Atomic Heart Best Melee Weapons [Top 5]

For players that suck at wielding ranged weapons and would rather use melee, learn all there is to know about the 5 melee weapons in Atomic Heart!

Atomic Heart grants players a selection of 10+ weapons to choose from, most of them ranging from both ranged weapons such as guns, as well as melee weapons through which players can get right up close and personal with the enemy and annihilate them. With a selection of weapons, players might need help figuring out what the Atomic Heart Best Melee Weapons might be! 

There are 5 melee weapons in Atomic Heart: 

  • Swede 
  • Fox 
  • Pashtet 
  • Snowball 
  • Zvezdochka 
Key Takeaways
  • The Zvezdochka is a heavy weapon that consists of a wooden handle with a circular disk that is on top of it, and one of it’s redeeming qualities is that it is pretty heavy-hitting on opponents. 
  • At base, the Zvezdochka has 7 base damage, 5 attack speed, 8 charge damage, 2 charge speed, and 5 range. 
  • If players are looking for a faster weapon, then the Pashtet is the way to go! It’s overall attack output is exceptionally fast, allowing players to murder enemies faster. 
  • The Pashtet has 8 attack speed, 5 base damage, 7 charge speed, and an average range. 
  • The swede is one of the first weapons that players get their hands on, and it has a range of 5, 4 charge speed, 4 charge damage. 
  • The Fox is a weapon that looks more rustic, with a lot more wear and tear on it, but nonetheless it is pretty fast and can aid players. 
  • The Fox has 7 attack speed, an average charge damage, and one of the main reasons that players might want the Fox is simply because of it’s charge speed. 
  • The snowball is a dual-handed melee weapon which resembles a mace and has 6 base damage. However, it has a lower range.


Zvezdochka (Image Credits Exputer)

Kicking things off, the Zvezdochka is essentially known to be one of the heavy Atomic Heart Best Melee Weapons, and it is described to be a melee weapon that has a wooden handle, and a circular disk towards the tip of it which can essentially be used to annihilate enemies that dare face your way. 

  • While in the game, it is described to be a weapon that is on the lower end, however, it is so heavy-hitting that it only needs to hit the enemy once, and they are going to be demolished. 
  • Being compared to other melee weapons, it is an absolute monster, and players really should consider upgrading to it whenever they can since they are going to conquer every opponent that appears infront of them. 


Moving on, let’s take a look at the base stats that are offered up for the Zvezdochka since it makes or breaks how players perceive the weapon: 

  • At base, its damage is placed at a 7, which makes it an exceptionally well weapon to be used for making players intake damage. 
  • When it comes to the attack speed, players will have to compromise a bit since the weapon is a bit on the slower end. With the attack speed being 5, it is neither the slowest weapon nor the fastest. 
  • The charge damage is one of the reasons why players should choose to adopt the weapon simply because of how good the damage output is whenever the weapon carries out a charged attack, leaving the charge damage at 8. 
  • The charge speed is 2. 
  • Lastly, the range is pretty admirable, with a solid 5, meaning that while players can’t reach extremely far, it is enough for its main purpose, which is to murder opponents. 


Zvezdochka Showcase
Zvezdochka Showcase (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on. Let’s take a look at how the playstyle of the Zvezdochka plays out. Whenever players wield the weapon, they can hold it in their right hand, and their left hand stabilizes the base of the weapon to allow players to wield it with more ease. 

  • With a normal attack, players can lift the weapon, and they can swing it going from the top right, and then swing it down to the bottom left. 
  • The normal attack also continues to attack the enemy with a swinging attack pattern that ranges from the top left and then moves down to the bottom right. 
  • Now, when it comes to its heavy attacks, players can take the weapon in hand and lower it towards their waist, and then a swift movement up is carried out, which allows the enemies to be annihilated using the circular disk that is located at the tip of the weapon. 


Pashtet (Image Credits Exputer)

If players are looking for Atomic Heart Best Melee Weapon that can annihilate enemies while also being able to leave their bodies in a bloody mess, all the while being able to maintain their speed, then the Pashtet is the best option for you. 

