Arya Stark Multiversus: Unlocks, Perks, & Guide

This guide contains all the details about how you can unlock Arya Stark in MultiVersus along with her Moves, Perks, and Strategies.

Arya Stark took the world by storm in Game of Thrones, and her character in Multiversus does something very similar. She secured her place in Multiversus because of her unique attacking abilities and fighting style, and as expected, she is a great attacker for your team.

Key Takeaways
  • Arya Stark: Multiversus character, classified as an assassin, excels in ranged combat with advanced gear.
  • Unlock Arya Stark via in-game currency or by completing challenges.
  • Two skins: default Game of Thrones costume and Waterdancer skin.
  • Known for tricky moves and sneaky attacks.
  • Main moves: Needle Strike, Faceless Man, Game of Faces.
  • Perks: Waterdancer’s Grace, Braavosi Style.
  • Strategy: Distract opponents with sneaky attacks and use ground-to-air combos for offense.

Arya Stark’s Role In MultiVersus

Arya Stark MultiVersus
Arya Stark

Arya Stark is an elite-level assassin in Multiverses. She is a pro at ground-to-air combos, and she is able enough to fight with all kinds of opponents. People often take her lightly because of her average build. But she’s fierce with some deadly moves and skills up her sleeve.

Arya Stark packs some tricky moves to distract the opponent, and she’s an absolute master at sneaky attacks. So, if you’re skilled enough in Multiversus, there is no way that you can lose a match game if you’re playing it with Arya Stark.

Build summary for Arya Stark:

Ground AttacksAir AttacksSpecial AttacksStatisticsUtility PerksOffense PerksSignature PerksCombos
Rolling Slash
Needle Strike
Upward Slash
Shark Edges
Whirling Stab
Knife Flourish
Aerial Slash
Dagger Slash
Face Stealer
Blade Sharpener
Knife Thrower
Damage: 8/10
Ranged: 3/10
Support: 2/10
Leg Day Champ
Fancy Footwork
Second Wind, Armor
Crush, Snowball Effect,
Percussive Punch Power
High Air Ring Out

How To Unlock Arya Stark

Arya Stark MultiVersus
Unlock Arya Stark

There are primarily two ways in MultiVersus to unlock the characters. First, you can buy the characters from in-game currency, complete several challenges, and progress through the game to achieve them as a reward.

You can unlock Arya Stark by spending 3000 Gold and 700 Gleamium. It might sound like a lot, but investing in this character is worth it.

Arya Stark Skin Variants

The default skin of Arya Stark in MultiVersus is her traditional costume from Game of Thrones. However, developers have featured another costume for her, which is called ‘Waterdancer’.

Default vs. Waterdance Outfit

The outfit is inspired by the show’s scene, where she wears this outfit while practicing the Water Dance sword fighting style. The outfit gives her a funky look, making the battles even more interesting. You can unlock the Waterdance outfit by purchasing it from the shop for 800 Gleamium.

Arya Stark All Moves in MultiVersus

Arya Stark has many attacks that make her a significant character. Some are on the ground, and some are in the air. But, both kinds of attacks are equally lethal.

Ground Attacks

1. Shark Edges

It is a combo of knife stab and rapier swing that takes the opponent off guard and gives you enough time to hit once again.

2. Rolling Slash

In Rolling Slash, Arya rolls forward and crouches under attack. Then, she rolls her sword in the downward direction right behind her.

3. Needle Strike

This attack is when Arya steps back a little and charges herself. Then, she goes for a rapier stab. If she got the face of opponents, the attack gets overridden to the ground neutral.

4. Upward Slash

It is a pretty basic attack where Arya charges her sword and slashes it upwards. It makes the opponent slightly defensive, and then you can attack directly.

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Air Attacks

In addition to the ground moves, Arya Stark possesses some impeccable Air Attacks, which enable her to dominate the opponent and keep applying pressure. So, let’s discuss them all!

Arya Stark Combos
Air Attack!

1. Whirling Stab

Arya spins upwards in the Whirling Stab and gets the opponents with her knife. It causes a whole lot of damage and is also one of the staple moves of Arya.

2. Knife Flourish

Knife Flourish attack: Arya spins her knife downward; the attack could be overridden if she gets the face of the opponents. It is determined by the Aerial Neutral Normal of the victim.

3. Stinger

In this attack, Arya charges a stab in the downward direction and goes for it. It is a rather unexpected hit to the opponents and gives her a higher chance of causing more damage.

4. Aerial Slash

Arya goes for an aerial slash but in the forward direction. And even though it is a basic move for attacking, it works every time.

Special Attacks

Arya stark fight
Arya Stark Battle

Apart from her basic attacks, Arya has some pretty complicated and effective ones up her sleeve. These are her special moves if you want to get the most out of her character:

1. Knife Thrower

The move can be performed on the ground, side, or air. In the Knife Thrower move, Arya basically attacks her opponent by throwing a knife. This knife sticks to them, and though it doesn’t do much damage, it’s great for distracting them.

The knives also have a cool-down period, so until they charge, Arya has access to a stab that breaks the opponent’s armor. Also, the cool-down period will go faster if the knife stays stuck to your opponent.

