Armored Core 6: All Wrecker Parts Locations

Get detailed information on the Armored Core 6 Wrecker Parts and where to find them to collect all the missing pieces.

Armored Core 6 features many collectibles, such as Hidden Parts, which are not available for purchase at the store. You need to get these parts by completing Training missions or locating their hidden chests. Armored Core 6 Wrecker parts also come in the hidden items category, and you need to collect them by finding their chests. Collecting the Hidden Parts gives you certain perks and helps you get the “Asset Holder” achievement in Armored Core 6.

Key Takeaways
  • AC6 features Wrecker Parts as hidden items, and the parts are scattered in different chests that you need to find and collect. 
  • You can get the Wrecker Head during the “Reach center of Grid 086’s lower level” objective of Chapter Two at the base of the 086 Grid.
  • To get the Wrecker Core, head to the Furnace section from there and jump down to its last floor level, where you will get the container. 
  • The Armored Core 6 Wrecker Arms can be found by getting into the big pipe opposite the furnace and going down the trench that leads to a hallway.
  • Finally, you can get the Wrecker Legs when you reach “Annihilate enemy MT squad” and get to the rails section. 

Armored Core 6 Wrecker Parts

Here is an overview of all the hidden parts of Wrecker that you can find in Armored Core 6.

Item NameLocation
Wrecker HeadDuring "Reach center of Grid 086’s lower level" of Chapter two. At the base of Grid.
Wrecker CoreIn the Furnace section, on the base level of compartment.
Wrecker ArmsOpposite of main Furnace, the passage that leads to a hallway from the rusted pipe.
Wrecker LegsDuring the “Annihilate enemy MT squad” objective. In the rails section.

Wrecker Parts & Their Locations

Armored Core 6 Wrecker Parts
Chapter 2 Objectives [Image by eXputer]
In Armored Core 6, the hidden Wrecker parts are scattered around the Rubicon, and you need to put in some effort to find the exact locations. One thing that makes it easier to find the chests is their bright orange blinking light, present on top of each container.

You can start out your hunt for Wrecker Parts from Chapter 2, Infiltrate Grid 086, where you can collect all of its pieces. So, make sure to know the exact spots of the containers so that you know where to look for them without wasting your time. 

1. HC-3000 Wrecker Head

HC-3000 Wrecker Head
HC-3000 Wrecker Head [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
To get the Wrecker Head, you have to reach mission 12, where you will get the “Reach center of Grid 086’s lower level” objective. 

  1. Once you’re at the Grid, jump down from the torn-up mesh and fight the two MTs guarding around. 
  2. As you destroy the mechs, move forward to the rear side of the compartment after jumping down. 
  3. From there, keep marching forward until you reach the dead end.
  4. At the corner, you can see a container with a blinking light. 
  5. Get close to the chest and interact with it to get the HC-3000 Wrecker Head.

2. CC-3000 Wrecker Core

Armored Core 6 Wrecker Parts
CC-3000 Wrecker Core [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Once you have collected the Wrecker Head, you can start looking for the Core during Chapter Two. 

  1. After getting the head unit, march forward in the Grid’s Lower level to the molten lava compartment. 
  2. As you explore the area, you will find a few enemies lurking around, so make sure to neutralize all the threats to avoid any disturbances. 
  3. Once you bring the MTs Down, jump down to the base, where you can find the second container placed at the center of the wall.
  4. Get close to the container and interact with it to get the CC-3000 Wrecker Core

3. AC-3000 Wrecker Arms

AC-3000 Arms
AC-3000 Wrecker Arms [Image by eXputer]
After getting the Wrecker’s Core, you have collected half of the AC parts. Now, it’s time to collect the vital parts of the mech, which are its Arms and Legs

  1. To get the Armored Core 6 Wrecker Arms, fly up the compartment and head to the opposite side from the molten pouring section.
  2. Exactly in front of the furnace, you can see a small opening of a big rusty pipe. 
  3. Head inside the pipe and follow the conduit, which will lead you to a trench. 
  4. As you head down the trench, you can find a passage that leads to an enclosed hallway.
  5. In the basement, you will encounter an AC, which you can beat without much effort if you have the best weapons.
  6. Get to the end of the hallway, where you will find the third container resting at the corner of the dead end. 
  7. Open the container to get the AC-3000 Wrecker Arms. 

4. 2C-3000 Wrecker Legs 

Armored Core 6 Wrecker Parts
2C-3000 Wrecker Legs [Image by eXputer]
After collecting all the other necessary Wrecker parts, you can find its legs when you reach the “Annihilate enemy MT squad” objective.

  1. To get to the last part, fly up to the highest platform of the section, where you will encounter multiple MTs scattered throughout the area. 
  2. Once you neutralize the targets, get to the rails section and follow the rails line
  3. The rails line will lead you to a dead-end ramp, where you can spot the last container resting in the middle.
  4. Get to the container and open it up to get the 2C-3000 Wrecker Legs.

That sums up the guide on AC 6 Wrecker Parts in Chapter 2. Finding the Wrecker parts is not so hectic if you know exactly where to look for them. Now that you have collected all the Wrecker AC parts, you can consider looking into Armored Core 6 EN Shortfall, AC6 Difficulty Settings, and Armored Core 6 Game Length.


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