  • The one reason why players might want to choose the Pashtet over the other weapons is simply because of how fast it is. 
  • The pashtet is known to have one of the fastest attack outputs, which grants players the ability to go face-to-face with the enemy and annihilate them with the way that the weapon can carry out its attacks. 

Apart from that, when it comes to the appearance of the weapon, it is a longer weapon that has a black handle, and it has a red protrusion, which continues to display the handle of the wepaon, with a blade that has been screwed in the middle, and has been joined together with two strings

The weapon is described to be one that can easily slide, as well as dice through opponents, while also being able to chop down anyone in sight. 


Moving on, let’s take a look at its overall stats, and see why players might want to choose to main the pashtet over other weapons. 

  • As we mentioned before, the reason that the Pashtet is so infamous is due to its high attack speed. With the attack speed being an 8, players can annihilate any enemy infront of them without needing to be worried about being slowed down. 
  • When it comes to the actual damage output, while it isn’t the highest, it is still an admirable 5, which allows it to still slice through enemies relatively easily. 
  • Moving on, players can carry out charged attacks fast as well, since its overall charge speed is 7, it allows players to be fast and efficient with their charge-up animations and murder enemies faster. 
  • Whenever players do charge the Pashtet in Atomic Heart, they can expect to make enemies take in damage pretty well. 
  • The range of the weapon is pretty average. 


Pashtet Showcase
Pashtet Showcase (Image Credits Exputer)

Let’s move on to the way that players can use the Pashtet and what kind of playstyle it has: 

  • With a normal attack, players will wield the weapon with one hand, and they start by having the weapon in their right hand. Once it is swung for the first time, the Pashtet carries out a swift horizontal slash, that carries from the right and rotates towards the left. 
  • The second normal attack is a continuation of the first one, and the attack animation is the same, except this time, the weapon swings from left to right in an attempt to slice enemies horizontally once again
  • With its charged attack, players hold the weapon to their side for a bit before swinging it in a diagonal position. 


Swede (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, for players that would rather stick to their base weapons, then they can look no further than to use the Swede since it is known to be one of the first weapons that you get your hands on in-game. 

  • The weapon itself is described to look like an axe, with a wooden longer handle that protrudes and becomes thicker as it moves along the wepaon, and then a sharp red blade that can chop down anything *or anyone*, with black paint on the edge. 
  • While players might aim to rush replace the weapon, there isn’t any need to, since when you’re in early-game, the weapon will be your best friend, simply because of how many close encounters you are going to have with enemies that are infront of you. 
  • Whether it is in story progression or side-quests, the Swede is more than capable of taking on opponents with little to no ease. 

The weapon itself is described in-game as how a cornered swede is known to be worse than a razor. 


Moving on, let’s take a look at its overall stats and how they can perform whenever players are in battle. 

  • The Swede has a pretty comparable range as compared to both the Pashtet as well as the Zvezdochka, since both of them have a range of 5, meaning that the Swede is also able to carry out attacks on enemies that are at a bit of a distance. 
  • The charge speed of the Swede is set to 4, and while it isn’t the fastest, it still easily gets the job done without little to no difficulty. 
  • The charge damage is also 4, which makes it pretty average when in comparison to the rest of the weapons. 


Swede Showcase
Swede Showcase (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a look at the overall playstyle of the weapon, and most players will be pretty familiar with the playstyle since players get the weapon very early on in the game. 

  • With a normal attack, players can take the weapon in their hand, with their left hand towards the bottom of the weapon and the right hand towards the top and the first swing causes players to swing the weapon from the top right to the bottom left. 
  • The second normal swing carries out from the top left and moves to the bottom right in a diagonal position, allowing players to swing back and forth toward enemies consistently. 
  • With the charged attack, players can take the weapon in both of their hands, and with both of the hands steady at the wooden handle, players can carry out a swift vertical strike that slashes down the enemy from the top to the bottom. 


Fox (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, if players are looking for a weapon that is more focused on attack speed and charge speed, then the Fox is the one to go for! 

