22 BEST Parts In Armored Core 6

Become the ultimate armored core by customizing your mech with the best parts available in Armored Core 6.

The best parts in Armored Core 6 are not only limited to your weapons and armor but also include things like the generator, boosters, and expansions. There are a lot of customizations to be made for you to create the ultimate armored core, so much so that you’ll be spending most of your time in the garage.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 10 different part types that you can customize in AC6.
  • Main weapon units consist of two units that hold your main weapons or a melee weapon.
  • Back units can be equipped with the best missile launchers or support weapons.
  • Head parts play an important role in aiming and radar scanning range.
  • The core is the main unit of your AC that mostly covers defense and total health.
  • Arms can be customized to buff the weapons that you attach to them in AC6.
  • Maneuverability and Mobility depend on the type of legs and boosters, while FCS parts control the lock-on mechanic.
  • Generators contribute to your total energy capacity and the rate at which it recovers.
  • Expansions provide various buffs, which can be either offensive or defensive.
Important: The best parts not only include weapons and armor but everything that goes into creating an AC, like generators, expansions, and FCS parts.

The Best Parts In Armored Core 6

Here is an overview of the best parts with their stats in each category that you can use to create the most powerful mech:

Part NamePart TypeAttack PowerImpactWeightEN LoadAPAnti-Kinetic DefenseAnti-Explosive DefenseAnti-Energy DefenseThrustUpward ThrustMelee Attack ThrustEN CapacityEN Recharge
DF-GA-08 HU-BENMain Weapon Unit25255800425NilNilNilNilNilNilNilNilNil
RF-025 ScudderMain Weapon Unit110823830153NilNilNilNilNilNilNilNilNil
VP-67LDMain Weapon Unit7523101350150NilNilNilNilNilNilNilNilNil
Vvc-706PMBack Unit7603844800342NilNilNilNilNilNilNilNilNil
Vvc-700LDBack Unit288x8105x63800570NilNilNilNilNilNilNilNilNil
SONGBIRDSBack Unit754×2745×25500285NilNilNilNilNilNilNilNilNil
HD-033M VerrillHeadNilNilNilNil1080188185185NilNilNilNilNil
AH-J-124 BASHOHeadNilNilNilNil1250191192169NilNilNilNilNil
DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANGCoreNilNilNilNil41004100478473NilNilNilNilNil
AA-J-123 BASHOArmsNilNilNilNil2430240260191NilNilNilNilNil
EL-TL-11 FORTALEZALegsNilNil24650620586039538037153344667NilNilNil
ALULA 21EBoostersNilNil1900NilNilNilNilNil6668465010868NilNil
IA-C01B: GILLSBoostersNilNil1590NilNilNilNilNil631750016184NilNil
FCS-G2 P05FCSNilNil120232NilNilNilNilNilNilNilNilNil
DF-GN-06 MING-TANGGeneratorNilNil6320NilNilNilNilNilNilNilNil29001250

Best Weapon Units

item in game
Main Weapon Units In AC6 (Image Captured by eXputer)

This consists of the main weapons that you can equip on the right or left weapon units of your armored core. Mostly, players will equip their main gun on the right weapon unit, whereas the left weapon unit will be used for secondary weapons additionally.


WEAPON nAMEdf-ga-08 hu-ben
Attack Power25
Total Rounds1300
EN Load425
Accumulative Impact11
ATK Heat Buildup9
Direct Hit Adjustment215
Ideal Range130
Effective Range226
Rapid Fire20.0
Ammunition Cost30

The DF-GA-08 HU-BEN is a Gatling gun which is not only one of the best weapons, but it is also one of the strongest kinetic weapons. It offers great energy conservation and is able to obliterate most other mechs and bosses. You can basically melt health bars since this weapon is a Gatling gun.

  • However, there is a drawback that comes with all this great firepower, as you can easily run out of ammunition if you spam with the weapon instead of using it efficiently.
  • Additionally, there is a bigger chance of missing your targets from a longer range, so it is advised that you make the most out of the DF-GA-08 HU-BEN in close-quarters combat.
  • The weapon becomes available for purchase after you complete the Attack The Waypoint mission in Chapter 1.
  • You can then purchase the DF-GA-08 HU-BEN for 170,000 COAM in AC6.

RF-025 Scudder

Attack Power110
Total Rounds450
EN Load153
Accumulative Impact35
Direct Hit Adjustment185
Ideal Range162
Effective Range304
Rapid Fire2.9
Magazine Rounds15
Reload Time3.2
Ammunition Cost50

The Scudder is an assault rifle with a powerful fire rate that obliterates anything at close range. However, the farther you move away from your opponent, the less precise it becomes. Aside from that, the Scudder is an absolute monster in close-quarters combat encounters.

