Atomic Heart Best Weapons [Top 5]

Zap, Whack, and BOOM is the tune I hear in Atomic Heart!

In the futuristic world of Atomic Heart, there are robots switched to attack mode that is ready to kill all humans. In order to kill them off you must have a good arsenal of weapons along with you. There are a total of 12 weapons in the game which consist of different axes and plasma weapons for you to use. Each of them has its own statistic that makes them better than one other. You have to have the best of the weapons in Atomic Heart so that it is easier for you to finish the campaign. 

Before You Start: You must have to go to the testing grounds in order to unlock most of the blueprints of weapons you use in Atomic Hearts.
Key Takeaways
  • Fox is a melee weapon that is used with a singular hand to defeat enemies at shorter ranges.
  • Dominator can be used to fire up bigger robots and deplete their health using the charge abilities.
  • The Swede Axe can be a little slow but highly damaging to multiple mini-bots.
  • KS-23 is the first shotgun you come across in the game that can really mess up robots through its high-spread shots.
  • Electro can be extremely powerful, especially because of its charge ability which is known as Recirculation Chamber. 

Here is how the stats of some of the Best weapons in Atomic Heart compare against each other:

WeaponDamageAttack SpeedRangeCharge DamageCharge SpeedRate of Fire

Best Weapons In Atomic Heart 

It does matter that you have to have the best weapons with you especially when you are fighting the boss fights in Atomic Heart. There are various robots in the game that have different vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Certain weapons do not work on them, so you have to have the right weapon to use against them.

For example, some robots are not affected by bullets so you need to have some plasma weapon to use against them. So as highlighted before, you must have the blueprints for each of the weapons listed below. 


Fox In Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart: Fox – Image Captured by eXputer
Damage Attack SpeedCharge DamageRate of Fire

The Fox weapon in the game is actually a melee weapon in Atomic Heart and can be considered the best for its abilities. There’s no such indication as to why it was named the Fox. It doesn’t even visually look like a Fox but looks like a futuristic rusty-looking axe. The Fox is actually kind of cool to look at with its wooden handle and piston attached to it for some reason. 

It really looks like the game developers worked hard and put a lot of effort into designing this weapon. Since it is a melee weapon there are no such attributes contributing to firing any sort of ammunition. It has a pretty low range since it is short and one-handed but other than that its statistics are pretty good.

You can use this weapon against enemies that are weak in shorter ranges. As it is a melee weapon it will be able to further weaken those robots. It has decent enough damage as well but the main aspect of the weapon is its charge ability.

You can use its charge ability to increase the damage you give to your enemies. Even the charge speed is incredible because of the weight and size of the weapon. As go along the game you will find harder opponents that are not affected by bullets.

In those circumstances, the Fox weapon will be your best bet as a weapon in Atomic Heart. In order to craft it you must have two materials already collected. You need to have 80 of the metal parts and 123 of the synthetic material in the game. 


Dominator Weapon
Atomic Heart: Dominator – Image Captured by eXputer
Damage Attack SpeedCharge DamageRate of Fire

Dominator is a pretty elite weapon in Atomic Heart in every sort of way and it’s considered best because of its firing power. Visually the weapon is amazing to look at as it has that intense big assault rifle kind of vibe to it but instead of bullets, you have “Plasma Bullets”. They are these energy bullets used to destroy different robots in Atomic Heart. You must really have the weapon unlocked since it is pretty fun to use in the game.  The bullets coming out of the Pulse Cannon have their own compressing electromagnetic means. 

Which is a pretty scientific term for saying it does “pew-pew” when it’s fired. Once it does. It kind of explodes when it hits a projectile. Even the statistics of the weapon are pretty good with decent firepower but an incredible bullet velocity and speed. That will help you seriously damage the fast-moving angry robots in Atomic Heart. You must also know about its charge power which kind of creates this huge polymer energy ball. It uses the entire charge bar for the weapon and fires a potent shot.

The shot is powerful enough to dismantle any time of Robot that comes your way in the game. The ammunition used for the weapon is basically a charge bar. Once you stop using the gun the charge bar increases on its own but it is really a slow process.

