Atomic Heart: How To Find Claire’s Parts

Join The Search Party For Finding Claire's Bits

In Atomic Heart, there are puzzles that are extremely fun to solve but are rather difficult. It takes several hours to complete a singular puzzle because of how many layer’s there are to it. One of those crucial puzzles you come across in Atomic Heart is the hunt for Claire’s Parts. It looks a like a pretty easy task, but trust me, it has its own difficulties. It will take you about a few hours to find the locations of each body part of Claire in Atomic Heart. So you have to be patient with the entire process and get ready to kill those psycho bots. 

Before You Start:  Before Finding out the parts for Claire, you just prove your humanity to the Tereshkova bot. You will have to go through the “Darwin Test”. In it, you must find the voice, symbol, and sprout of the motherland. These items will be spread across the room for you to scan and find out. Once you find them, submit them to the Tereshkova bot.
Key Takeaways
  • There are about 4 mechanical body parts of Claire Scattered across the Atrium that you must find.
  • The four mechanical parts are the head, left leg, left arm, and right arm.
  • It will take you about one and a half hours or more to complete the quests, so get ready.
  • Claire’s Head will be found in Icarus Hall after you solve the maze in the room. 
  • You will have to defeat two red bots in the maintenance room in order to find the left leg of Claire.
  • For the left arm, you have to play the iconic snake game on the Vavilov Floor of the Atrium.
  • The right arm of claire will be found on the Pavlov Floor, and you have to fight a deadly Plyusch.
  • Both Claire and Tereshkova will activate the Military Drill Mode together at the end of this quest. 

Claire’s Parts 

Completed Claire With All Body Parts In Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart: Complete Claire – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

After submitting the symbolic items to Tereshkova you will find out that she will be of no help without another bot. In order to successfully engage the Military Drill mode, you will need to scour the entire place to search for Claire’s Parts so that she can help you with your mission. Tereskova will assist in finding Claire’s Body Parts Locations in Atomic Heart. Set your best weapons from the nearest Nora Computer because there will be a lot of fighting throughout this mission. Try to upgrade your best skills from the skill trees of Nora. 

There are about 4 body parts that you need to locate throughout the map. Each body part will take you quite a while to get as they unlock new halls and areas for you to explore. The four body parts are a Head, A Left Leg, A Right Arm, and Lastly, The Left arm. You will go about these mechanical parts respectively and complete the entire body of Claire. As you unlock each area, you have to scan for additional loot in order to gather materials to fully upgrade your weapons and skill sets.

Locating The Head 

Tereshkova Linking To Find Claire's Body Parts In Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart: Tereshkova Linking – [Image credit: eXputer]
Now this will be one of the hardest tasks to do. Following Tereshkova. You will have to go down the staircase and help connect Tereshkova to the Administrative Control Drive. This will make her able to help you find the various parts of Claire scattered around the place. Once you connect her to the control panel, she will guide you toward the Atrium with different complex floors. It is your job to locate each of Claire’s Parts in Atomic Heart. I can give you a hint that the main body part is on the Ground Floor. 

After the Atrium opens up, you must find the body of Claire without the body parts. In order to find Claire, you must fight the corrupted ground bots. Now tread carefully since most of these corrupted bots possess abilities and shields so. You must use your hand-freezing abilities to disarm most of them and finish them off via guns and axes. After surviving their attack, you must talk to Claire’s disabled body. As you pick her up, you will see the 4 mechanical parts she is missing. 

Beluga’s Hall 

Beluga's Hall In Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart: Beluga’s Hall – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Now you must move up the staircase in search of Beluga’s Hall. You have to get through a creepy zombie flower-filled entrance in order to get there.  It is right at the top of the atrium and towards a white entrance.

Once you get there, just fight off those plant-like creatures and look for Parasitic Buttons across the room.  After fighting creatures and pressing the button, you will open the entrance to the junction. The “Beluga’s Hall Door” will be locked.  Go through the right entrance, where you will find a hole. 