This weapon is even more powerful in the hands of a player who can precisely aim his shots and make each bullet count. If you’re confident in your aiming skills, then you can spam the assault rifle for longer, as it becomes harder to land shots the longer you use the Scudder.

  • Complete the Ocean Crossing mission to unlock the RF-025 Scudder for purchase.
  • You can then buy it for 205,000 COAM in AC6.


Attack Power752
Consecutive Hits3
EN Load150

In the melee weapons category, the VP-67LD shines the most. It is a fast and hard-hitting laser dagger in AC6 that you can use for counter-attacks as well as in close-range encounters. Its charged sweep attack is extremely powerful, and you can use it to engage in battle while getting the upper hand additionally.

  • You’ll need to complete the mission known as Escape if you want to unlock the VP-67LD in AC6.
  • It can then be bought for 135,000 COAM.

Best Back Units

armored core 6 best parts
Back Units In AC6 (Image Captured by Us)

There are two spots for back units which basically include the shoulder attachments for the armored core. You can attach more weaponry here, and it is best to you these back units for long-range weapons additionally. Doing so will make your armored core broken, allowing you to engage in combat from anywhere.


WEAPON NameVvc-706PM
Attack Power760
Total Rounds210
EN Load342
Accumulative Impact248
Blast Radius26
Direct Hit Adjustment125
Effective Range1500
Homing Lock Time0.3
Max. Lock count6
Reload Time6.0
Ammunition Cost100

Equip your armored core with one of the best plasma launchers known as the Vvc-706PM. Since you already have close-range covered with your main weapon units, putting the plasma missile launcher on your back unit will allow you to cause AOE attacks on multiple opponents at once.

  • Using the Vvc-706PM will enable you to crowd control effectively since the launcher is capable of locking onto multiple enemies at once.
  • This weapon is also really efficient to use it uses minimum energy and gives the maximum output for the energy used.
  • However, keep the weight requirement of the launcher in mind before equipping it.
  • Once you complete Destroy the Ice Worm mission, the Vvc-706PM can be purchased for 310,000 COAM.


Attack Power288×8
Total Rounds120
EN Load570
Accumulative Impact63×6
Chg. Attack Power1370×2
Chg. Impact480×2
Chg. Accum. Impact244×2
Direct Hit Adjustment135
Effective Range0.3
Homing Lock Time0.3
Charge Time0.8
Max. Lock Count1
Reload Time10.0
Ammunition Cost150

The Vvc-700LD actually acts like a support weapon as it allows you to use laser drones which can be launched at any moment during battle. These drones will greatly help in battling multiple enemies at once and give you a chance to turn tides during combat encounters.

The drones also lock onto enemies and follow them, hence providing complete support to your armored core in battle. This makes the Vvc-700LD an amazing support weapon that you can equip on your back unit whilst saving the offensive weapons for weapon units.

  • You’ll need to beat all of the arena battles if you want to unlock the laser drones.
  • The Vvc-700LD can be purchased for 247,000 COAM after you unlock it.


Attack Power754×2
Total Rounds42
EN Load285
Accumulative Impact585×2
Blast Radius60
Direct Hit Adjustment140
Effective Range625
Reload Time6.4
Ammunition Cost600

Another back unit weapon spot goes to an explosive weapon known as the SONGBRIDS in AC6. It is a grenade launcher with enough destructive power to cause staggers on most enemies additionally. You can use it to stagger enemies and follow up with your main weapons to deal damage after the stagger.

  • Using the SONGBIRDS will have a forceful impact on your armored core as well, which can be easily overcome by using the right legs.
  • Using the grenade launcher in combination with the best main weapon units will make you extremely powerful in Armored Core 6.
  • Attack the Watchpoint mission should be completed if you want to unlock SONGBIRDS for purchase.
  • As for the price, it costs around 182,000 COAM in the shop.

Best Head Parts

item in game
Head Parts In AC6 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

All parts of your armored core play an important role, and the same can be said for the head parts. It can affect many things ranging from the movement speed to providing better accuracy for aiming. You can even increase the range of your radar and scans if you use the right head parts additionally.

HD-033M Verrill

Anti-Kinetic Defense188
Anti-Energy Defense185
Anti-Explosive Defense185
Attitude Stability469
System Recovery107
Scan Distance510
Scan Effect Duration7.8

Even though the HD-033M Verrill consumes a relatively high amount of energy, it still brings great features across the board to compensate for that. It increases your defense against Kinetic Weapons as well, which is why I’ve added it to the best parts in AC6 list.

