Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: Survival Guide

Become The Ultimate Assassin Of 1868, London.

Assasins’s Creed Syndicate is a complex installment of the AC series, set in a fiction history that is related to real-world events that follow the centuries-old struggle between the nostalgic executioners, who fight for peace with liberty, and the Templars, who desire peace with an order. The game is set in the Victorian era of London, 1868. However,  Assasin’s Creed Syndicate is a deep game filled with a lot of unique mechanics, attributes, and systems that fight for your attention. There’s a lot of attention to detail, and that is the reason why we’re here to help.

We have gathered some easy tips for the ease of your virtual run in the difficult Victorian era of London.

Key Takeaways
  • Don’t pay attention to everything you see on the map: Not all activities are created equal, and some of them are more trouble than they’re worth. Focus on the main story missions and the side missions that give you good rewards.
  • Build your financial empire by opening chests: Chests are scattered all over the map, and they contain a variety of valuables, including money, crafting materials, and gear. Make sure to open as many chests as you can to boost your finances.
  • Get the money-making gang upgrades first: Gang upgrades can give you a significant boost to your income, so it’s important to prioritize them. The first few upgrades should be focused on increasing your income from rackets and businesses.
  • Choose your operative location wisely: Each area of London has a suggested level, so it’s important to avoid areas that are too difficult for your current level. Stick to the easier areas until you’ve leveled up enough to take on the tougher challenges.
  • Spend skill points and keep equipping new gear: Skills and gear can make a big difference in your survivability, so make sure to spend your skill points wisely and keep equipping new gear as you find it.
  • Side missions are mandatory: Side missions are not just a way to earn extra money and experience. They also play an important role in the story and world-building of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Make sure to complete as many side missions as you can to get the most out of the game.

Don’t Pay Attention To Everything You See On The Map

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This is always a struggle in open-world games like Assassin’s Creed, but if you’re planning to actually complete Syndicate, then you will have to give up on trying to grave every single collectible you see on your map or do every single optional side event. Fortunately, this time around its easier than ever to figure out what’s important.

To be specific, you’ll want to pay extra attention to Conquest Activities. These are in four forms usually: Child Liberation, Bounty Hunt, Gang Stronghold and Templar Hunt. It doesn’t matter which ones you do, the result is the same: releasing a bit of territory from Templar control. Once you are done with all of the Conquest Activities in a particular section of London, you can start a Gang War and take over everything.

Keep in mind that taking over the territories won’t let you get rid of the enemies in Syndicate, but it will make them much less common, and make federal gang members who you can recruit up more often.  Since most of the story related missions take their place at least partly out in the open world, clearing terrorized areas is a great way to make things a little easier. You are also going to unlock powerful gear and crafting upgrades as you progress through the game.

Build Your Financial Empire By Opening Chests

Things like pressed flower and helix glitches are just there for the completionists in Syndicate, you can find these scattered all across the map but you should know that these won’t give you any short-term, important bonuses. Chests on the other side will provide an effective reward which is Gold.
Until or unless you just want to be that richest executioner in the world, you won’t have to hunt down every one of the hundred chests in London. However, we discovered that it’s extremely profitable to put the time in tracking chests in some of the game’s lower-level places early on.

Go ahead and start clearing Lambeth and Southwark of chests entirely in the first few sequences of the game, we’ve already built up enough gold to get new equipment, now do some early-game crafting and start purchasing few of those gang upgrades that lead to even further gold gain.

Get The Money-Making Gang Upgrades First

Image: Assassin’s Creed Wiki

As soon as you unlock your train hideout at the beginning of the game, you’ll also get the ability to buy upgrades for your gang. There are parted into three types: Insider upgrades, which make the police and rival gangs not an issue; Ringleader upgrades, which improves the strength of your own gang members; and Swindler upgrades, which focus on producing bonuses for you in an economic way

The column that is present in the far right of the Swindler Tree should be your very first investment. The list consists of five perks – from Shop Investor to Pub Investor – will increase both the amount of money that your gang makes and the amount of money that safe in your train can hold.

Every 30 minutes your train safe will get new income shipments, so make sure to stop by, often between missions to pick up your pay and go ahead reinvest it into stuff that will get you even more dough.

If you are looking to consider more early games then Shell Game and Rate of income will also increase depending on how much money you’ll be making over time. Also, The City Takeover perk will make every other gang upgrade cost less. If you’re looking to fight enemies in a significantly better way then pay extra attention to the right-most column of Ringleader perks, such as Carriage Sabotage, Dull Blades, and Bad Powder.

Choose Your Operative Location Wisely

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This is a very important aspect when it comes to open-world activities. Assasin’s Creed Syndicate is split into seven sections, each section contains a ‘Suggested level’ that shows you how powerful enemies in that area will be.

At the beginning of the game,  consider sticking to Lambeth, Thames, and Southwark, all of which are adequately located at the southeast corner of the map. As soon as you hit level 5 or more, you can then expand your reach into the City of London section located at the north of Thames. The most-west sections are The Strand and Westminster, these two locations should be ignored until you’re in Sequence 7 or more and headed into the ending of the game.

Spend Skills Points and Keep Equipping New Gear

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This is a direct router for a role-playing game, but with the ongoing momentum of Syndicate, it can be easy to forget that your skill points matter and to get those skill points you need to stop and spend it. Assasin’s Creed Syndicated has a slightly daunting leveling system, so let us explain how it works.

First, every kind of action in the game, from opening chests to killing enemies to completing missions, earns you experience points. However, topping up a bar with experience doesn’t level you up. Rather, for every 1000 EXP points earned, you will gain one skill point which is meant to be used for unlocking new skills. Your level is described by how many skills you’ve unlocked.

Don’t panic about focusing on either Evie or Jacob: although you can unlock their skills points individually, experience and skill points gains are given to Evie and Jacob equally, so they are going to level up at the same rate, it won’t matter if you prefer to play as Evie Or Jacob either. However, think thoroughly before unlocking their skills because their and strengths and weakness are different.

Jacob is better at combat with a handful of character-exclusive skills that are focused on taking less damage and dealing more. On the other hand, Evie is slightly better at stealth and has three skills in the Stealth skills tree exclusively for her. This means that you should focus on unlocking her stealth skills first, or you man unlock some of her defense and combat skills early to normalize things. Decide your path accordingly.

Keep one more thing in mind: In Assasin’s Creed Syndicate, gear is based on your level. So whenever you are going to level up, go ahead into your inventory screen and equip new gear. You are going to gain gear at a pretty regular rate from doing missions, but you can also purchase new gear if you think there’s nothing good for your new level.

Also, know that Evie and Jacob can have the same weapons equipped. Don’t worry about sharing.

Side Missions Are Mandatory

Image: GamerGuides

In between all of the plot-less territory takeover activities and the plot-heavy story lies a happy side option: side missions implemented by meetings with unique nostalgic figures. As you progress through Assasin’s Creed Syndicated, you are going to unlock the ability to take on missions from people like Karl Marx and Charles Dickens.

Even though it’s easy to ignore these bonus missions in the middle of everything else, but you shouldn’t. Additionally, there are some flashy cutscenes in the game too and Dickens scary ghost stories, in specific, are a lot of fun.

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