Atomic Heart Best Energy Weapons: Ranking All Guns

Shock your enemies by attacking them with the Best Energy Weapon in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart has three types of weapons: Standard, Melee, and Energy Weapons. Today we will focus on some of the Best Energy Weapons in the game, along with their stats and other details!

Key Highlights
  • There are 3 energy weapons for players to play with in Atomic Heart.
  • Electro is the best energy weapon with high damage output and energy efficiency.
  • Dominator focuses more on area-of-effect and point-of-attack damage. However, it comes with a huge energy consumption.
  • Railgun is a long-range energy weapon, focusing on high damage output but consuming a lot of energy and time to recharge. Moreover, it has no upgrades as of now.

Here’s a summarized look at the comparison between Energy Weapons of Atomic Heart:

WeaopnDamageRate of FireCharge SpeedRecoil ControlDecreased Spread


Electro Energy Weapon
Electro – [Credit: eXputer]
Damage  Rate of Fire  Recoil Control Decreased Spread Charged Damage  Ammunition Type
4 2 10 6 1 Energy

Small in size but lethal in power, the Electro energy pistol packs a punch that should not be underestimated. This compact weapon may seem weak at first, but with the right upgrades, it can outperform other energy weapons in the game.

You get the Electro in the game’s main story after meeting with Nora. Moreover, this little side pistol is as dependable as it gets, it never runs out of ammo but only needs a while to recharge itself. However, its preciseness and quickness make it a valuable addition to any player’s loadout.

While the Electro may not have the same level of firepower as something like the Dominator, it doesn’t drain your batteries in an instant. You should focus on building up its damage, so the Electro can become a great asset in combat. Underestimating this tiny weapon will be your last mistake.

  • Pros: Precise and Energy Efficient.
  • Cons: Low damage output at first.
  • Priority Upgrades: Damage Output and Energy.


Dominator Energy Weapon
Dominator – [Credit: eXputer]
Damage  Rate of Fire  Recoil Control Decreased Spread Charged Damage  Ammunition Type
3 8 2 7 0 Energy 

Offering a devastating combination of area-of-effect and point-of-attack damage, making it a formidable weapon in combat. However, the tradeoff for this power is the Dominator’s significant energy consumption. This flaw can be fixed with certain upgrades, but its super weapon structure makes it difficult to compensate for the energy drain.

In terms of combat, the Dominator is best suited for taking down bosses and groups of smaller enemies. Its firepower is particularly effective in boss fights and tight spots, but upgrading this weapon may not be a top priority if resources are limited.

This heavy pulse cannon unleashes spheres of electrified polymer that retain their shape due to an electromagnetic field. Upon making contact with the target, it explodes and releases a surge of potential energy and causing pinpoint damage. 

  • Pros: AoE and point-of-attack damage, Effective against bosses and groups of smaller enemies.
  • Cons: High energy consumption, not effective in situations where energy conservation is a priority.
  • Priority Upgrades: Energy


Railgun – [Credit: eXputer]
Damage  Rate of Fire  Recoil Control Decreased Spread Charged Damage  Ammunition Type
N/A 1 10 10 10 Energy

It’s a stunning energy weapon that can obliterate multiple enemies with a single shot in Atomic Heart. However, it’s a double-edged sword. Firstly, you can only obtain it in the late game, and secondly, you can’t upgrade it. 

The Railgun also consumes a lot of energy with every shot, so it’s more of a novelty weapon that you can bring out once in a while, rather than a weapon you rely on consistently.

Although the Railgun is an incredibly powerful weapon, it’s not one you can rely on. It’s more of a “nice-to-have” weapon than a “must-have” one. The rechargeable nature of the Railgun makes it worthwhile to keep around, as it doesn’t carry the same risk as the Fat Boy, which can become inoperable without significant searching. 

Additionally, the Railgun is the most powerful long-range energy weapon in the Atomic Heart. It draws from your suit power like the Electro, but with the added bonus of not requiring ammunition. The Railgun’s damage is so immense that even the strongest enemies will fall without a sound.

  • Pros: Long-range and high damage output.
  • Cons: High Energy Consumption and takes a lot of time to recharge.

Sadly, there are no upgrades for now.


That’s it on our guide to Best Energy Weapons in Atomic Heart. Even though there are only three, choosing the right one is a must, as it costs you time and grinds to build the weapon.  Additionally, even with the strongest of all weapons, it can become pretty difficult to defeat an enemy. Read our guide on How To Defeat All Enemy Robots and learn their patterns. You might even want to change Difficulty Settings if things are getting too intense. Moreover, you can even test your weapons on the Testing Ground.


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