  • The scan distance is also fairly large, and the high attitude stability will allow you to boast heavier load-outs additionally.
  • Just make sure to keep checking your energy bar when using the HD-033M Verrill since it is not that efficient.
  • Aside from that, it is one of the best choices for head parts.
  • Destroy the Ice Worm is the mission that you’ll need to beat in order to unlock HD-033M Verrill.
  • You can purchase it for 205,000 COAM after unlocking it in AC6.


Anti-Kinetic Defense191
Anti-Energy Defense169
Anti-Explosive Defense192
Attitude Stability370
System Recovery68
Scan Distance340
Scan Effect Duration14.4

Not only does the AH-J-124 BASHO boasts a great design, but it is also one of the best choices of head parts for players who are aggressive and dive head-first into battle. It will be especially useful for you if you like to fight most of your battles at close range in AC6.

It offers excellent protection against explosive attacks as well, which is something not a lot of head parts offer. However, there is a single drawback to using this head part, and that is its low attitude stability. That makes it difficult to create heavy load-outs additionally.

  • Complete the Oean Crossing mission in AC6 to unlock the AH-J-124 BASHO.
  • Its price in the shop is actually around 61,000 COAM which is not that high.

Best Core Parts

armored core 6 best parts
Core Parts In AC6 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Cores should probably given the most importance when customizing the armor of your AC. Aside from the certain buffs, the main function of the core is to provide the maximum defense of an AC which means that a majority of your health or AP will be dependent on the core that you use.


Anti-Kinetic Defense4100
Anti-Energy Defense473
Anti-Explosive Defense478
Attitude Stability629
Booster Efficiency Adj.76
Generator Output Adj.114
Generator Supply Adj.90

If you’re looking for the best and strongest defense in a core part, then get your hands on the DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG, which provides high armor points. You will be giving up your speed for the defense, however. But if speed is not an issue, then this is the best core part that you can get.

A build with heavy weaponry will do you good if you decide to use the DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG. Basically, you’ll become an indestructible tank using powerful offensive armaments and a strong defense to cover you up. Stay clear of fast opponents, as they’ll be the toughest to bring down when you’re slow.

  • Destroy Artillery Installations is the mission that you’re looking for to unlock the DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG.
  • The price of this weapon in the shop is 390,000 COAM additionally.


Anti-Kinetic Defense447
Anti-Energy Defense495
Anti-Explosive Defense458
Attitude Stability521
Booster Efficiency Adj.81
Generator Output Adj.122
Generator Supply Adj.95

Maximizing your energy efficiency and balancing it with great defense is a hard task but one that is achieved by the VE-40A core part. It has great overall defensive capabilities and above-average resistance against every type of damage dealt to your armored core.

Aside from its defense, the thing that makes the VE-40A special is the amazing generator output adjustment. That translates to having a powerful energy output, and you can use your energy to power weapons easily as well. Having that advantage is energy is appreciated, especially for builds that utilize energy weapons.

  • Once again, beating the Destroy the Iceworm mission will unlock the VE-40A for purchase.
  • However, you’ll need 570,000 COAM to actually purchase it from the shop.

Best Arms

armored core 6 best parts
Arm Parts In AC6 (Image Captured by eXputer)

Arms are going to hold the two weapon units as well as the two back units, which makes them an important part of your armored core. Alongside defense, arms provide various buffs to different types of weapons, including both ranged and melee. You’ll need to experiment around with different arms to find the ones that suit your weapons.


Anti-Kinetic Defense262
Anti-Energy Defense270
Anti-Explosive Defense257
Arms Load Limit21300
Recoil control160
Firearm Specialization80
Melee Specialization76

The VE-46A arms will provide you with above-average stats for everything. These are well-rounded arms and provide a balance between both melee and firearm specializations. It means that you will see benefits in both your ranged and melee weapons if you use the VE-46A arms.

The good load limit stat also means that you can use heavier weapons if you want in your build since the arms will be strong enough to hold them. The VE-46A arms do not excel in any one thing; rather, they’ll provide you with a more balanced experience in AC6.

  • Destroy the Iceworm is the mission that you’ll need to complete in order to unlock the VE-46A arms for purchase.
  • These will cost you around 286.000 COAM in the shop.


Anti-Kinetic Defense240
Anti-Energy Defense191
Anti-Explosive Defense260
Arms Load Limit10520
Recoil Control66
Firearm Specialization53
Melee Specialization158

For players with an aggressive playstyle, the AA-J-123 BASHO arms are the best choice in AC6. These arms feature an extra-ordinarily high melee specialization which means that they’re perfect for melee builds and for players that like to get close and personal during battle.

