Atomic Heart Game Length: How Long To Beat

Get to know how long you'll be playing Atomic Heart when it launches!

A new game is always fun to dive into, but we all have the same question before we begin; How Long Will This Game Be? Well, it takes 25 hours to finish it from start to end.

This guide features all information regarding Atomic Heart Game Length, answered by the director of Atomic Heart themselves. Make sure to read all, and we have an extra bonus in here for you!

Key Takeaways
  • Robert Bagratuni, Game Director for Atomic Hearts, has confirmed the Game Length.
  • The main story will be roughly 25 hours.
  • Completing side quests will run the game for up to 40 hours.
  • Atomic Hearts will also include 3 Difficulty Modes and 12 upgradable Weapon choices.
  • The game is set to release on February 22nd.

How Long Is Atomic Heart?

The Game Director for Atomic Heart, Robert Bagratuni, confirmed in a recent press event how long the game will be, how many Difficulty Modes there are, and how many Weapons will be available. Read here what Robert Bagratuni had to say regarding the game ahead of its release.

To complete the main story campaign, players will need to spend approximately 20-25 hours.Robert Bagratuni

So there you have it, roughly 20 – 25 hours to complete Atomic Heart, confirmed by the creators themselves. However, Robert did not stop there and mentioned that completing side quests in the vast world of Atomic Heart will extend the length of the game by a substantial margin. 

Since the world of Atomic Heart is quite huge and filled with various activities, the full completion will take much longer. Indeed, it is difficult to give the exact number, however, I can assume that the very completion of the game may take the player about 35-40 hours. Robert Bagratuni

More Information Before Release

The release has been anticipated for quite a long time, and the game is scheduled to release on February 22nd. Crowned the “Russian BioShock,” the game has impressed every step of the way.

Apart from game length, the creators have also talked about many other things, not shying away from questions we have had regarding the game. Robert Bagratuni has also confirmed that the game will have a total of 3 Difficulty Modes, 12 Unique Weapons to choose from, and even dialog options

Regarding the choice of Weapons, Bagratuni has mentioned each weapon will have weapon-specific upgrades as well as skill branches. Collecting items around the map will allow you to upgrade weapons and forge bullets with elementary effects. Read the full description of what Bagratuni had to say here.

There will be 12 types of weapons in total, and for each of them there are several various types of upgrades and multiple skill branches. To be able to upgrade your arsenal, you will need to collect components by searching every piece of furniture, equipment, and corpses around. You will have an opportunity to create bullets, add elementary effects to them, and create other things as well. Robert Bagratuni

Final Thoughts

This is all there is for Atomic Heart Game Length for now, but we have only scraped the top of the barrel for what we should expect for Atomic Hearts. Now, all there is left to do is wait till February 22nd for the release. In the meantime, check out our guide on Atomic Hearts PC System Requirements, so you’re all set to play when the time comes. 

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