As Dusk Falls: All Character Endings Explained

In this guide we will look in-depth into all the endings for As Dusk Falls.

Every decision you make could determine one of the many characters in As Dusk Falls’ fate. Think of it as the Butterfly effect but on steroids!

Yes, we know you are all curious to know the ending to Dusk Falls. We do not know about you, but the main charm of playing this game was to find out which end we would get. For each character, there are multiple endings that can be achieved. In our guide, we will look into each and every one of them!

Key Takeaways
  • Dusk Falls is an adventure game, During the playthrough of this game players has to play different characters and all the characters have different endings. The choices the player makes will impact the outcome of the story
  • There are multiple endings for Vince including dying in a car crash, suing the company and starting a flight school, not suing the company and working a desk job, divorcing Michelle, forgiving Michelle and staying married, and living on his own after Michelle dies.
  • There are several possible endings for Michelle, including Escaping uninjured, Surviving after being shot, Dying in a harrowing manner, Getting engaged after divorce, or if her husband Vince dies. It’s up to the player to make choices that lead to the best outcome for Michelle.
  • Zoe travels to Canada to confront Jay, who has caused her damage in the past, leading to different ending scenarios, The ending can be either one of forgiveness, calling the police, or a sad ending for Zoe’s grandfather, Jim, who is suffering from dementia and is ultimately killed by a burglar.
  • Jim’s ending is not changeable and Jim survives the standoff at the motel but is later killed by a house burglar.
  • There are several endings that the game provides for Jay including remaining in Canada with or without forgiveness from Zoe, being caught by the FBI and receiving a death sentence, or living in Canada without Vanessa.
  • There are two main endings for Tyler, one where he gets thrown in jail with a lifelong sentence and the other where he runs away and goes into hiding, working at an oil rig under a false name.
  • Dale is a character that cannot be saved, Dale is briefly saved from a police sniper in Chapter 2 but is eventually killed in a face-off with the police, Players have the option to warn Dale about the sniper, but either way, he will still end up dying.
  • Sharon, the mother in the Holt family, has two possible endings. One end is that Sharon escapes the country with Paul and becomes wealthy, The other ending is that Sharon gets arrested and ends up in jail, similar to her two sons.
  • Paul is a character who has two different endings based on Sharon’s choices. If Sharon gets arrested, Paul will stay back at Two Rocks and live a sad, lonely life, If Sharon escapes with the money, she and Paul will live a luxurious life on a foreign island.
  • There are two endings for Bear, Leave him hanging or Help him where the player can save Bear by cutting the rope.
  • The ending of Vanessa depends on her decision to either flee to Canada with Jay or return to her home country.
  • Dante is a corrupt sheriff in Two Rock County, he has 2 possible endings, He ends up arresting Sharon or He gets fired due to corruption if Sharon escapes.
  • The character Joyce is the hotel manager and has two possible endings. If Dale snipes or Vince doesn’t calm her down, she will die after being shot by Jay. If she survives, she will visit Ash and live.

All Of Vince’s Endings In As Dusk Falls

We all have a soft spot for our guy, Vince. How can we not think about him? Especially because when the game first starts. Vince is the very first character we meet. 

As Dusk Falls Ending for vince
Vince: As Dusk Falls Ending

After a mysterious incident at his airline cost him his job as a mechanic. Now he is going across the country to St. Louis with his wife Michelle, daughter Zoe, and father, Jim. 

He is currently debating whether to sign a contract promising to keep what transpired at the airline a secret or sue them for a sizable sum of money.

There are multiple endings that you can get while playing as Vince. Some of the most popular ones are as follows:

Vince Ends Up Dying In A Car Crash

Players will be given the option to let Jay release the prisoner from the back of the car as his mom and brother are conversing at the very beginning of As Dusk Falls’ Book 2, Expansion. Should you, however? What are the repercussions of doing that? Here is all the information you require.

Yes, you should let either Vince or Zoe take on the role of Jay at the very beginning of Book 2.

Even though you might be concerned that Jay’s decision to let them leave could not go well. That is not without merit! The worst that could happen would be that Vince would die. 

So, if Vince ends up surviving the above-mentioned encounter, you will be able to accomplish any of the endings we mention below!

