As Dusk Falls Choices: Best Endings & Character Choices

This As Dusk Falls Choices guide will showcase the best character choices and endings for players!

As Dusk Falls was recently released, ad with it being an absolute cinematic masterpiece, players have poured in their positive reviews, with the game being adventure-based and offering players countless options for choices. In our As Dusk Falls Choices guide, we will uncover the various choices that players can encounter!

Key Takeaways
  • To save Tyler, players must select the option to save him and pull him up from the tree branch where he was hanging.
  • Saving Sharon requires players to help Paul start the car and drive off, despite the attacker blocking their path.
  • To save Vanessa, players must choose to jump off the cliff without her, as Jay will be hunted down by the authorities, and Vanessa has her whole future ahead of her.
  • To save Vince and Michelle, players will have to choose one of the three chapter-based choices available.
  • Sam, a cop, can die if players choose to have him talk to Holts face to face.
  • Jim Walker’s fate is unclear, but there might be a possible shooting scene resulting in his death.
  • Joyce, the runner of Desert Dream Motel, can die if players don’t warn him about a potential bullet.
  • Dale Holt will die in both of his possible endings.
  • Bear, the father of Holt, can end his life, and players have the choice to save him or not.
  • Tyler Holt has three main endings and can die or be imprisoned.
  • Vanessa’s endings do not involve death, but she can leave Jay or get arrested with him.

We will essentially cover the best choices to make that can help players lead their way to their perfect ending while simultaneously introducing the aspect of character deaths and how each character may end up meeting their demise (or who knows, there might be no deaths at all!). With that, let’s get started! If you want to know who voices all the characters, then make sure to read up on our As Dusk Falls Voice Actors guide!

Best Endings & Choices For All Characters   

In the game, there might be many situations whereby players might need to make some of the toughest decisions, whether it is letting go of their loved ones or saving them. It all comes down to the player’s choices in As Dusk Falls. Let’s discuss the best character endings that players can encounter with tier choices!

Saving Tyler 

As Dusk Falls Saving Tyler
Saving Tyler

Let’s start by discussing how players can protect Tyler. The scene will start with Tyler and Jay being in a situation where Tyler is on the hunt to chase Jay down. In an attempt to pull Jay down, players will be asked to swipe so that Jay can free himself and get up to safety, causing Tyler to be left hanging against a tree branch. 

Tyler will instantly ask Jay to help him, and he will also say that his leg will be unable to save him from the fall and that his demise will be inevitable if he isn’t saved. While in a dire life or death situation, a popup screen will appear, presenting a few As Dusk Falls Choices for players

The choices will include that of

  • Stomp Fingers
  • Save Tyler 

Players have complete freedom over what choices they can make, but considering we are shooting for the best outcome, players will select the option to save Tyler and allow him to live. Once the decision has been made, Jay will slowly inch towards the position where Jay is hanging on by a thread. 

From there, he will grab Tyler’s arm, slowly pulling him up with all of his might, allowing both of them to rest on the tree branch and be safe. After the cutscene, Tyler will end up asking Jay how he manages to climb with such speed, and Jay will simply respond that he never looks down. 

While Tyler doesn’t directly thank Jay for saving his life, he does ask him where he’s heading off next, to which Jay’s character will reply that he might be heading north where cops won’t be able to find him. 

To that, Tyler will advise him always to choose him when presented with the option of “them or you,” bringing us to a close for the first best character choices

Saving Sharon 

As Dusk Falls Saving Sharon
Saving Sharon

The next set of options will involve saving Sharon, who is yet another important character that plays a role in the main storyline. The main scene will start with Paul taking a tea kettle and launching it against a man, which will cause him to fall and collapse onto the ground, after which Sharon will tell Paul to take the car keys and get out of the house with him. 

Paul will look at the fallen man, and Sharon will tell him to hurry up, to which Paul will reply, “I Know,” While he grabs the cat, the game will ask players to start the car. Repeat a set of three actions: mashing your controller’s buttons, swiping it to the right, and then holding it to start the car, after which Paul will curse and thank the heavens. 

Unfortunately, the man who he had attacked is in front of the jeep he and Sharon are in. the man will hold out a gun. While pointing it towards the car, he tells the two characters that there is only one way to prevent wrong, and it’s to turn off the engine, to which Sharon will ask Paul to start the engine and drive forth. 

While there is no actual choice for players to make, it does make for a pretty impactful turn to the story where Paul just hits the pedal and continues to drive on, not caring whether the man gets run over. Sharon was highly likely to get in grave danger or even lose her life had Paul not been there for her. 

Saving Vanessa 

As Dusk Falls Saving Vanessa
Saving Vanessa

The next set of character choices for players will include that of saving Vanessa, where there will be a moment where Vanessa and Jay will be standing on top of a cliff, and there will possibly be a dire situation where one or both of them will need to jump off the cliff. 