Other than that its blueprint can be found from Granny Zina not from the testing fields so make sure you get it from there. Once you get the blueprint for it you can craft the weapon you need to have 144 metal parts, 77 synthetic materials, and 22 superconductors.


Swede Weapon
Atomic Heart: Swede – Screenshot Captured by eXputer
Damage Attack SpeedCharge DamageRate of Fire

Now, this is another weapon in Atomic Heart that is best used at a closer range. It looks much better than its smaller counterpart the Fox Axe. Swede has this yellow and golden-hued blade that looks incredibly lethal and can be used to even kill the boss robots. It has a pretty long handle or grip which can and should be upgraded to get the most benefits out of the weapon. You need to have good practice with this weapon so that you are more familiar with its movement when you fight different robots in Atomic Heart.

Damage-wise, this weapon is better than most, but the weapon has a certain drawback. The weapon is incredibly slow when you swing it. Therefore you must time your attacks with your enemy or else you will get damaged significantly. There are no other drawbacks to it and can be really fun to use.

There are only two melee weapons in Atomic Heart and both are incredibly good when strictly speaking of damage. In its description it says,  a cornered Swede is worse than a Razor. I tend to agree with that metaphor.

The charge ability for the axe is actually remarkable but of course, it will be better once you upgrade it to the round attack of the weapon. In this charge ability, you will be able to do an entire 360 shot of the weapon which will be really damaging.

The mini bots that attack you throughout the game can be easily one-swung with the weapon. If you want to craft the weapon you will need to acquire 91 metal parts and about 122 synthetic materials. It won’t be that hard to find, these resources can be found throughout the map. 


KS-23 Shotgun
Atomic Heart: KS-23 – Screenshot Captured by eXputer
Damage Attack SpeedCharge DamageRate of Fire

It is the first shotgun you get in the game and will be really useful in the beginning stages of the game. Look wise it is just a regular old shotgun used to fire a large pray at enemies. You can upgrade the KS-23 weapon to add the best-looking pistons to it in Atomic Heart. After that, the shotgun will have a really cool look to it and you’d feel like an awesome robot-killing baddie. But it is an acquired taste so you may as well upgrade it to your own liking. 

Strictly damaged speaking. the shotgun is the most close-range damage you can give in the game. That is because of these small shotgun pellets that can pierce through the armor of robots. You can use the weapon for killing the giant boss robots as it is really effective against those weapons. Although it is a highly damaging weapon, the fire speed is pretty darn low.

Even so, you will be able to have good recoil control over the weapon so that you can fire your shots more precisely. There is no such charge ability added to the weapon so all you could do is upgrade its different parts. It can be crafted pretty early in Atomic Heart through 68 metal parts and 88 synthetic materials. Only these two components are required to form this classic weapon. 


Electro In Game
Atomic Heart: Electro – Screenshot Captured by eXputer
Damage Attack SpeedCharge DamageRate of Fire

This is the last weapon on our list and it’s definitely not the least. Electro is also a pulse weapon which means it uses energy ammo with it. You can find the blueprint for Elector pretty early in Atomic Heart. As it doesn’t use standard bullets you can use the weapon to cause havoc among the non-bullet-affected robots. Apart from that visually this gun is pretty cute. Since it is a one-handed weapon and is compact, your sight won’t really be affected due to its size. 

Its damage output is about the standard of four bars which is just normal. Although the recoil control of Elector is literally full so there is no need to drag your analog stick or mouse down the hill. It has a decreased spread as well so your damage will all move towards a specific target without any loss of pellet.

The best part about the weapon is its Charge Attack. It is called a Recirculation Chamber which makes a wave of energy that can kill multiple enemies at a singular moment. There is no such resource required for it so you may as well just get the blueprint and play with it. It is a good choice of weapon and can put your enemy in serious trouble. 

Wrap Up 

So these were the best weapons you can find and play with in Atomic Heart. Each of these weapons has a unique attribute to them that makes them the best. In order to take out the full potential of these weapons you must try to upgrade them. You can upgrade them using the Nora computer. Other than that if you would like to know everything we know so far about Atomic Hearts make sure to read our guide over it.  There are multiple trophies and achievements in Atomic Hearts that will be given to you as you play the game. 

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