power of Repair Kits.3 OST Chips

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AC6 Best OS Tuning Upgrades

Best AC Tuning
Best AC Tuning [Image Credits: eXputer]
The OS Tuning allows the AC to modify its parts and upgrade them to increase the stats and abilities on the battlefield. You can see different kinds of upgrades for various parts if you visit the tuning menu. You can unlock different upgrades from the menu with the help of OST Chips that you acquire by completing missions and objectives. 

Armored Core 6 features four main sections in the Tuning. In total, you can choose 17 different types of perks and upgrade them to different levels. Now, choosing the right perks that complement your playstyle is the key to understanding the upgrading mechanism. 

The four main sections of upgrades are:

  • System Unlocks: The System Unlocks features the most prominent AC perks and enhances your AC’s capabilities to a great extent. Unlocking the perks of the section opens new capabilities for the mecha robot
  • Core Expansion: These works as your “secret skill” that has the ability to change the outcomes of the weapon
  • Attack Control: With these abilities, you can improve your offense to great extents and enhance the performance of your existing weapons
  • Damage Control: The Damage Control is the passive section that works on mitigating the damage from sturdy enemies

Let’s now get into the details of some of the Best OS Tuning Upgrades in AC6!

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Boost Kick (System Unlocks)

Boost Kick is undoubtedly one of the significant parts of your Armored Core 6 best OS Tuning build. The Boost Kick enhances the amount of stagger you do, increasing your overall damage. During an Assault Boost, you can use the ability to unleash a devastating kick whenever the enemy is in close range. 

  • The kick deals appropriate damage and helps fill up the Stagger bar, making it quite useful against sturdy bosses and enemies. 
  • Boost Kick is worth unlocking as it only costs you one OST chip. 
  • It is only a one-time unlock and does not feature any upgrading levels. 

Quick Turn (System Unlocks)

The Quick Turn perk works on your mobility, allowing you to make swift movements when needed. With the ability, you can abruptly swap to the sideways to block something. Using the perk will make you a hard target and will help you dodge quick attacks efficiently. It is most effective against enemies that use projectiles or explosives to deal ranged damage. 

  • With the ability, you can perform a swap to the side or a complete 180-degree turn. 
  • The perk becomes really useful in advanced stages when the enemies annoy you by darting you around.
  • Stocking Quick Turn in the early stages is recommended as it is quite helpful in many situations and only costs one OST chip.
  • You have to invest only once in Quick Turn, as it does not feature any further upgrades.

Weapon Bay (System Unlocks)

Armored Core 6 Best OS Tuning
Weapon Bay [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
If you want to focus on offensive upgrades, then Weapon Bay should be your priority. It is an incredible perk that lets your shoulder weapons be replaced by other weapon options. This adds a lot of versatility, allowing you to customize your AC in a personalized way. 

  • With the Weapon Bay perk, you can test different firearm combinations and experiment to find the most optimal options for you.
  • For instance, if you do not want a launcher, you can replace it with something close range, such as a rifle or a shotgun. 
  • Perks like Weapon Bay will allow you to perform better in the arena and engage you to make a customized build and use weapons of your choice.

Weight Control (System Unlocks)

Weight Control is a bit on the expensive side, but you can consider unlocking it once you’ve got a decent amount of chips. With the help of the ability, you can toss away equipped weapons when AC is overburdened. Weight Control is most optimal for heavy builds in which you focus on the offensive side and equip heavy weapons. 

  • Purging the weapons improves your speed and reduces weight load.
  • You can unlock the Weight Control for three OST Chips.
  • Like other System Unlock abilities, Weight Control is also a one-time unlock and does not feature any upgrades.

Assault Armor (Core Expansion)

Initial Unlock1 OST Chip
First Upgrade Cost3 OST Chips
Second Upgrade Cost5 OST Chips

Assault Armor is recommended for players who have a damage-focused build. This Core Expansion perk allows you to initiate a pulse explosion, dealing ranged damage within its premises. The explosion deals damage to all the nearby enemies and fills up the stagger gauge. When the ability is initiated, you will not sustain any damage, meaning you will be able to absorb all the damage without losing your health.

  • The ability is great to clear out multiple enemies in one go.
  • You can also use it to buy you some time when your weapons are cooling down or reloading.
  • You can unlock the Assault Armor ability for one OST Chip only.
  • The perk offers an upgrade, meaning you can enhance the damage effect by investing in the ability.

Pulse Armor (Core Expansion)

Armored Core 6 Best OS Tuning
Pulse Armor [Image by eXputer]
Initial Unlock1 OST Chip
Next Upgrade Cost5 OST Chips

Pulse Armor is optimal for those who want to focus on defense. The perk acts like a shield and protects you from any incoming damage. Once you activate the Pulse Armor, it will create a protective shield around the AC that will absorb all the incoming damage. The ability can prove quite useful in intense engagements where it is difficult to find cover.

  • The most useful thing about the ability is that, unlike the Pulse Protection perk, the protective shield will not plant at one spot. Instead, it will follow your AC.
  • Pulse Armor is a great perk to save your life, especially when you run out of repair kits.
  • It is suitable to go for the ability if you do not have a tanky build, as the protection ability will help you preserve your health in critical situations.
  • You can unlock Pulse Armor for one OST Chip only and can upgrade it further.
  • Upgrading Pulse Armor will provide you with an additional charge, letting you use the ability more frequently.

Terminal Armor (Core Expansion)

Terminal Armor is the best offensive Core Expansion perk, but it is recommended to unlock it later in the game due to its high cost. The ability can prove life-saving and could assist you when you need it the most. The perk is very similar to Pulse Armor but has one impressive difference. The Terminal Armor ability will trigger automatically once your AP limit is reached.