The hole will be smelly and disgusting, so brace yourself. Oh, right, it’s a game… Follow the path of the tunnel, and at the very end of it you will find yourself inside Beluga’s Hall. You will find the Beluga there, not the head. Sorry.

You have to get to the Icarus hall from here so that you can be a step away from finding the Head of Claire. The next step is to activate the Beluga. You must go to the topmost floor in order to do that, and for that, you just have to pick-lock a door on the right of Beluga Hall. 

Polymer Tunnel In Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart: Polymer Tunnel – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Of course, like always, you will find those minute annoying bots to kill. Smash their head off and move forward. Loot around if you feel greedy enough and press the elevator button. Don’t worry. The elevator ride will be peaceful, along with some elevator music. It is the only time you’ll find some peace in the game. You will end up in a coy pond-looking place where you’ll be welcomed by some flying corrupted bots. Fight them off and swim until you find the Polymer Tunnel.

Activate The Neural Network

Activation Of Neural Link
Atomic Heart: Atomic Heart – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Once your start emerging from the tunnel, you will be able to see the various blue-hued room. Pick the lock of that room’s door and fight off yet another bot. Once you do that, keep following the red tracker, or if you’re playing on the hard mode, just parkour through the various obstacles. Once you get to the top, you will finally have found the Control Power room.  Ignore the stupid bot, or listen. It is up to you. It’s not even a diss. He is called the Silly Corpse.  

In Order to fire up the Neutral Network, you must be able to solve the laser puzzle behind the wall. Although the laser pattern looks hard to solve, you shouldn’t worry. The game itself will guide you on how to sort these lasers out by signals. You will be able to identify the signals by the green-lit nodes. Just run the green-lit nodes so that it forms a blue pattern from the top. It will be a zig-zag pattern of signals which will connect to each other. 

Once you’ve done that, you will now have activated the Neural link so you can head back down. Yup, there is a lot of Backtracking in this mission, which is why it takes you about 1.5 hours to complete. There is a shortcut to this backtracking.

As you can see, there will be a door behind you. Open it and jump directly into the coy pond thingy. Don’t worry. You won’t be hurt badly. After that, just go back down the elevator and towards Beluga Hall. There will be a big fight with plenty of robots down there.  Try not to get yourself killed.

Icarus Hall

Icarus Hall Puzzle Of MAze
Atomic Heart: Icarus Hall Maze – Image by eXputer

After you survive the attack, head to the starting button of the Beluga and make it start. It will collide with the wall and make its way to the Second Floor of Beluga hall, where Icarus Hall is located. Move towards Icarus Hall, and finally, this will be the place where you will find Claire’s Head. Now before you get a little too happy, you must know how you will be able to get the head first. There is only one way to do that and that’s to solve the next puzzle. 

It will be a city maze, sort of a thing where you have to move the entire maze in order to bring the glowing ball to the opposite side of the maze.

Now, this may sound easy but trust me; it’s harder than it sounds. For the most part, you must be able to drag the ball beside the building so that you can quickly rotate the table in front of you. After that, it will be a piece of cake. Just roll the ball downwards and into the hole. 

Claire's Head Part Location In Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart: Claire’s Head – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

The maze will float upwards after that, making for you to see the head of Claire. Jump down and grab Claire’s Head. Now, remember the body you found in the main atrium? Yeah, you have to backtrack to that. Claire’s Head is one of the four body parts scattered around the locations in Atomic Heart. There will be three more of Claire’s Body parts left across various atrium locations in Atomic Heart. After you head back to the atrium, you will be able to attach their head of Claire to her mechanical body so that she may speak. 

Locating The Left Leg

Different Room Puzzles For Leg
Atomic Heart: Solving The Room Puzzle – Image by eXputer

Now you will have to locate the second part of Claire in Atomic Heart.  The second mechanical part is the left leg of claire which you will begin finding from the Service Rooms Area. That will be situated just ahead of the Atrium.