Vanessa will tell Jay that she believes him considering Jay says they will be able to survive the high jump, and she says they can both just jump together. The Crossroad option will instantly appear, giving players two choices with consequences

  • Jump without her
  • Jump together 

Once again, the answer that the player chooses will determine the continuation of the storyline. However, for the best possible outcome, players will choose the option to jump without her and leave her on the edge of the cliff. 

Vanessa will ask him why he thinks that way, and Jay will say that she’s got her entire future ahead of her, and she can become anything she wants. Jay also says that even if he does survive the fall, they will end up hunting him down. 

Vanessa will become emotional (as can be expected) and tell Jay that he was the one who said that he wanted her to come with him, and Jay will reply that he changed his mind. After that, a man will appear with a gun, and before he can shoot out any bullets, Jay will take the leap of faith and jump into the void that is the waterfall beneath them. 

Vanessa will be pulled back to safety with her dad, and he will try to comfort her, to which she will tell her dad to simply shut up and then will be taken away by authorities. Read up on our As Dusk Falls Chapters List so that you can prepare beforehand on how to progress through the game!

Since Vince and Michelle 

As Dusk Falls Saving Vince and Michelle
Saving Vince and Michelle

The final set of choices players will need to encounter is when they need to save Vince and Michell’s characters. In the scenario, Vince and Michelle both will be sitting with their hands clasped, whereby Vince will say that it will not take much longer, while Michelle will be worried about their survival. 

Players will have three chapter-based As Dusk Falls Choices to choose from: 

  • We’ll be okay
  • I’m scared too
  • Don’t think like that 

Whatever choices players decide to go with, it will instantly change the route of the story if they manage to mess up and choose the wrong answer, and considering that we are only striving for the best of the best, players should choose the option “I’m scared too..”. 

When that happens, Vince and Michelle discuss the next possible plans, including discussing the hush and gag money. Here, players will be offered two more choices: 

  • Sue the airline 
  • Take the money 

If you choose “Sue the airline,” it will display just how angry Vince truly is, and he will say how he wants to sue them as soon as possible in court. After that, Vince will ask Michelle if she’s mad that he’s not going with her “I want to let it all go” mantra. 

Michelle tells Vince how proud she is of him, and here Michelle asks Vince something crucial. She says that when she opened the message, all Vince did was trust Michelle, and she demands to know why which is where yet more chapter choices for players appear: 

  • Trust is everything 
  • Didn’t want to know
  • Was there an affair? 

Select “Trust is everything,” and Vince will tell her that he believes her unless she doesn’t want him to, to which Vince says that he’s better off trusting Michele and staying away from problems that don’t exist, to which Michelle will simply say that Vince is a good man. These will be the four best character choices and endings

Character Deaths & Choices In As Dusk Falls 

As Dusk Falls Possible Character Deaths
Possible Character Deaths

Next up, let’s dive deeper into the possible character deaths players can encounter while playing the game. Let’s discuss it further! 


The first character in As Dusk Falls that we would like to discuss is Sam, who will have three different character endings, but we are here to discuss if and if not he will end up having to die at the end of a major plot scene. 

Essentially, Sam is a cop, and players will encounter him early on in the game when he comes into a building to drink and communicate. This is where the player’s choices will matter a lot. If players end up hiding the earrings that have blood all over them, Sam will not take any notes, and he will leave the establishment after finishing his drink. 

However, if you give him the go-to investigate the blooding earring, he will call in for further help to look into the matter after he is gone. 

Now, the ending which might lead to his direct death will be if, for some reason, he is persuaded to talk to Holts’s face to face. 

Jim Walker 

Another important character will be Jim Walker’s character, where the players might encounter two main endings: he will have no death on-scene or off-scene. 

It has been made pretty clear that Vince and his dad have had a pretty rocky relationship throughout their childhood, and there are chances that there might be character development based on the options players go for. 

The two possible options will be that either Jim will be completely cut off from Vince, or he might end up being on talking terms with him. 

The end of the game will show that there might be a possible shooting scene whereby Jim Walker ends up dead, but it has yet to be revealed. 


The next character we would like to discuss further is Joyce, who will also end you having two main endings, but for their character, there might be an ending where they end up dying. Joyce is the runner of Desert Dream Motel and manages how the entire motel is run. 

The scene that might uncover his possible demise will include there is a scene where there is a hostage situation in the motel, and Joyce will either survive it, or he will be shot dead. When a gun is aimed at him, you can choose to either warn Joyce of the bullet or refrain from doing so. 

If you refrain from informing him about it, Tyler will end up pulling the trigger and shooting him, making this one of the most impactful As Dusk Falls Choices players might have to make. 

If you warn Dale, Joyce will be left alive as well. 