  • Once you unlock the ability, you can make aggressive strategies, knowing that the ability will save you by triggering automatically.
  • Unlocking the Terminal Armor ability will cost you 5 OST Chips.
  • The ability does not feature upgrades, meaning you have to invest in it only one time.

Kinetic Weapons – Fire Control Tuning (Attack Control)

Initial Unlock Cost2 OST Chips
First Upgrade Cost3 OST Chips
Second Upgrade Cost4 OST Chips
Third Upgrade Cost5 OST Chips
Fourth Upgrade Cost OST Chips

The ability enhances the performance of your kinetic weapons, such as your Assault Rifles and Shotguns. Since these weapons are used the most to perform primary attacks, you should start from the Kinetic tuning. In the Attack control, you can find three more variants of it, which work on Explosive Weapons, Energy Weapons, and Melee Weapons. Since each requires OST Chips separately, you can progress in either, depending on your priorities.

  • You can select the type of Control Tuning, depending on the type of weapon you use the most.
  • You can unlock Kinetic Weapon Tuning for 2 OST Chips.
  • The ability features three further upgrades, allowing you to enhance your weapon skills considerably.

Melee Weapons – Drive Control Tuning (Attack Control)

Initial Unlock Cost3 OST Chips
First Upgrade Cost5 OST Chips
Second Upgrade Cost7 OST Chips
Third Upgrade Cost9 OST Chips

Once you decide whether to progress with Kinetic, Explosive, or Energy weapons first, the second thing you should be focusing on is the Melee Weapons Tuning. Melee Firearms are lethal weapons in AC 6 with great damage potential. When enemies are in close proximity, melee attacks prove most effective, so enhancing the attack power is worth it.

  • Unlocking the Melee Weapon tuning enhances your melee weapons performance in combats.
  • With Melee attacks, you can catch your enemies off-guard and deal considerable damage before they see it coming.
  • You can unlock the ability for 3 OST Chips and upgrade it further for improved damage.

Direct Hit Modifier – Damage Tuning (Attack Control)

Direct Hit Modifier
Direct Hit Modifier [Screenshot taken by eXputer]
Initial Unlock Cost4 OST Chips
First Upgrade Cost6 OST Chips
Second Upgrade Cost8 OST Chips

The Direct Hit Modifier enables the AC to deal extra damage when the opponent is staggered. It means you can deal the maximum amount of damage to the enemy when he’s in a vulnerable state. The Hit Modifier tuning also improves the precision of strikes on the staggered targets.

  • You can unlock the Direct Hit Modifier for 4 OST Chips and upgrade it to further levels.
  • You can upgrade the perk two times, increasing the stats by five percent.

ACS – Dynamic Deflection Control Tuning (Damage Control)

Initial Unlock Cost2 OST Chips
First Upgrade Cost4 OST Chips
Second Upgrade Cost6 OST Chips
Third Upgrade Cost8 OST Chips
Fourth Upgrade Cost10 OST Chips

As the name says, the Dynamic Deflection Control Tuning works on the exact thing. It reduces the staggering damage from the enemies. As the incoming damage will be reduced, your chances of getting stunned and being vulnerable will significantly decrease. If you have a Lightweight build, then the ability can prove quite useful and save you from critical damage reductions.

  • The Dynamic Deflection Control is quite useful in intense combats, especially in PvP matches and advanced boss fights.
  • You can unlock the ability for 2 OST Chips and upgrade it four times further.
  • Upgrading the ability will increase the damage control by three percent each.

Repair Kits – Optimization (Damage Control)

Armored Core 6 Best OS Tuning
Repair Kits Optimization [Image Source: eXputer]
Initial Unlock Cost3 OST Chips
First Upgrade Cost5 OST Chips
Second Upgrade Cost7 OST Chips
Third Upgrade Cost10 OST Chips

Lastly, you get Repair Kits Optimization, which is self-explanatory. It optimizes your Repair Kit and enhances their effectiveness. As you can only hold limited Repair Kits, you can make use of the perk to enhance their healing effects. By unlocking the tuning, your Repair Kit will heal more AP.

  • Since you only get three repair kits for each mission, with the help of Repair Kit Tuning, you can take advantage of each kit to the full extent and heal more of your AP.
  • You can unlock the perk with 3 OST Chips and further upgrade it to three levels.
  • Each upgrade will increase your AP heal by 500.

How To Unlock The OS Tuning

Armored Core 6 Best OS Tuning
OS Tuning menu [Image by eXputer]
To unlock the OS Tuning option, you need to complete the 05-A Retrieve Combat Logs or 05-B Investigate BAWS Arsenal No.2. Once you complete either of the missions, you will unlock the tuning mechanism and will be able to enhance your AC by using OST chips.

Once you unlock the OS Tuning menu, you will be overwhelmed by seeing plenty of gear to upgrade. Some AC parts are of vital importance and require more attention. The selection of upgrades also depends on your playstyle. However, you must know the best OS upgrades to target so your OST chips are not wasted.

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Can You Respec OST Chips

Yes, you can respec OST Chips in Armored Core 6. If you feel like the specific perk is not working out for you or an alternative option might suit you more, you can respec your OST Chips and invest them as you wish.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that it is not free of cost, and you will lose a certain amount of COAM if you try to respec OST Chips. The deduction of COAM depends on the amount of OST Chips you have and the amount you wish to receive.

That sums up the guide on Armored Core 6 best OS Tuning. After having in-depth details of all the tuning options along with their capabilities, you can easily select the best ones for you and make a personalized build that complements your playstyle. Once you’re done with OS Tuning, you can consider looking into Armored Core 6 EN Shortfall, AC6 Difficulty Settings, and Armored Core 6 Game Length.


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