Armored Core 6: How To Defeat G1 Michigan [Liger Tail Boss]

Defeat G1 Michigan by getting to know it's attack patterns in Armored Core 6!

Armored Core 6 features a wide variety of boss fights players must fight through, whether in the campaign or the arena. One of the boss fights includes that of the G1 Michigan, also known as the Liger Tail, and players might want to know how they can defeat the Armored Core 6 G1 Michigan. 

Important: G1 Michigan is a mandatory boss player fight during the Intercept the Redguns mission.
Key Takeaways
  • G1 Michigan, also known as Liger Tail, is one of the hardest bosses in Armored Core 6 that players will need to fight. 
  • Players will be able to fight it while doing the Intercept the Redguns mission, and you will need to defeat three waves of enemies before fighting Liger Tail. 
  • G1 Michigan will have 5 attack patterns, ranging from Bulletstorm Barrage, Detonating Missile Payload, Explosive Blast, Missile Salvo, and Sidewinder Attack. 
  • Most G1 Michigan attack patterns can be dodged by Quick Boosting or strafing to the side in Armored Core 6.

Who Is G1 Michigan In Armored Core 6? 

AC6 G1 Michigan
G1 Michigan

The G1 Michigan is a gruesome and terrorizing boss players can encounter while doing the Intercept the Redguns mission in Armored Core 6. 

You will also be required to assassinate and eliminate the main force you must fight. 

Intercept The Redguns Mission 

AC6 Intercept The Redguns
Intercept The Redguns

Moving on, now that you know what the boss is, you will need to defeat it, which can be quite a tedious task. 

As you start the Intercept The Redguns Mission, there will be a wave of enemies that will continue to fire out missile after missile toward you, and Armored Core 6 G1 Michigan will cause the first wave of enemies to continue to shoot at you. Still, with some maneuvering, these enemies shouldn’t be difficult to dodge. 

  • One thing to note is that the first wave of enemies will be pretty scattered. Therefore, players must move around to aim and fire at them. 
  • After this, there will be a total of 2 more waves that will resemble the first ones, including a range of different mechs.

Players will need a proper AC6 G1 Michigan Build to defeat the boss. 

G1 Michigan Attack Patterns

AC6 G1 Michigan
G1 Michigan

Now, when it comes to the overall attack patterns for Armored Core 6 G1 Michigan, some players might look towards using the AC6 Flamethrower to take it out faster, but the strategy is what matters here more than anything else. 

  • Bulletstorm Barrage: The boss will continue to launch out shot after shot from the rifle, and you can simply go towards the side to dodge the attack. 
  • Detonating Missile Payload: It can launch out a missile with a payload, and it will detonate into smaller missiles that can hit you, and you can dodge it by dodging towards the end where it is about to attack you. 
  • Explosive Blast: It will cast a projectile towards the player that will explode, and you can go ahead and quickly boost your way out of this one. 
  • Missile Salvo: It will launch missile after missile, and you will need to either Quick Boost or dodge to the side. 
  • Sidewinder Attack: G1 will instantly dash towards the player, and you can quickly boost to get away from it. 

G1 Michigan Build In AC6

Last but not least, let’s quickly discuss an Armored Core 6 G1 Michigan Build that you can use to stagger or stun G1 Michigan, which might make it a bit easier to defeat it, though players should know that it still will take quite a bit of effort to do so. Whether or not you use an AC6 Flamethrower depends on the player. 

Assembly Description 
L-Arm Unit Vvc-760PR
R-Arm Unit Vvc-760 PR
L-back unit VP-60LCS 
R-Back unit VP-60LCS 
Core DF-BD-08 Tian-Qiang 
Head HD-011 Melander 
Arms DF-AR-08 Tian-Qiang 
Legs LG-022T Bornemissza 
FCS FC-006 Abbot 
Generator VP-200 
Booster None 
Expansion Terminal Armor

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Armored Core 6 G1 Michigan guide. While you’re here, why not read the Armored Core 6 Editions guide? The Armored Core 6 OST Chips guide will tell you all you need to know about OST Chips!

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