Vince Lives And Sues The Company 

This has always been the main point of contention throughout the game. So, our beloved character’s first and obvious ending is that he will sue the company. But that is not even the best part of the ending!

Guess what happens right after he sues the company? He starts his very own flight school! Our guy, Vince, is an entrepreneur at heart. So, if you have ever wanted to start your own company but have been too scared to use Vince as a proxy, don’t worry! 

Vince Lives And Does Not Sue The Company

Yes, we know it is not as glamorous as starting your own business, but we digress. So, what happens if you do not sue the company, and how will it affect the overall ending?

Well, as you can imagine, if you end up not suing the company, it will completely alter the course of the story. You, playing as Vince, will not be able to start your flying school. However, you will sign an NDA and begin working a desk job in an office.

This might actually be a better option considering the situation Vince is in. He is basically at his wits’ end, and his marriage is currently hanging on a thread. That is pretty stressful in itself, but all of which, with the added tension of starting a company, may end up being too much. So, if you want a safe and secure ending, do not sue the company!

Vince Divorces Michelle

Yes, you read that right. This is, in fact, a very viable ending for the couple. And let’s all be honest; we were all expecting to get an ending like it. Think about it. From the moment we found out that Michelle Vince’s wife had cheated on him, it was only a matter of time till the discussion about divorce popped up.

In case you are a bit hazy on the details, we found out during a flashback that Michelle had been, in fact, unfaithful to her husband. Adding insult to injury was the fact that the man was actually Michelle’s colleague named Bruce. So, you, as the player, have the choice to start the divorce process between the two.

He Chooses Not To Divorces Michelle

Michelle and Vince
Vince and Michelle: As Dusk Falls Ending

As with the “sue company decision”, you will have the option of not divorcing. It will come with the whole idea of forgiveness and moving on, so if you think that Michelle is, in fact, truly sorry for what she did and has changed as a person.

You should not opt for a divorce. It will allow you to build back your rocky relationship. And regain a sense of mutual trust and respect. To achieve this ideal situation, you, as the player, will have to make the right choice. Hey, no pressure!

The choice will actually come in Book 1: Chapter 2. To be more precise, it happens when Vince has a flashback two days before the events of the robbery at the motel. There will also be another choice available. There it will appear in Chapter 3 where you can decide to stay married.

Vince should choose to forgive Michelle, take the airline to court, and stop Michelle from being murdered at the motel if he wants to salvage his marriage.

Vince Lives On His Own After Michelle Dies

Okay, so it is probably one of the few saddest endings we may potentially witness in the As Dusk Falls universe. Unfortunately, in this ending, Michelle ends up dying, leaving our hero to fend for himself. 

If you get the ending, you will probably find yourself alone grieving the death of your wife, who has been tragically killed. Not the ideal situation to be in, not in the very least! These are some of the most famous endings for Michelle’s character. Let’s now talk a bit more about his wife!

What Does The Future Hold For Michelle?

As Dusk Falls Ending for Michelle
Michelle: As Dusk Falls Ending

By now, you are probably well aware of her character arc. In case you are not up to speed, here is a little recap! In the game’s prelude, it is revealed that Michelle had an affair with a coworker. While the choice of you forgiving her is far easier, there are other choices that will affect her overall fate.

So while playing this game, be warned that some choices may be far more sinister than you think. One of the first endings you can get is: 

Michelle Ends Up Escaping Uninjured

As Dusk Falls Ending For Michelle
Michelle: As Dusk Falls Ending

Playing as Michelle, it is certainly the best scenario for you. In this case, Michelle ends up getting away Scot-free after the whole desert dream motel fiasco. One thing to keep in mind is that no matter what options you choose, the Holt Brothers will kidnap Michelle at the end of Chapter 1.

Following that, you’ll have a few options that will determine the ending of Chapter 1. So, when the abduction happens, do not worry. You did not mess up!

She Gets Shot But Survives

Getting shot but surviving is the second ideal situation for your character. You will have some damage, but it can definitely be far worse!

After the whole desert dream motel event, Michelle ends up getting shot by the brother trio. But all is not lost! You end up safe and secure at the hospital getting treatment.