2. Blade Sharpener

Arya can use this move on the ground, in the air, or while moving. It lets her dash to a nearby ally, granting both of them a turn buff. She gains the buff and remains in place if no ally is nearby.

Blade Sharpener empowers Arya’s attacks, breaking opponents’ armor. The turn buff forces opponents to turn away, giving her time to strike. Attacking from behind deals extra damage and often results in a critical hit that can’t be blocked by armor, making this move essential for success.

3. Face Stealer

Arya has a very special skill of turning into her opponent and stealing their face. Once you steal the face of your opponent, you have two choices. You can go for the Neutral Special command, which causes a taunt that stuns your opponent, and you can attack them.

Or, you can go for the Neutral Attack command and get access to the attacks of your opponents. You can perform those attacks five times. This skill is particularly helpful when Arya faces an opponent more powerful than her.

4. Dagger Slash

Arya slashes her dagger upwards in this attack. If an opponent is in the air, the knife will get them and cause damage. Though the move sounds pretty basic, it lifts Arya off a bit and helps her move to the side of the attack.

So, if you perform a Dagger Slash move on a platform, you might fall off because of the movement towards attack. It is highly advisable to go for the attack when you’re in mid-air and can move safely in the direction of the attack.

Arya Stark Perks

Arya Stark has many perks, and you can quite easily unlock them. Just so you know, if you unlock Arya’s perk, you can get the same perk for another character at a cheaper rate. But, the signature perks of Arya are very exclusive, and you can’t get them for other characters.

Arya has three basic perks, so let’s get into them individually and find out what the hype is all about:

Utility Perks

Perk Detail Way to Unlock
Leg Day Champ With this perk, the team is given a 10% increased jump height You can unlock the perk by reaching Mastery Level 7
Fancy Footwork Your team can receive an increase in dodge distance by 5% You can unlock the perk by reaching Mastery Level 4

Offense Perks

Perk Detail Way to Unlock
Second Wind Once your team rings out an enemy, they refresh special air attacks You can get access to the perk after reaching Mastery Level 11
Armor Crush Once your team’s attacks are fully charged, they break the armor of opponents You can unlock the perk by reaching Mastery Level 13
Snowball Effect If your team fights against the opponent with the greatest damage, they get a 7% increase. You can unlock the perk by reaching Mastery Level 2
Percussive Punch Power If your attacks knock the enemies in the horizontal direction, your team receives a 5% increase in damage. You need to reach Mastery Level 12 to get access to the perk

Signature Perks

Perk Detail Way to Unlock
Trophy Arya gets the face of enemies automatically when she knocks them out You have to reach Mastery Level 10 to get the perk
Betrayal If Arya hits an ally with her dagger, the ally gets enraged buff, and she also gets enraged. You can unlock the perk by reaching Mastery Level 8

Best Arya Stark Combos 

Arya Stark Multiversus combos are an absolute hit because you can cause greater damage to your opponents while getting the most out of your character. There are different kinds of combos, so let’s dig into them and find out.

Knockback Combos

Arya can easily perform knockback combos, and being an assassin, she’s quite good at them. However, you need to be a little skilled to understand the perfect timing to perform a knockback combo, or else it could go to waste.

The right time to use the knockback combo is when an enemy grapples with you and is very close. That’s the time when you can cause the most damage, and you won’t miss either. It can also help you get a ring out. Just make sure to time the knockback combo correctly, or it might even backfire.

High Air Ring Out Combos

The combo has to be the most complicated of them all. But, if you successfully perform the combo with Arya, you can destroy your opponents completely.

Remember that hitting the keys to perform the combo might take some time. So, the best way is to attack your enemy and go for the air ring-out combo while he’s recovering. Just make sure not to overuse it because it’s a rare combo and offers great benefits if used correctly.

High Air Juggle Combos

The High Air Juggle Combos combo isn’t easy either, but considering the high air ring out one, it might be a piece of cake for you. In this combo, you throw a dagger at your opponent and use Arya’s Ground Special side to draw close to them.

Then, you reattempt the same attack and the combination, so even if you missed the initial hit, you could still cause some damage to your opponent. It is a simpler attack, so use it when the enemy is playing defensive and isn’t giving you a chance to go for a fully-fledged attack.

Up And Down Damage Combos

If you want to take advantage of Arya’s punches and reach the opponent mid-air, up-and-down damage combos are your best option. Suppose your opponent is in mid-air; you obviously have to launch an attack in mid-air, requiring some combos.

Arya Stark PlayStyle Strategies

Tips and Strategies

To maximize Arya Stark’s effectiveness in Multiversus, focus on close-quarters combat. Dodge attacks often to gain a turn buff, then strike from behind for maximum damage. Arya can steal opponents’ faces and moves, increasing her power temporarily. Use this strategy when your attacks aren’t working, and consult combos for added effectiveness.


Arya Stark is one of the most talked-about characters in Multiversus; rightly so, she is the finest assassin you can get onboard. All you need to do is use her correctly and know her special moves and combos, and it’ll surely give you an edge.

Also, Arya Stark Multiversus is unique, and you might find it hard to understand this character. But once you unlock it, know it’ll be worth it. The attacks and strategies of Arya are immensely powerful. And if you time her combos correctly, nothing could stop you from winning.

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