As Dusk Falls Safe Code: Four Digit Code To Unlock It

If you are looking for Code to unlock safe to steal money in As Dusk Falls, then you are at the right place.

If you are here reading this article, that means you are stuck in As Dusk Falls and paused it while just looking at the safe and trying to break into it to steal the money. That money in the safe belongs to Dante. The youngest one of the Holt boys, Jay, had the code for the safe, but unfortunately, he lost the safe code in As Dusk Falls.

Key Takeaways
  • The player needs to remember the safe code for breaking into Dante’s house because Jay, the Holt boy, forgets in As Dusk Falls.
  • The Four Digit Safe Code number in As Dusk Falls is 5926, shown in the game’s first episode.
  • To unlock this code without setting any alarm off, you need to write the code correctly within the time. Otherwise, the alarm will ring and you’ll get caught.
  • If you enter the wrong code, you’ll have to face the consequences in the form of either getting caught or being in a fight with Dante.

Moreover, the game doesn’t warn you about Jay losing the code, and you would have no idea that it would happen. This would leave you empty-handed, as you don’t remember the code, and the in-game timer is ticking away. But don’t worry, if you are looking for As Dusk Falls Safe Code, you are in the right place!

What Is Safe Code Password In As Dusk Falls

Safe Code
Jay Can’t find the Safe code in his pocket.

When the Holt Boys break into the house, they start exploring different areas of the house, such as the Bookshelf, Desks, and other household things. The code is shown at the start of episode one; it is time when players rob Sheriff Romero’s house. Jay keeps the Safe code in his pocket and assumes it would be safe there. However, when the time comes to crack the safe, the slip of paper on which the code is written is now missing.

Right now, if you didn’t store code in memory, you would fail to put the right code, and the alarm will go off. Don’t worry, and we’ve got you covered; it is a four-digit code: 5926. All you need to do now is put the code correctly before the timer expires. After that, you will unlock it without setting off any alarms.

Safe Code
Code to Open the Safe in As Dusk Falls.

Remember, the game’s story is constantly developing, and the rest of the gameplay gets affected. However, if you fail to unlock the safe, a new story emerges. It is interesting to know that if players enter the wrong code, players now have to face fascinating new challenges.

Keep in mind that you also need to stop Dante’s wife from pressing the Help Button, which will get you in trouble.

Entering Code
Entering Correct Code in Safe.

Also, there is a trick involved in these numbers too, and there is a way to remember it easily. Look at the Digits carefully 5926; if you turn five upsides down and backward, it will become 2. In the same way, nine upsides down and backward is a 6. Even this trick is there for players to remember the code.

Consequences If You Fail To Unlock Safe

Entering the wrong Safe Code in As Dusk Falls will have severe consequences on the game end. Moreover, a new story will emerge that will allow players to complete full play through the game. Players have to face all things that are impacted by their own actions.

When the alarms go off, that just makes the whole episode even more interesting and would have a more suspenseful outcome. Keep in mind that if the Holt family enters the safe correctly, then they will just sneak out of the house quietly.

However, if you don’t enter the correct Safe code and fail to stop Dante’s wife from pressing the help button, then Dante will come and find the Holt family, and now Jay will have the option to knock out Dante with Candlestick. Moreover, If Jay fails to knock out Dante, then Dale will shoot Dante to stop him. Even Dale will use even crowbar to steal money from the safe.

Wife of Dante
Dante’s Wife was looking at Helping Button.

The core story of episode 1 is that the rest of the story will continue to happen; no matter what, the outcome is safe even if the story develops later into the hostage crisis in As Dusk Falls. Furthermore, if players do enter the correct, safe code, they still should play this episode again so that they can enjoy the experience of alternate outcomes in As Dusk Falls.

It is easy for players to revert back to previous branching paths or saves to have fun again. If players want, they can explore any story tree or even elect to select a story from any big decision. Moreover, many minor decisions are available too to replay.


As Dusk Falls is an interesting game, and its gameplay always revolves around interactive storytelling. As Dusk Falls can be played in Solo or in Multiplayer mode. In Episode one of the game, the Holt brothers try to unlock the safe to steal Dante’s money. But unfortunately, Jay (one of Holt’s brothers) losses the code of safe and doesn’t remember anymore.

Now, if you remember the code, then it’s all good, but if you fail to unlock the safe. Then the alarms will go off, and the Holt brothers will get in trouble. Don’t worry, and we have mentioned the code above for you to know.

However, the story still continues to develop whether you steal the money or not; that is what makes the game so fascinating. Even now, you can go back and play any major decision again and make different decisions to enjoy alternative endings. That is what makes the game so interesting; there are tons of branches for players to explore.

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