In the grand scheme of things, that is not the worst outcome to get. It is definitely not the best, but it is surely better than nothing! The next ending is not as nice, sadly.

She Dies During The Encounter 

Now, dying is one end we would want you to avoid at all costs. One of the saddest and most tragic outcomes of your gaming experience would be that Michelle ends up passing away. But the thing is, it is not even an ordinary type of death. The way she dies is truly harrowing!

She ends up getting dying after getting fatally shot and passing away before anyone can even help her. So, if there is any end to avoiding it would be the one!

Ends Up Getting Engaged 

This ending is completely the polar opposite of the one we just discussed. The end is actually possible in two separate ways. Both of which are mainly dependent on Vince, her husband. How may you ask?

Engagement After Divorce

Well, the first way you can get to the ending is if Vince ends up divorcing Michelle. Of course, when you are playing as Michelle, you will not be able to make a choice actively. Thus, it will be a direct by-product if you choose divorce when playing Vince.

Engagement If Vince Dies

The second and only other option for Michelle to be with someone else is that Vince ends up dying. This obviously is not what we would want to happen at the end of the day. Again, you will not be actively making the decision.

You are playing mainly as Vince, and getting killed may lead to Michelle making the decision. Now that we have looked at the mom and dad let us now go towards their daughter!

What Are Some Of Zoe’s Endings In As Dusk Falls? 

As Dusk Falls Ending for zoe
Zoe: As Dusk Falls Ending

The latter part of the game is primarily about Zoe. At college, when she starts to doubt her course enrollment, her effort to reconcile her history reaches a climax.

Occasionally, Zoe may run into Jim, who is reportedly suffering from dementia and claims to have been burgled by an odd man in black. Even though it’s not clear who they are or what they want, Zoe, who is also having trouble, senses the same thing.

We get to see Zoe as a kid and as an adult, so we really do witness her growing up. These flashbacks really get us invested in her character and her struggles. 

One thing we want you to know right out the bat is that you cannot kill Zoe during the gameplay. Yes, you did, in fact read that right! So, no matter what you do, you will not end up with a dead character. Unfortunately, that is not something we can say about everyone else in the game! 

Zoe’s Past 

You probably remember that Zoe was a little child during the hostage situation, so there is not much Zoe could have done regardless. But the whole situation does leave a permanent scar on her.

Throughout the game, we see her trying to cope with what had happened in the motel. She is trying to move on, but the past is not that easy to shed! As a player, you see and feel her PTSD, and let’s all be honest, and it is a bit heavy.

We would not be surprised if a few people shed a tear here or there! During the final chapter of the game, we see her going to Canada. Why, may you ask? Well, she finally wants to confront Jay about what he did so many years ago.

He may have moved on, but she has not. The choice you make at this point while playing Zoe will completely alter your ending. So, what are these choices?

Forgive And Move On

Okay, so the forgiveness ending might not be the easiest to digest for most players. It is not easy to forgive him when you have seen all the damage he has caused to Zoe in her present and past.

Not to mention the trauma he has put his parents through. So, this ending is not for the faint of heart. During thE crucial interaction in Canada, if you choose to forgive Jay, the ending you will get will be pretty content.

Zoe will go back home and will try to move on with her life. Of course, it is not the only ending possible for Zoe.

Call The Cops 

This is an ending that most people would opt for. In calling the cops particular case, you will go to Canada for the fateful conversation with Jay. But rather than Zoe forgiving him, she will call the cops on him. As a final act of revenge to get even with him.

As soon as you reach the cops, they will come, arrest him and take him to prison. Justice is served, or is it?

Well, the thing is, Jay will be found guilty of capital murder and will be sentenced to death. After which, you will actually get to witness Jay being executed. Yes, you did read that right. Zoe will have front-row tickets as they are putting him down.

Jim’s Ending 

Jim is Zoe’s grandfather and Vince’s dad. To re-establish contact with his son, he made up a fake cancer diagnosis. Definitely not a good move on his part. One thing we want you to be well aware of is that there is no way to change his ending.

