Armored Core 6: Eliminate The Enforcement Squads

Learn all about the Eliminate The Enforcement Squads in Armored Core 6 with tips on mission objectives, loadout, and hidden Battle Logs.

In the heart of the action-packed Chapter 3 in Armored Core 6, players are tasked with a critical mission – Eliminate The Enforcement Squads. This pivotal decision mission in Armored Core 6 impacts the narrative and presents a formidable challenge. To emerge victorious in an intense encounter, pilots must navigate treacherous corridors, engage in close combat with Heavy Cavalry units, and strategize against powerful adversaries. 

Key Takeaways
  • Eliminate The Enforcement Squads in Armored Core 6 is a mission with significant story and gameplay impact.
  • The player’s choice in this mission affects the direction of their Armored Core 6 journey and the ending they’ll achieve.
  • To succeed, customize your Armored Core 6 build to match your preferred playstyle: ranged combat, melee combat, or a balanced approach.
  • Successful mission completion rewards players with 270,000 COAM, which can be used for potential upgrades.
  • An optional path within the mission allows players to collect a gold Battle Log, enriching their understanding of the lore. 

What Is Eliminate The Enforcement Squads In Armored Core 6?

Eliminate The Enforcement Squads is a pivotal mission located within the third chapter of Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6 Eliminate the Enforcement Squads Eliminate The Enforcement Squads Mission
Eliminate The Enforcement Squads Mission

This critical assignment presents players with a significant decision that will influence the course of their journey. In the endeavor, players must assemble a formidable Armored Core build and employ strategic prowess to triumph over formidable adversaries.

Additionally, locating hidden Battle Logs adds more depth to the mission, providing valuable insights and rewards. Understanding the intricacies of Eliminate The Enforcement Squads is crucial for a successful outcome.

Mission Objectives & Decisions

In Eliminate The Enforcement Squads, your primary mission is to infiltrate the Wall and neutralize the PCA’s troops. However, this mission holds a significant decision point that affects the Armored Core 6’s branching storyline.

You have two options:

Armored Core 6 Eliminate the Enforcement Squads Eliminate All PCA Foe
Eliminate All PCA Foe
  • Eliminate The Enforcement Squads: Advancing the mission’s primary objective.
  • Destroy The Special Forces Craft: Opting for the path will lead you down a different narrative route.

Recommended AC Build

To successfully tackle the challenges of eliminating the Enforcement Squads, it’s imperative to equip your Armored Core with a well-optimized build.

Armored Core 6 Eliminate the Enforcement Squads Recommended AC Build
Recommended AC Build

Here are some components and considerations for a potent loadout:

EquipmentRecommended OptionAdditional Information
R-Arm UnitVP-66LH laser handgun
(or choose a weapon to suit your playstyle)
Accurate with decent damage
L-Arm UnitVP-67EB Stun BatonPrimary source of damage in close combat

(Customize according to your preferences)

Additional damage and blast radius
HeadHD-012 MELANDER C3Provides durability and decent mobility
CoreDF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANGEnhanced durability with decent mobility
ArmsDF-AR-08 TIAN-QIANGBalanced and versatile for combat
LegsDF-LG-08 TIAN-QIANGResilient with good mobility
BoosterAB-J-137 KIKAKUProvides a melee boost
FCSFC-006 ABBOTEnhances accuracy for increased damage
GeneratorVP-20SEfficient energy management
ExpansionPULSE ARMORAdds defensive utility

Please note that you can customize the back units according to your preferences, and your choice of weapon for the R-Arm Unit may vary depending on your playstyle.

OS Tuning

Here’s a table summarizing the OS Tuning options:

OS TuningDescription
System UnlocksPrioritize Weapon Bay for equipping two main hand weapons.
Core ExpansionsEnhance defensive capabilities with Pulse Armor.
Attack ControlOptimize damage output with enhancements.

