Armored Core 6: How To Beat Ice Worm [Ultimate Guide]

Defeat the formidable Ice Worm boss in Armored Core 6 by mastering attack patterns, strategic weaponry, and keen observation.

In Armored Core 6, the Ice Worm represents a formidable boss challenge located in the Destroy the Ice Worm mission during Chapter 3. Players are required to employ some of the best weapons, armor & specialized tactics, particularly using the VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher, to target its face and incapacitate it. As the battle intensifies, the Ice Worm unveils a range of aggressive attack patterns, and your prowess over the AC6 mechs will be tested against this daunting adversary.

Key Takeaways
  • The Ice Worm is a major boss in Armored Core 6 and is encountered in the Destroy the Ice Worm mission of Chapter 3.
  • The giant mech boss requires a specialized strategy for a successful takedown in AC6.
  • The VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher is a crucial weapon to target the Ice Worm’s face.
  • A successful hit lets allies incapacitate the worm with a railgun.
  • Players get a brief window to inflict damage on Ice Worm after a successful stun in Armored Core 6.

What Is Ice Worm In Armored Core 6

Ice Worm
Ice Worm (Picture credits: eXputer)

The Ice Worm is a significant boss encounter in Armored Core 6, found in the Destroy the Ice Worm mission of Chapter 3. This formidable opponent demands a specialized approach to victory. Players must equip the VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher to incapacitate the Ice Worm by targeting its face.

Following a successful hit, allies then incapacitate it with a powerful railgun, providing players a brief window to deal damage. As the fight progresses, the Ice Worm exhibits increased aggression and introduces new attack patterns. Mastery of evasion, strategic use of weapons, and coordination with AI companions are crucial to overcoming this challenging battle.

All Attack Patterns of Ice Worm

Ice Worm Attack
Ice Worm all attack patterns in AC6 (Picture credits: eXputer)

Here’s a summary of the Ice Worm Boss’s attack patterns in AC6, providing players with insights to recognize, predict, and counteract the boss’s tactics.

Attack Pattern Effect 
Body collisions Direct damage from the worm’s body.
Heat-seeking coral missiles Tracks the player, and explodes on contact.
Coral explosion Area-of-effect damage in proximity.
Project coral energy Directed energy beam causing damage.
Drones (Phase II distraction) Secondary enemies, minor damage.

Ice Worm Boss Phases In Armored Core 6

Throughout all three Ice Worm boss phases in Armored Core 6, it’s imperative to remember the importance of the VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher. Not only is it vital for progressing through the fight, but it’s also a formidable weapon in its own right, aiding players in dealing consistent damage.

Ice Worm Boss Phase I

Ice Worm phase 1 boss fight in AC6 (Picture credits: eXputer)

The initial phase of the Ice Worm encounter introduces players to the core mechanics of the battle. As the gargantuan mechanical beast makes its grand entrance, players must maintain a safe distance, vigilantly observing its movements.

The worm will occasionally rise from the icy terrain in Armored Core 6, presenting a brief opportunity for players to fire their VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher. Timing is of the essence; players must anticipate the worm’s movements and fire the launcher just as the worm exposes its face.

Successful shots of its vulnerable facial region result in a momentary stun. With the worm incapacitated, allied units employ a powerful railgun to further immobilize it. This moment is the player’s cue to inflict maximum damage, with facial shots being paramount, as body shots merely deflect off the beast.

Ice Worm Attack Phase II

Ice Worm Attack
Ice Worm Phase 2 Attacks in AC6 (Picture credits: eXputer)

Phase II sees the Ice Worm temporarily retreating, making way for a swarm of drones that it dispatches as distractions. These drones, while not particularly threatening, require swift eradication to pave the way for the worm’s return.

Once the skies are cleared, the Ice Worm rejoins the fray, now incorporating new, devastating attacks. Its primary method of damage is body collisions, urging players to be constantly on the move and on full alert. Additionally, the worm begins to deploy heat-seeking coral missiles, which, though dodgeable, add another layer of complexity to the battle.

The culmination of this phase features a coral explosion initiated by the worm, which significantly injures itself but also emits a damaging coral energy shockwave. Players must maintain a secure distance to avoid this deadly wave.

Ice Worm Attack Phase III

Ice Worm Attack
Ice Worm Phase 3 Attacks in Armored Core 6 (Picture credits: eXputer)

The third and final phase showcases the Ice Worm’s full arsenal and desperation in Armored Core 6. Emerging missiles from underground and relentless barrages of coral missiles from above ground become commonplace. The worm’s newfound ability to project coral energy from its frontal region poses a significant threat, requiring players to adopt a more evasive strategy.

The creature’s sweeping movements across the vast arena are not only intimidating but can pin players against invisible barriers, making them easy targets for its onslaught of missiles. Landing the final stun shots during this phase becomes even more crucial.

Upon the successful deployment of the last stun, the allied railgun once again incapacitates the worm, granting players one final window of opportunity. Concentrated fire on the worm’s face during this brief period ensures its eventual downfall, culminating in a spectacular explosion of coral energy.

Best Strategy To Defeat Ice Worm Boss In Armored Core 6

The Ice Worm boss in Armored Core 6 is a formidable opponent, but like all foes, it has its vulnerabilities. To exploit these and emerge victorious, players need to approach this battle with a strategy that combines precision, evasion, and keen observation. After dying almost 20 times from Ice Worm in Armored Core 6, I have devised the following strategy, and have entailed a detailed breakdown of the recommended tactics.

Ice Worm Phase I Strategy

best boss fight strategy against Ice Worm in AC6 Gameplay (Picture credits: eXputer)

The onset of the battle demands a thorough understanding of the Ice Worm’s behavior. First, maintain a moderate distance to gauge its movements. The crucial weapon here is the VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher. Precise timing is essential when using this weapon.

As soon as the worm starts to rise from the icy surface, aim for its face. The facial region is its weakest point, and successfully hitting it momentarily stuns the boss, providing a prime window of opportunity.

Use this time to focus your most potent weapons on the exposed face. Remember, shots to the body are far less effective and might even be a waste of precious ammunition.

Ice Worm Phase II Strategy

Ice Worm Attack 5
Ice Worm’s best Phase 2 strategy (Picture credits: eXputer)

This phase introduces distractions in the form of drones in Armored Core 6. Quick and efficient elimination is key here. Opt for weapons with a widespread or area of effect to clear the skies faster. When the Ice Worm returns, stay vigilant for its new attack patterns.

As the worm employs body collisions and heat-seeking coral missiles, speed and evasion become paramount. Equip boosters and legs that favor agility and speed, ensuring that you can move swiftly. When you see the worm preparing its coral explosion, immediately engage your booster to reach a safe distance.

Ice Worm Phase III Strategy

Ice Worm Attack
Ice Worm Final Attack Phase (Picture credits: eXputer)

The final phase of Ice Worm is, unsurprisingly, the most challenging in Armored Core 6. The key here is to remain evasive and opportunistic. With the worm now having the ability to project coral energy and its missiles emerging from various locations, being stationary can be a death sentence.

In conclusion, the Ice Worm in Armored Core 6 exemplifies the intricate boss designs that challenge players’ strategic thinking and adaptability. With its multifaceted attack patterns and the essential role of the VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher, conquering this behemoth is both a test and a testament to a player’s skill and coordination within the game’s universe.

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