Dale Holt 

Another important character that will have their demise inevitable will be Dale Holt, and while he has two endings, they will both end in him dying, unfortunately. Whenever the hostage situation occurs at the Desert Dream Motel, if Vince does not warn Tyler about the potential gunshots, Dale will be shot dead shortly after that. 

However, even if he manages to survive through some miracle of the player’s choices, when he is trying to run for his life, he will end up being involved in a major shooting where he will meet his end. With that, he is one of the unfortunate characters in As Dusk Falls that never end up getting to escape.

There will be a scene whereby a school name will be needed for one of the characters; for that, read our As Dusk Falls School Name guide!


Next, see how Bear’s character might meet their end, or if they even survive their possible death. The interesting thing to know about Bear’s character is that he is the father of Holt, who never managed to show up during the majority of Holt’s childhood and while growing up. 

He will have two major endings, which will entirely depend on how players decide to go for his end. The moment Bear decides to go for the shed, there is only one main thought in his mind, and it is simply to end his life and hang himself. 

Jay will end up discovering the suicide note that Bear leaves, and he bolts for the shed, where he finds Bear already hung; in that brief moment, players can choose from the following: 

  • Save Bear 
  • Allow him to end his life. 

You can predict what happens next. 

Tyler Holt 

Moving on, the next important character selection and progression will include that of Tyler Holt, one of the more important characters in-game. Tyler will supposedly end up having three main endings, and each ending will include even more heart-wrenching and heartbreaking story consequences. 

One of the main ways that Tyler might end up dying is if Dante ends up finding out about the fact that he is hiding out somewhere in his family’s cabin, and he will kill Tyler. 

Apart from that, there is also a possibility whereby he will be imprisoned if he does end up getting arrested. However, there is another ending where he can live completely free, albeit with a few complications. 

If he manages to escape, he will have to be completely cut off from his direct family and work hard at an oil rig.  If the multiplayer in your game hasn’t been working properly at all, then our As Dusk Falls Multiplayer Not Working Solution guide might be the one for you!


There will be many As Dusk Falls Choices for Vanessa’s character; however, players will find out that there aren’t any deaths or ending for her. One of her endings will include that of her being able to escape to Canada with Jay, where she will, unfortunately, end up leaving him. 

Another ending will include the both of them being in the National Park and Vanessa getting arrested with him, and another will include jay jumping off the cliff into the pits of the waterfall, allowing Vanessa to live even further. 

Vanessa pledges to support and stay with Jay no matter what, but the matter of the fact is that Vanessa never ends up dying no matter what route players go for in As Dusk Falls

Sharon Holt 

As for Sharon Holt, there will be really no way that she can die, and while she will have two min plotlines and endings, one of which will include her going to Mexico and starting a new life there, with no one by her side and she will only be able to flee the scene alone. 

The next ending that might be the consequence of the player’s ending will include where she escapes the country with Paul, who is another important addition to the main storyline. The possibility that she can escape with Pual will only be based on Paul’s actions whenever he has Dante over in his trailer. 


Another character we would like to discuss is Paul, who will be yet another unit with no main character deaths, but he will have three character consequences and endings. The one ending he can get is where he goes to Mexico with Sharon if they manage to escape the trailer. 

There might also be a chance where Sharon might end up going to Mexico alone, leaving him alone, and he ends up getting caught. The final consequence players will have to experience is that he will need to be on Dante’s side and hand over Sharon to the authorities. You might find our As Dusk Falls Safe Code guide a worthwhile read!

Michelle Walker 

Moving on, Michelle Walker is the next character who will have a total of 4 endings, which will unfortunately also include one death that she will have to face. When the hostage situation in Desert Dream Motel takes place, Michelle might end up meeting her death. 

When the police enter the motel, players might be able to stop Michelle from getting severely hurt if they decide not to bolt for the exit. If she does manage to come out alive, then she will continue to stay married to Vince if they end up talking everything out. 

Jay Holt 

As for Jay Holt and his importance in the storyline, there are two possible ways whereby players that choose As Dusk Falls Choices will have to come to terms with Jay’s death. One of the deaths will include him being executed when he gets arrested, while the other will include Jay escaping to Canada but for one reason or the other committing suicide in the end. 

Zoe Walker 

Zoe Walker is one of the fortunate characters who will not have deaths in the entire storyline. Zoe herself is known to be the main narrator, and all of her life choices basically consist of different career options while being in direct contact with Jay. 

One of her final endings involves going to Jay when he is in prison and some other times when he is actually in Canada. 

Vince Walker 

Last but not least, Vince Walker will have three possible deaths. Where one of them will be where there is a fight with Dante that will take place, and Vince will be practically electrocuted until he dies. 

There is also a possibility that he might end up drowning in a pool, while there is also a possible car crash that will end in him dying. With that, we will wrap up our As Dusk Falls Choices guide! For players that want to catch up on how each character meets their end in explicit detail, our As Dusk Falls All Character Endings guide is an excellent read!

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