  • The Fox is probably one of the most rustic-looking weapons since it looks like it has been in possession of a serial killer for hundreds of years. It has been worn down to the point of absolute destruction, but that doesn’t mean that the Fox isn’t able to take on enemies with ease. 
  • While the Machette is pretty bleak looking, and the handle has been tied together with strings, the performance of the Fox is still pretty good, especially when it comes to its attack speed. 
  • Whenever players are wielding the Fox, they can expect it to be fast and efficient whenever it is launching out attacks against opponents. 
  • In-game, the weapon has been described in a way whereby the red rust on the axe is the main thing that makes it share similarities with a fox. Any enemy that sees the owner with the Fox should know to fear for their lives and face the other way whenever they approach you. 


Moving on, let’s consider the way the stats of the Fox play out and how they can make players enjoy it: 

  • The attack speed is one of the most redeeming qualities of the Fox, with its attack speed being set to 7, which grants players the ability to go ham on opponents, consistently out-launching attack after the attack. 
  • With the charge damage, players can expect the overall damage of the charged attack to be pretty average; while it isn’t the highest, it isn’t below average either, meaning that it can satisfy most players. 
  • Another solid winning point of the fox is its charge speed, which is not to be confused with the attack speed since the charge speed is required to see how fast it takes for the weapon to charge up the weapon to carry out a heavier attack. 
  • The range of the weapon is a bit on the low end since players need to be pretty close to the enemy to launch an attack on them, making it a bit tougher to deal with them. 


Fox Showcase
Fox Showcase (Image Credits Exputer)

When it comes to the overall playstyle of the Fox, it is pretty comparable to the other melee-based weapons in the game: 

  • With a normal attack, it continues to be in the player’s hand as a one-handed weapon, and players can consistently swing it left to right and then back to the leftover and over again until they can demolish their enemies. 
  • With a charged attack, players carry out a swing that is a bit higher than its normal attacks, and it takes a second or two to load before players can carry it out. 


Snowball (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, let’s talk about the Snowball, which is essentially a two-handed weapon that is also known to be designed like a mace.

  • The weapon itself is a longer weapon that is able to directly drive into any enemy that dares face your wrath and is able to absolutely annihilate them shall they dare to face your wrath. Therefore, any opponents who wish to see the last of their day can come to face you while you’re wielding the Snowball. 
  • While it is not one of the Atomic Heart Best Melee Weapons, it is surely one that shouldn’t be ignored. 
  • The weapon has been described to be an improvised weapon that is also two-handed as an axe that has been made by putting together several pipes. The two blades that are present at the tip are made by putting together sturdy metal pieces and can be upgraded into a mace that renders anyone useless. 

With a mace like this in your hand, players in Atomic Heart should be able to drive any opponent insane and wreak absolute havoc on their existence. 


While we’re here, why not take a look at the overall stats that have been displayed for the snowball: 

  • Starting off with the damage, the Snowball has a pretty solid damage output, and while it’s no Zvezdochka, it is still pretty comparable to the other melee units that are ranked far less for their base damage, while Snowball is at a solid 6. 
  • The attack speed of the weapon is also pretty average, being able to deliver average-speed attacks against enemies one by one. 
  • The range of the weapon is on the lower side, making it a bit more difficult to face enemies that might be in your range but are a bit further away. 
  • As far as the charge damage is concerned, it stands hand in hand with its base damage and is able to take on any opponent with ease. 
  • The charge speed, however is extremely low, which makes it a pretty slow weapon. 


When it comes to the playstyle of the weapon, it is listed as follows: 

  • With a normal attack, players are able to take hold of the weapon that they are wielding into both of their hands with ultimate ease, and they are able to lift it up into the top right, and with that, they are able to carry out a diagonal swing against the enemy that is present front of them. 
  • The swing carries out in two directions, one swinging from the top right and going down in a diagonal manner, and the other going down from the top left to the bottom right. 


And there we have it! All that players need to know about Atomic Heart Best Melee Weapons and how their playstyle is concerned, and with that, we will wrap up our guide! While you’re here, you might want to read up on our Atomic Heart Not A Password At All guide which covers a detailed walkthrough of the entire quest and goes in detail about it! Apart from that, you might also want to check out our Atomic Heart Robots guide, which shows all the ways that you can annihilate them!

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