Move towards the left door of that area, where you will find the color door lock. You just need to match the respective colors to their nodes so that the door unlocks for you. After you enter the Service Rooms Area, you must rotate the front way and get on it once the battery-looking room shows up. 

The Room Puzzles In AH
Atomic Heart: Double Room Puzzle – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Drop down and do the same to the room in front of you. You will encounter some more annoying malfunctioned bots so just kill them. There will be a wheel-looking Helm that you have to turn again as you did before with the rooms. 

But now you have to turn it until the inside room also has a helm too. Turn that helm so that you can remove the wall and change the room. Change the outside wheel helm again and get up the stairs.  The hint for this is just to make the rooms like an office. 

Rotating Rooms 

Battery Room Puzzle In Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart: Battery Room Puzzle – Image Captured by us

Now comes the tricky part. After following the way of the main room, you will have to fight some robots. There will be a lot of your health depleted after this fight, so try to get hold of some healing. Because the next thing you are about to do is to take some damage. Now you will see about two setups in front of you that will be rotated by the wheel helm. You must get down from that area. So in order to do that, you must not play around with the rooms in order to make something out of them. That comes in the next step.

For now, you must time the changing wheel so that once the rooms are changing, you are able to drop down easily from there.  Once you do, you have to find your way to the maintenance room, which is the location of the second body part of Claire’s Body in Atomic Heart.

Before that, you must solve the trial ahead of. You see, the changing tesseract rooms will be used to get to the maintenance room above. For that, you must form the right pattern of rooms with the help of the helm wheel. 

The hint to this is to rotate the wheel to bring the cellular battery from in front of you. Through that, you can just climb the obstacles and make your way up the door. Once you reach that area simply just rotate the other helm you see there. It will seem like you are about to fall but don’t worry. Just move ahead of yourself. After that, rotate your body, and you will find a yellow pole. Climb it and jump to the platform in front of you. 

Melee Attack Bots 

Retrieving Claire's Leg Part In Atomic Heart From Location
Atomic Heart: Claire’s Left Leg – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

In the maintenance room, you will find about two red robots dying to kill you. These are sort of the boss fights for the leg since they are extremely strong. You have to avoid not getting close to them because their expertise is melee attacks. If you get touched by a double blade, you will instantly die. It will especially be harder when you are playing on well, hard mode. But there is a way to destroy these robots. 

You have to be on the move when they come at you constantly, and you must pull out a plasma gun. It will cause more damage to these robots. You must preferably use the Dominator weapon because it will give great damage to these bots and help you easily finish them off. Your strategy should be to kill them one by one as they start to come at you. After that just look into the trunk of the destroyed car, and you will find the second part of Claire’s body in Atomic Heart which is the leg.  

There will be a wooden door with a supposed lock on it. You must have encountered this lock before so just simply time the locks beep so that each node can be opened.  This door will lead straight to the Atrium, making you realize that if only this room was unlocked, you wouldn’t have to go through all of that. Then again, where would be the fun in that? Simply attach the leg to Claire as she thanks you for it. 

Locating The Right Arm

Unlocking The Door Nodes In Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart: Unlocking The Door – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Now you have to locate the right arm for Claire, which will be the third body part location you have to find in Atomic Heart. Now the right arm will be found on the Vavilov Floor as per the instructions of the Tereshkova bot. For that must go down the stairs in the Atrium to the underground level. Tereshkova will no longer be able to help you since something will render her senses. It is something that is inside that disrupts the transmission between you two. You will soon find out what that is. 

There will come yet another door that needs to be decoded in order to unlock. This time it is a bit different because there are about three nodes with blue and one red-colored node. Each of the seeds is to be placed in its respective slots so that the door will be unlocked. It will be a little tricky to do that since shifting one switch will switch another one.