This is primarily based on what we have seen and what players have been saying in the online community. Hence, he will always survive the standoff at the motel, but after battling dementia, he will be shot by a house burglar towards the game’s conclusion.

It is definitely a sad ending for the man. Truth be told, while what he did was truly unacceptable and borderline emotional blackmailing, he did not deserve to be killed in such a brutal manner.

Jay’s Multiple Endings 

As dusk falls jay

The person you will probably interact with the most while playing the game is Jay. You will truly get to know him inside and out! Putting aside if you like him or not, one thing you will have to admit is that of the Holt brothers involved in the heist and hostage crisis, he is the gentlest.

Sure, that is not saying a lot, but hey, it is something. So, what are some endings that, As Dusk Falls will give him?

Jay Ends Up Remaining In Canada

After the ghastly events that occurred during the hostage event, Jay ends up running away across the border. Well, after what happened, it was far better for him to run away. But things may not be as easy breezy for him later on in the game.

This is because Zoe actually ends up finding him and confronting him. She makes it evident how his actions have left her and her family fragmented. But you can actually end up staying in Canada because Zoe forgives him for killing her father.

Jay Gets Caught By The FBI

In this ending, Zoe meets up with Jay, but rather than forgiving him, and she calls the Canadian police on him. Hence, he is finally caught for all the wrongdoings he and his family have committed in the past.

The Canadian police, after arresting Jay, hand him back to the FBI. The FBI had classified him as a fugitive, and he ended up getting a death sentence. Zoe actually ends up watching him get executed.

He lives In Canada Without Vanessa 

In living without Vanessa ending, Zoe will forgive Jay, even after the heartache he and his peers have put her through. However, he actually does it all alone. Why may you ask? Well, the thing is, Vanessa ends up crossing the border, leaving him alone in Canada.

Tyler’s Endings 

ending for tyler
Tyler: Ad Dusk Falls Ending

The mastermind behind the theft and heist is Tyler, the oldest Holt sibling. There are mainly two endings in As Dusk Falls that are predominantly seen for the oldest Holt boy.

Tyler Gets Thrown In Jail

In this case, Tyler does get caught for what he did and ends up in jail. He ends up with a lifelong sentence, so you can rest assured that he will never get out. Honestly, after the stunt he pulled, he totally deserves it too! Obviously, it is not the only ending you can get for Tyler.

He Runs Away & Goes Into Hiding 

In this ending, Tyler runs away after the whole ordeal. He becomes a proper fugitive to get away from facing the music. He will work at an oil rig under a false name, which is not exactly the most satisfying ending because justice is not served. But hey, it is a viable ending.

Tyler avoids capture in the resolution, but the Holt family as a whole is left behind. So, is it really a happy ending for him? At least in jail, he would be able to contact his family periodically.

Dale’s Ending In As Dusk Falls

Ending for Dale
Dale’s Ending

Okay, so this character’s story arc is a bit of a doozy, so stick with it for a bit. Interestingly, one thing we would like you to know is that there is apparently no way to save him. Indeed, Dale cannot be saved.

The players had no means to prevent Dale from suffering his destiny, despite the fact that he was one of the important characters in the first few chapters. Regardless of what the players decide, Dale will eventually pass away.

The middle brother of the Holt family, Dale Holt, can be rescued from the police sharpshooter in Chapter 2 by players. Dale is briefly in danger from an officer sniper, but Vincent manages to save him. Ultimately, however, the Holts and the police engage in a faceoff, and Dale is killed as a result.

Snipper Situation

Dale leads Vince outdoors as a human shield after the police provide the Holt boys with pizza. Dale and Sheriff Dante are having a conversation when Vince notices a police sniper shooting at them from a nearby tower.

The choice to warn Dale about the sniper or remain silent will be presented to you at this crossroads. Dale will die if you alert him, and you won’t receive any achievements. However, players will receive the Dodged Bullet achievement in return for alerting Dale.

Our character, Dale, finally gets shot by police in a standoff, despite the fact that players have the option to save him during the crossroads. Players will encounter a scene later in the narrative where the police break into the Desert Dream motel by smashing a truck through the front door.

