As Dusk Falls School Name: Complete Guide 

This As Dusk Falls School Name guide will reveal the real name of the school for players who want to find out what it is!

As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama-based game that features two different families having their histories ultimately tangled together. With tons of choices, players need to make, our As Dusk Falls School Name guide will uncover all you need to know about the full school name, where players can find it, and more! 

Key Takeaways
  • As Dusk Falls is an intelligent drama-based game that highlights two unique families having their histories ultimately tangled together.
  • The drama plays for over 30 years, with there being a lot of drama, fights, happy moments as well as sad moments.
  • Players will need to go through all kinds of dialogue options, cutscenes, and drama, as well as difficult choices they will need to make.
  • Through the first half of the game, the players would find out quickly that they would encounter Vanessa pretty quickly.
  • As the players carry on the game they would realize that Vanessa is an important character in the game, and the Dusk Falls School Name will be related to Vanessa.
  • The school’s name is revealed as the Bridgeley Catholic School.
  • When Vanessa’s father asks the protagonist about the name of the school, answering correctly with “Bridgeley Catholic School” will result in a less suspicious interaction, while giving the wrong answer will increase suspicion and lead to an interrogation. 
  • Players must pay attention to the details and choices they make in the game, as they will impact the outcome of the story.

Meeting Vanessa

For As Dusk Falls players that have gotten through the first half of the game, they will find out quickly that they will encounter Vanessa pretty quickly. She is an important character in the game, and the As Dusk Falls School Name will be related to Vanessa. 

Whenever you play as the character Jay, you will encounter Vanessa when you cross the second half of the game, just right where the story starts to take a turn for the exciting and enthralling! 

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Finding The School Name

As Dusk Falls Bridgeley Catholic School
Bridgeley Catholic School

There will be an accident that takes place on a highway, after which two characters known as Sharon and Tyler will end up letting Jay go, and he will find himself stumbling across in front of Vanessa’s house. 

Keep in mind that Vanessa’s father is probably one of the strictest people alive, as he has an occupation at a security firm, and he has an insanely strict personality. After you wake up, there will be a letter that will be placed on a few shelves in a room in Vanessa’s home that Jay will come across. 

The letter will essentially feature a warning aimed at directing Vanessa and her behavior at school. It states that she was caught smoking at school, and it hasn’t happened for the first time. Apart from that, she was also caught wearing inappropriate clothing while on school grounds, and if she doesn’t stop, she’ll end up getting a suspension sent her way. 

The letter was dated “May 26th, 1998”, and Vanessa’s school name will be known as Bridgeley Catholic School, which is pretty important information that players can’t afford to skip over as it will come back to bite them later. 

Answering Correctly 

After a few minutes of a few scenes passing, Vanessa’s father will come into the same room as you. With his controlling personality, he will be immediately suspicious of you. He will naturally ask you what your name is and what school you go to. This is where choosing the correct option is extremely important. 

If you choose the “Bridgeley Catholic School” option, then the suspicion of her father will loosen up a bit, knowing that you aren’t a stranger and that you go to the same school as his daughter. 

Upon answering correctly, players will also be given the option to receive a proper goodbye from Vanessa’s father whenever they are ready to leave her home. 

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Giving The Wrong Answer In As Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls The Wrong Option
The Wrong Option

As we mentioned before, there will be consequences if you give the wrong answer when Vanessa’s father asks you about the name of Bridgeley school. If you don’t answer correctly, the father will weirdly look at you before correcting your wrong answer and instantly grow suspicious of you (as if he wasn’t already!). 

With the next set of choices, you can either say a proper goodbye to Vanessa’s dad or simply sneak out of her home. Whatever you go with, you will still be stopped and interrogated by her father. 

The interrogation will highly depend on the answer that players choose. We will wrap up our As Dusk Falls School Name guide! 

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