Atomic Heart: Not A Password At All Quest [Guide]

Find the password for the pattern lock in Not a Password At All quest in Atomic Heart!

The quest “Not a Password at all” in Atomic Heart takes place in Theater, where you will have to open the door locked behind a pattern lock.

Key Takeaways
  • To solve the “Not a Password at all” quest in Atomic Heart, you need to find the engineer who has the password for the pattern lock of the door.
  • Head to the bar and go to the hall, where you will see a room right in front of you.
  • After entering the room, you will find another locked door.
  • The second lock is solved by rotating the dial and matching the color of the dots.
  • Behind the door, you will find the engineer’s body. There will be a piece of paper near the engineer’s body that contains the password for the pattern lock in Atomic Heart.

How To Solve The “Not A Password At All” Quest

You will come across a pattern lock as you come to an end in Theater. The pattern lock is the same as the one you encountered previously on your search for Viktor Petrov. The password for the pattern lock in Atomic Heart is with the dead engineer in the Theater

To find the engineer, go down to the bar, and head back to where you came from.

Bar Walking through
Walking through the Bar – [Image Credit: eXputer]
After walking up from the bar, you will enter the hall. There, you will see a door right in front of you

located engineer room where
The room where the engineer is located – [Image Credit: eXputer]
After entering the door, you will see another lock on the door. To solve it, you need to rotate the dial to match the dots to the matching colors. After that, the door will open, and you will see the corpse of the engineer at the end of the room. 

Second Lock – [Image Credit: eXputer]
If you interact with the engineer’s corpse, he will say the password out loud: “One five zero six”. However, pay no attention to his words. Instead, look at the piece of paper lying near his body and memorize its pattern. 

Pattern Lock door Password
Password for the Pattern Lock door – [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now go back to the bar and head up to the locked door. The pattern is similar to “7”, and this is how the pattern will be entered:

complete Not a Password at all quest in Atomic Heart
Entering the password to complete the “Not a Password at all” quest – [Image Credit: eXputer]
That’s how you find the password for pattern lock to complete the Not A Password At All quest in Atomic Heart.


Atomic Heart’s puzzles sure are quite difficult, as it doesn’t give you enough info on what to do, and the “Not A Password At All” quest is no different. That said, our guide on How To Solve Mirror Mechanism Puzzle will surely come in handy when you progress further. However, as you progress, the amount of robot will increase, and you will face powerful enemies. To defeat them, you need to Unlock Nora & Craft Gear. There are also too many skills, which is confusing, so why not read our guide on Best Skills & Upgrades

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