Remember that your Armored Core build should align with your preferred playstyle. Whether you prefer ranged attacks, melee combat, or a balanced approach, fine-tune your loadout to suit your strengths.

By crafting an effective mech, you’ll be better prepared to face the challenges presented in Eliminate the Enforcement Squads.

Eliminate The Enforcement Squads Mission Walkthrough

Your adventure in Eliminate The Enforcement Squads starts with a well-defined objective of taking control of the Wall and eliminating the PCA’s troops.

Here’s a step-by-step instructions to help you navigate this challenging mission:

Armored Core 6 Eliminate the Enforcement Squads Approach The Corridor
Approach The Corridor
  1. Upon starting the mission, engage in battle with the surrounding mechs.
  2. Clear the area of the hostiles and proceed toward the wall.

Ambush Alert

Armored Core 6 Eliminate The Enforcement Squads Enemies Armed With Melee Weapons
Enemies Armed With Melee Weapons
  1. As you approach an interactable door within the corridor, be prepared for an ambush.
  2. Enemies armed with melee weapons will await you on the other side.
  3. Defeat them to progress further into the facility.

Heavy Cavalry Encounter

Armored Core 6 Eliminate the Enforcement Squads Heavy Cavalry
Heavy Cavalry
  1. In the upcoming chamber, you’ll face off against the formidable adversary, Heavy Cavalry.
  2. The enemy generally doesn’t pose a significant challenge if you’ve prepared your AC6 mech effectively.
  3. Focus on defeating Heavy Cavalry to move closer to completing the mission.


Armored Core 6 Eliminate the Enforcement Squads Rewards

You’ll receive a reward of 270,000 COAM upon successful completion, which can be valuable for upgrading your mech. Remember to adapt your strategy based on your Armored Core build and playstyle. Precision and adaptability are key as you progress through Eliminate The Enforcement Squads.

Locating Battle Logs

Uncovering Battle Logs in Eliminate The Enforcement Squads can lead to valuable insights and rewards. These go into your Armored Core 6 LogHunt progress, which can unlock several mech parts in AC6 that you’ll find useful for your build. Battle Logs contain vital information and are integral to your progression. Similarly, Chapter 3, Eliminate The Enforcement Squads, presents an optional/branching mission.

Here’s a step-by-step instructions on their location:

  1. As you begin the mission, you might notice a Battle Log Pending message on the Replay menu, but you can resolve this issue.
  2. As the mission commences, don’t immediately focus on the mission objectives.
  3. However, turn right and follow the outer wall to your right instead.
Armored Core 6 Eliminate The Enforcement Squads Turn Right & Follow The Outer Wall
Turn Right & Follow The Outer Wall
  1. You will stumble upon a damaged mech housing a video recording.
Armored Core 6 Eliminate the Enforcement Squads Collect The Recording
Collect The Recording
  1. Retrieve the recording from the wreckage, which will unexpectedly trigger an ambush.
Armored Core 6 Eliminate The Enforcement Squads Video Recording
Video Recording
  1. Defeat the gold Loghunt target that approaches your position.
  2. After collecting the gold battle log, head back to the start of the mission and follow the objective markers to the end.
  3. You’ll encounter four squads of mechs, including a mission mini-boss.
Armored Core 6 Eliminate The Enforcement Squads Encounter With Mechs
Encounter With Mechs
      1. The Loghunt board will proudly showcase the collected gold battle log after successfully accomplishing the mission.

Remember that collecting Battle Logs enriches your understanding of the Armored Core 6’s lore and can lead to additional rewards and achievements in Eliminate The Enforcement Squads.

That concludes the guide to Armored Core 6’s Chapter 3 mission, Eliminate The Enforcement Squads. Your choices and skillful Armored Core build have shaped the narrative. Your reward of 270,000 COAM is yours to upgrade. Don’t forget to collect valuable Battle Logs for deeper lore insights. It’s time to conquer the Armored Core world – that’s it from this guide!

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