Atomic Heart: Pavlov Complex Door Code

Find out the right capacitors to click to access the Pavlov Complex door and get rich in supplies!

If you want to go through the door in the Pavlov complex, you will need to use a code in Atomic Heart. However, finding the code is not an easy task, and it will require a certain amount of time to get through the entrance of the complex. Unlocking the Pavlov Complex is the most crucial part of the gameplay, as the area is part of many quests in the game. 

Key Takeaways
  • To open the Pavlov Complex Door, you need to use a code in Atomic Heart. 
  • The code will require you to light up 4 Capacitors on the lock. 
  • The hint for the code can be found in a room nearby where there is a massive hole in the wall and handprints on the cubicle curtains. 
  • The complex door code is necessary to gain eenteravlov Complex and complete the Blood Courier Mission in Atomic Heart. 
  • In the blood Courier mission you will be required first to open a series of doors before you can access the Pavlov Complex Door. 
  • After opening the door, you will be able to open four chests each containing ammo and different consumables to help you in your journey ahead. 
Important:The Pavlov Complex Door Code is necessary to progress in the blood courier mission and find ammo and resources in the complex.

Pavlov Complex Door Code 

Before we go through the code required to unlock the Pavlov complex door, it is important to understand the types of locks in Atomic Heart. The locks will be split into four different types in the game. 

There is the standard lock which is mostly in in the shape of a regular door lock. In order to pick the lock, you will have to use some wires and rotate it in the correct angle to progress further. Furthermore you would also have to press some buttons to open the door continuously. You won’t have to necessarily use any kind of lock picks or break the lock to get through.

Atomic Heart learnig pavlov Complex Door Code
Door Code [Image by eXputer]
Then we have the timing lock which has a specific amount of time, and it is by far the hardest lock to open. It will have a slow timer on a mini screen, and you will be required to press the action button whenever it lights up. 

Next we have the light lock, which is also the lock that is present on the complex door. There will be various capacitors in this lock that will have a light underneath them. In order to unlock these kind of locks you will have to find the correct configuration in the game.

Most of the time you will have to unlock the light lock by choosing the four correct capacitors. Sometimes there is a specific order in the way these capacitors should be pressed. However, for the Pavlov Complex Door you don’t need to press them in any specific order. 

How To Find The Entrance 

The players will have to follow a series of steps in order to access the entrance of the Pavlov complex. These steps are to be followed before entering the code in the complex door.

At one point or another in the story you will have to access the Pavlov complex. Now that you have successfully found the code needed to open the door it is important to find the entrance itself.

Chests full of supplies
Finding Entrance [Image by eXputer]
In order to access the entrance of the Pavlov complex you will need to find a dead body on the table nearby. From the dead body you will have to go straight forward and turn right. Soon after you will come across a red button that will allow you to access the elevator. Here you will have to select the number 34. 

Why Is The Code Important 

The Pavlov Door Complex Code is important in order to get to the labs and obtain various useful items for your journey ahead. One of the most tricky tasks in the game can be to find the labs as there are a series of objectives and tasks you have to go through to get to this point.

Chests full of supplies
Chests full of supplies [Image by eXputer]
Furthermore, in order to complete the most important mission to transport the head of Victor to Pavlov complex, you will have to find the complex door code. 

Getting To The Labs 

After obtaining the head of victor you will need to make your way to the labs in the Pavlov complex. And in order to get through you will have to unlock a series of doors in the game. Before you can open the complex door to get, the necessary equipment will have to open several other doors as well.

Atomic Heart How to find the Pavlov Complex Door Code
Making way through the complex [Image by eXputer]
When you first enter the Pavlov complex you will find yourself on the top floor. This will be right after you have successfully completed the Infirmary Mission. In the Blood Courier Mission you will be required to transport the head to the labs. From the top floor you need to go to the 7th floor and make a sharp left. Here you will see a locked door. 

After using the right rotations and unlocking the door be able to progress further and enter a whole new area. You will get to face a lot of enemies in this region and you can choose to avoid combat if you want to. From here you need to make a left and keep going down the stairs. After that you will need to enter the first door on your right. For indication the door will have a glowing red bulb over it. 

During this quest you will find a locked door that you can open using the code we have mentioned above. Behind the door you will find many supplies that will aid you in the Blood Courier Mission.  

Exploring the complex 

When you enter the door to your right you need to make a left from here and look for some stairs. You need to descend these stairs and keep moving further until you come across a handle that you will be able to interact with. This handle controls the water pressure of the complex. After you are done with that, you need to go back upstairs, and you will see water in the area around you.

Atomic Heart Pavlov Complex Door Code
More Puzzles Ahead! [Image by eXputer]
You will have to dive in this water to reach the other side of the room. After you have successfully made your way to the other side of the room, you will see a lock on the door. To open this lock, you will have to snap your fingers according to the Green Indicators as they light up in the game. 

After doing so you will be able to make your way to a large room with some dead bodies. In order to open the 3rd door, you will need a certain item. This item is a Key Disk. To get the disk, you will have to make a left from here and go all the way to Room One. Keep exploring the room, and you will see the key disk in a hole. Go back to the puzzle door and use the key disk to open the door. 

Exiting The Morgue 

After that you need to head towards left and look for an elevator. You will be able to call the elevator by pressing the red button. In the elevator you need to select the 34 button. After that you will find yourself in morgue. Go inside the morgue and go straight to the end of the hall and look for stairs. By using the stairs, you need to go straight up to the second floor.

As soon as you enter the second floor take a sharp right. Next you will be met with a long hallway in the game. You need to enter the first door that is on your right side and look for another set of stairs.

Go up the stairs and you will find yourself in a room. Keep exploring the room, and you will soon come across another puzzle door. You need to solve it in order to exit the mark. After that you need to take a ride from here. Then after a bit of progressing you will find yourself in the Distribution Center.

Atomic Heart What is the Pavlov Complex Door Code
Using Elevator [Image by eXputer]
There will be another lock on the door that will require you to snap your fingers when the Green Lights turn on as soon as you have successfully solved the puzzle you need to go up the stairs again.

You will be met with another lock that requires snapping of the fingers to unlock it. After completing the second snapping puzzle, you need to go down the stairs and take a right. Soon after a bit of progressing you need to make a left, and we will finally be able to access the Complex Lab. 

Therefore, if you want to complete the Blood Courier Mission, you will be required to find the Pavlov Complex Door Code in Atomic Heart. 

Hints For The Door Code 

If you are wondering where the hints of the door code can be found, then you need to make your way to a room with a large hole inside. Stand beside the stretcher and face the wall with a hole in it.

Atomic Heart Pavlov Complex Door Code
Hint for the code [Image by eXputer]
You will see a few hand prints on the Cubicle Curtains of the room. Look closely, and you will see a few circles here. One circle will be located on the cubicle itself, while the other will be right below the hole in the wall.

The other circle will be in the form of a picture stuck to the wall near the hole. The last circle will be inside the hole. This is exactly how you have to press the capacitors in order to open the door. 

After opening the door, you will be able to open 4 chests inside. These four chests will have a lot of resources for you to use. They will also contain a lot of ammo for your weapons to keep you loaded for the journey ahead. 

Final Words 

With this we conclude our detailed guide on the Pavlov Complex Puzzle Door Code and how to open it in order to access the four chests full of items and consumables in Atomic Heart. In case you are wondering how to use the scanner in Atomic Heart make sure to check out our detailed guide on it.

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