You should note that the low firearm specialization and arms load limit means that these arms won’t support your guns much. For your firearms, the AA-J-123 BASHO arms are just serviceable, and that is something melee build users are okay with.

  • You’ll need to complete the mission known as Ocean Crossing to unlock the AA-J-123 BASHO for purchase.
  • After unlocking, these arms can be purchased for 81,000 COAM in the shop.

Best Legs

item in game
Leg Parts In AC6 (Image Captured by Us)

Legs are just as important as your core in an AC because these also make up the overall defense. There are also different types of legs that you can use, and each comes with varying maneuverability. You’ll be continuously switching out on different legs depending on the traversal that you need to achieve in the different missions.


Anti-Kinetic Defense395
Anti-Energy Defense371
Anti-Explosive Defense380
Attitude Stability872
Load Limit69300
Travel Speed194
High-Speed Perf.430
Upward Thrust4667
Upward EN Consumption780
QB Thrust25000
QB Jet Duration0.26
QB EN Consumption720
QB Reload Time0.50
QB Reload Ideal Weight69300
AB Thrust8835
AB EN Consumption378
EN Load620

The EL-TL-11 FORTALEZA are tank legs that provide a balance between maneuverability and carrying heavy weaponry, as mentioned in this Subreddit Post. These legs still support powerful thrusts, which allow for quick dodges, and also boast an above-average load limit allowing you to equip more or heavier weapons.

  • Even though the EL-TL-11 FORTALEZA legs provide low armor points, they make up for that by giving high resistance against all types of damage, including kinetic, energy, and explosive attacks. 
  • Complete the Ocean Crossing mission to unlock the EL-TL-11 FORTALEZA for purchase.
  • The price of these legs in the shop is actually 385,000 COAM.


Anti-Kinetic Defense366
Anti-Energy Defense384
Anti-Explosive Defense386
Attitude Stability1366
Load Limit69800
Jump Distance103
Jump Height18
EN Load780

If mobility is your sole purpose in combat and you always want to be quick in your dodges, then go for the VP-424 legs in AC6. These are tetrapod legs and support the ability to allow you to hover in the air. Aside from that, the fast dodges and mobility that you gain by using these legs are also remarkable.

Being fast in combat will allow you to strategically outwit your opponents. And the ability to hover will let you mix things up by continuously attacking from directions that enemy ACs least expect!

  • Operation Wallclimber is the mission that you need to complete for these legs to become available in the shop.
  • After doing so, you can purchase the VP-424 for 313,000 COAM in AC6.

Best Boosters

armored core 6 best parts
Boosters In AC6 (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Boosters are not only important for mobility but also play an important role in dodging attacks in AC6. With the right boosters equipped, you can even make a tank versatile, and it all comes down to what kind of playstyle you’re looking for. Essentially, boosters play a major role in maneuverability.


Upward Thrust4650
Upward EN Consumption760
QB Thrust21650
QB Jet Duration0.30
QB EN Consumption690
QB Reload Time0.35
QB Reload Ideal Weight62400
AB Thrust9085
AB EN Consumption435
Melee Attack Thrust10868
Melee Atk. EN Consump.575

The ALULA 21E is undoubtedly the best booster part in Armored Core 6. It has a high thrust which, when paired with the quick dodges and melee slashes, can make your armored core an absolute monster. This booster will allow you to dodge most, if not all, attacks efficiently. If a boss is giving you a tough time in AC6, then consider equipping the ALULA 21E boosters.

  • You’ll need to beat a training mission known as Intermediate Support 1: Assembling an AC if you want to unlock these boosters.


Upward Thrust5001
Upward EN Consumption580
QB Thrust18850
QB Jet Duration0.28
QB EN Consumption620
QB Reload Time0.30
QB Reload Ideal Weight68300
AB Thrust8335
AB EN Consumption391
Melee Attack Thrust6184
Melee Atk. EN Consump.630

Even though the IA-C01B: GILLS have a relatively less thrust when compared with the ALULA 21E boosters in AC6. These still offer better upward thrust and have a lower weight to compensate as well. The energy consumption is also relatively lower than the ALULA 21E. So, if you’re looking for above-average boosters with lower weight and energy consumption, then the IA-C01B: GILLS boosters are the best choice.

  • The mission that you need to beat to get the IA-C01B: GILLS is the Underground Exploration – Depth 2 mission in AC6.