You have to carefully first separate the blue nodes so that they are parallel to each other. After that, just move the red node in the middle and move the three nodes to fit the slots. The door will then be unlocked, revealing a giant monstrous robotic tentacle.

A bunch of mini rollers will come about your way to stop you from activating it. You must use your frost abilities which should be upgraded to the fourth level so that it deactivates the movement of those mini bots for the time being. After that, just use your Axe to finish off each of them easily.

Snake Game 

Playing Snake Game in Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart: Playing Snake Game – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Now you must find the podium to play the adaptation of the Classic Snake game in Atomic Hearts. To play this game, you must stand on the controlling podium. The game requires you to eat diamonds through a snake-like being resembling the big one in this very room. As you eat each diamond, the snake-like creature will get bigger and bigger until it starts “The Process.” This activates process actually awakes the snake-like robotic creature in the back. 

Now you must get ready for the biggest battle in Atomic Hearts as of YET! Just kidding, the bot is actually friendly. It will give you the right and the third part of Claire in Atomic Heart. You can now relax and kill the rest of the robots in the room.

A pro tip is to keep changing guns because there are different types of ammunition in the game, and if you are low on one, you can use the other.  Now that you have retrieved the body part of Claire from this location in Atomic Heart, you can head back. 

Locating The Left Arm

Disgusting Red Polymer
Atomic Heart: Red Polymer – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Now Claire will reattach the limb to herself again, and you can find the location for the final body part for Claire in Atomic Heart. For this location, you will need to head towards the Pavlov Floor in the Atrium. You can follow the tracker to find the floor.  On your way, you will come across some Red Polymer, which will disgust Tereshkova to the core as she hates the thing. You can destroy it but be careful because it is damaging. You can loot the Gooey Red Polymer for some Biomaterials. 

These Biomaterials are rare, so you can use these to upgrade your weapons in Atomic Heart finally. Nora, the computer will be available right next to the Polymer. From there, upgrade your skills, too, if you want to. Because the fight up ahead will be tough so you need to be fully prepared from the start. Now to your surprise, you will encounter yet another lock.  It will be similar to the previous one, but the only difference is the combination of the lock.

This time around, you must make a shorter distance between the blue nodes with the red node stuck right beside it. Turn the blue node around until it is one space away from the other blue node.

Place the red node beside both nodes, and you will be able to open up the door to the Pavlov Floor. Upon opening the door, you will see a beautiful whale-like creature with her internals opened up. Dive down and get ready for an action-packed battle. 


Plyusch Boss Fight To Get Claire's Part In Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart: Plyusch Monster – Image Captured by us

Now you will be able to fight the boss battle of this entire quest, “The Plyusch.” This disgusting symbiote-like polymer creature will cause you real trouble. That will happen, especially when you do not follow the rules to kill this creature.

No polymer blast or gunfire is useful against this creature. It will be able to resist it all in the end. The only chance you have in order to deplete its Health is to just melee attack it. You can have your single or double-handed axe ready before this fight because it will get really messy. 

Another strategy that will work against this beast is the frost or fire grenades. When you throw that at it will have significant depletion in its health. Other than that, your best bet will just be to kill it with your melee weapon. After you manage to kill it, it will drop down multiple items. One of which will be the Left Arm you were looking for at the beginning. 

Backtrack toward Claire and attach the final body part you found from the location in Atomic Heart. Once put together, Claire will start to come alive. Together both Claire and Tereshkova will be able to initiate the Drill Military Sequence properly. 

Wrap Up 

You have now found each of the four body parts of claire scattered around the locations of the Atrium. This whole charade will take you about one and a half hours to complete fully. But it will be an extremely fun quest to do. The preferred difficulty to play this mission is to play it in hard mode. Only then will you fully enjoy the experience of Atomic Heart, as the robots will get really hard to beat. But that, at the end of the day, is a preference, and you must choose to do this mission however you desire.

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