At this point, Dale tries to use Joyce as a human body shield but is unsuccessful and ends up in the firing line. At the conclusion of the game, if Bear Holt, his father, is still living, he will be seen laying flowers on Dale’s grave.

Sharon’s Ending

Ending for Sharon
Sharon’s Ending

The infamous Holt family’s mother is Sharon. She is the one that sent her boys to carry out the robbery, but after the motel, there are several possible outcomes in the As Dusk Fall realm.

Sharon Ends Up Escaping The Country With Paul

Sharon fights for her happily ever after with Paul in this particular ending. She actually avoids being pursued by the police. But that is not even the most interesting part. What ends up happening is that one way or another, she will be very wealthy.

She and Paul were last spotted unwinding on a beach in a different country. So, while she may be living the best life, she is still a fugitive, which is because she is running away from her murky past and the horrible decision she and her family made.

So now you might be curious about how on earth she will get the money. Well, to get these lucrative funds, you will have to do multiple things. This includes the following:

In Book 2, Chapter 5, it will be essential to withhold the proof from Dante in order to permit her to flee. The proof includes:

  • a bra
  • and cigarettes 

So, keep these two things in mind. The cups must also be concealed whilst the sheriff makes the coffee. Then, we have to alert Dante that Sharon is preparing to stab him and assist Sharon in stealing the sheriff’s revolver.

At that moment, Sharon will succeed in getting away with the cash, and she and Paul will wind up on a beach in a different nation.

Get Arrested And End Up In Jail

The second and other option for the character is that she will get caught and end up in jail. This ending is pretty similar to the ones her other two sons can get.

Paul’s Ending

Paul can have two very separate endings based on the choices Sharon makes during her part of the game.

Stays Back

In the end, Paul will end up staying back at Two Rocks. He will live a sad, lonely life while Sharon spends her time serving her life-long jail sentence.

Goes Abroad 

Another possible outcome that is viable for this character is that he helps Sharon escape. We have already discussed what you will need to do to achieve the outcome. If Sharon gets away with the money, she and Paul will live in the lap of luxury forever, vacationing on a foreign island.

What Will Happen To Bear?

ending for bear
Bear’s Ending

The Father of the Holts Bear is responsible for the family’s gambling-related problems with a dubious organization. He is one of the main reasons why the Holt brothers did what they did. There are two primary endings that you may see with Bear.

Leave Him Hanging 

No joke, you can literally leave the man hanging. During the game, you will encounter a part where you will find Bear trying to commit suicide. You can actually get there in the nick of time and save him from all of this. But of course, you do not have to. You can leave him be, and he will die—a truly horrible way to die.

Help Him

The other option you will see when faced with the hanging situation will be to save him. You will have to cut the rope, which will mean that he will not end up dying.

After which, he will be taken to the hospital, where he will make a full recovery and will slowly inch his way back to a normal life. If you choose this ending, you will get a bonus cut scene of Bear putting flowers on his dead son’s grave.

Vanessa’s Ending In As Dusk Falls

as dusk falls Vanessa
Vanessa, as dusk falls.

After about halfway through the game, Jay began to develop feelings for Vanessa. Whether she chooses to flee to Canada with him or go back to her home country depends on her decision. But no matter what she decides, she will always end up living her own life in California. 

Dante’s Ending

ending for Dante
Dante’s ending

Dante is Two Rock County’s dishonest sheriff. He will survive the story whether Dale shoots him or Vince electrocutes him in the bathroom. In the game, there will be two alternative endings. Which are as follows:

He Ends Up Arresting Sharon

In this ending, we get to see Dante finally arresting Sharon. After which, he continues his tyrannical rule as a corrupt police officer. 

Dante Gets Fired Due To Corruption 

If Sharon ends up escaping from his clutches, he will get fired and will probably live his life away from all the main characters.

Joyce And Her Ending 

Ending for Joyce
Joyce Ending

She is the hotel manager where all the events take place. Joyce is also Ash’s mom. There are two main outcomes for her:

She Dies

If Dale gets sniped or if Vince does not calm her down, she will die when Jay shoots her.

She Ends Up Surviving

In this ending, she is still alive and visits Ash, which of course, is the best situation for us to be in. Hopefully, this answers your question about As Dusk Falls endings.

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