Best FCS Parts

armored core 6 best parts
FCS Parts In AC6 (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Even though the FCS part cannot be seen externally on your armored core, it still plays an important role in battle. This part determines the speed at which you can lock onto targets in AC6. Using the best FCS parts will allow you to lock onto multiple targets at once swiftly, which can easily turn the tides in battle.

FCS-G2 P05

Close-Range Assist45
Medium-Range Assist80
Long-Range Assist26
EN Load232

The FCS-G2 P05  has weak close and long-range assists, but its overpowered medium-range assist is what makes this FCS part special. You can lock onto multiple targets and blast them off using your missile launchers before initiating close-range combat. The FCS-G2 P05 allows you to deal damage from a good enough range effectively and makes it easier to crowd-control multiple enemy armored cores.

  • The FCS-G2 P05 becomes available for purchase once you complete the Operation Wallclimber mission.
  • It can then be bought from the shop for the price of 67,000 COAM.


Close-Range Assist15
Medium-Range Assist50
Long-Range Assist80
EN Load388

It is the perfect FCS part for long-range encounters as it boasts a high long-range assist additionally. It is basically designed for players who want to engage in all of their battles from range which also allows you to strategically approach the battlefield. Having a better lock-on for long-range as compared to close-range is preferable since you can spam missiles from afar before even entering battle.

  • The Escape mission needs to be completed to unlock the VE-21B FCS part in Armored Core 6.
  • It becomes available for purchase in the shop for 315,000 COAM.

Best Generators

armored core 6 best parts
Generators In AC6 (Image Captured by eXputer)

Generators are what power your armored core and contribute to replenishing the energy of your mech. Almost all of your boosts and energy-based weapons continuously deplete energy. Even hovering in the air using tetrapod legs will consume energy. That is why you’ll need to equip the best generators to get the most energy.


EN Capacity2900
EN Recharge1250
Supply Recovery666
EN Output3160
Post-Recoverry EN Supply440
Energy Firearm Spec76

This is the best generator for heavy builds as it can power not only your energy-based weapons but also your boosts with that capacity. The recovery on DF-GN-06 MING-TANG is also really good, and it allows for swift replenishment of your energy during combat. You can make the most use of the generator by pairing it with a tank build in AC6.

  • Complete the Operation Wallclimber mission to unlock the DF-GN-06 MING-TANG for purchase.
  • You can then purchase it for 170,000 COAM from the shop.


EN Capacity3250
EN Recharge714
Supply Recovery384
EN Output4430
Post-Recoverry EN Supply1400
Energy Firearm Spec98

If you’re looking for a generator with high base energy capacity, then you should purchase the VP-20. It has that great capacity, but it comes at the cost of less supply recovery, and the weight is much higher than that of the DF-GN-06 MING-TANG. You’ll have to make a few sacrifices if you want a generator that specializes in providing energy capacity.

  • Operations Wallclimber is the mission that you need to complete so that the VP-20D becomes available for purchase.
  • The price of this generator in the shop is 416,000 COAM.

Best Expansions

armored core 6 best parts
Expansions In AC6 (Image Captured by Us)

These expansion parts basically grant buffs to your armored core, like offensive or defensive buffs. There are only a few expansions to choose from, but your playstyle can really vary depending on which types of buffs you utilize in battle.

Assault Armor

The Assault Armor will buff your AC with an explosive attack that can be launched for both offensive and defensive purposes. Basically, a shockwave can be generated around your mech by using the Assault Armor, which not only deals damage to opponents but also absorbs all incoming damage. You can really capitalize on this expansion part by using it intelligently in battle.

Terminal Armor

This expansion part basically gives you a second chance in battle as it protects your armored core from a deadly attack. When an attack is powerful enough to finish you off, or your health is low, the Terminal Armor will prevent your mech from getting destroyed.

Instead, it leaves you at 1 health or armor point and gives you a second chance in battle. When the Terminal Armor activates, it even creates a shield around your mech so you can help up safely as well, which is pretty useful.

The Armored Core franchise finally makes a return with the release of AC6, which has not only impressed veteran fans but has also attracted the Soulsborne part of the FromSoftware fandom. With amazing boss fights like Balteus, Sea Spider, and HC Helicopter, AC6 offers fast-paced mech combat. Your AC is also extremely customizable, and you can even add a custom emblem to it using the image editor.

This concludes my guide on the best parts in Armored Core 6. I have included the best parts in each category of mech parts that you can customize in the garage. The method of unlocking each of these parts is also mentioned in complete detail. I hope that the guide was helpful in creating the ultimate armored core. Let me know what you think about AC6 in the comments below!


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