Atomic Heart: All Robots + Strategies

Robots have taken over the world. Here's how to defeat them.

Atomic Heart is an alternate timeline for the USSR in which the robots developed by the nation went rogue. The robots were all once used to help humanity prosper. But when things went south, they turned against humans. Facing these robots isn’t an easy task. You will have to prepare yourself and learn all about enemy robots in Atomic Heart.

Key Takeaways

In Atomic Heart, you’ll encounter various enemy robots, each with its own characteristics and abilities:

  1. ARU-31/6 Rotorobot: A melee robot equipped with spinning blades.
  2. LUC-1 Owl: Fires missiles at high speed.
  3. MFU-68 Laborer: Shoots saw blades towards you.
  4. MTU-7 Bumblebee: Durable and can withstand multiple hits.
  5. RAF-9 Engineer: Remains friendly unless provoked.
  6. VOV-A6 Lab Tech: Comes in three different versions, each deadlier than the last.
  7. WSP-9 Pchela: Features three variations, each with a different purpose.
  8. HOG-7 Hedgie: Moves quickly and launches rockets.
  9. MA-9 Belyash: Moves rapidly; Polymeric Jet’s freeze ability is effective against it.
  10. NA-T256 “Natasha”: Performs long-range melee attacks and fires rockets.
  11. Dewdrop: Fires a dodgeable laser and uses tentacles in the second phase.
  12. Twins: Utilize various combo attacks, requiring careful dodging and timing to land hits.
IMPORTANT: Each of these Robots has a different mechanism. Make sure to get familiar with every one of them before you go out to face them.

ARU-31/6 Rotorobot

The ARU-31/6 Rotorobot, originally designed for agricultural tasks like crop harvesting and weed clearing, has a surprising deadly edge. Its mower blades rotate at a rapid 540 RPM, capable of causing severe damage. Despite its seemingly weak appearance, the Rotorobot is agile and can quickly close in on unsuspecting targets. However, it lacks strong armor and can’t withstand multiple hits.


To defeat the Rotorobot effectively:

  1. Maintain Distance: Keep a safe distance from the Rotorobot to avoid its deadly melee attacks.
  2. Use Ranged Attacks: Equip a firearm to target and attack the Rotorobot from a distance.
  3. Aim Carefully: Make accurate shots, as it won’t take many hits to defeat the Rotorobot.

By keeping your distance and using ranged weapons, you can quickly and safely take down the Rotorobot in combat.

LUC-1 Owl

The LUC-1 Owl is equipped with large blades, resembling owl eyes, and was originally designed for farm security tasks. With a remarkable speed of 75 km/h, it efficiently monitors cattle and protects the farm.


When facing the LUC-1 Owl, consider the following strategy:

  1. Fast Movement: The LUC-1 Owl is agile and quick. It will attempt to maneuver around you to gain an advantage in combat.
  2. Missile Attacks: Be prepared for missile attacks from the Owl. These missiles can deal significant damage if they hit.
  3. Dodging: Dodge incoming missile attacks promptly to avoid taking damage.
  4. Maintain Distance: Create distance between yourself and the Owl to safely attack it.
  5. Ranged Attacks: Use ranged weapons to target and eliminate the Owl from a distance.

By staying agile, dodging missiles, and using ranged weapons, you can effectively deal with the LUC-1 Owl in combat.

MFU-68 Laborer

The MFU-68 Laborer serves as a cattle shepherd on farms, designed for efficient mobility across various terrains and durability in harsh weather conditions. They can work collectively to manage large animal herds. Equipped with a large saw-blade on their head, they can cut down trees, with the logs being transported by other robots. Their robust structure enables them to withstand challenging conditions while carrying out their tasks effectively.

The Laborer.
Its sawblade is quite deadly. [Image Credit: eXputer]


The Laborer will always try to get near you and use its saw blade to cut through you. But, even if there is a gap between you and the Laborer, it will then lunge the Saw Blade toward you. The goal to deal with it is to keep a distance and make sure that you’re out in the open so you can dodge its attacks easily.  

MTU-7 Bumblebee

The MTU-7 Bumblebee, named for its resemblance to the bumblebee insect, is a heavy-duty robot capable of carrying up to ten tons of weight. It plays a crucial role in industrial, construction, and heavy-duty tasks, making it useful for moving heavy machinery.


When facing the MTU-7 Bumblebee in combat:

  1. Bullet Management: Be mindful of your ammunition and avoid running out of bullets during the fight.
  2. Durability: Recognize that the Bumblebee is a durable opponent, so you’ll need to deal sustained damage to defeat it.

Ensure you have enough ammunition and focus on dealing consistent damage to overcome the MTU-7 Bumblebee effectively.

RAF-9 Engineer

RAF-9 Engineer robots are versatile and popular due to their ability to perform various tasks, including production, operation, repair, and maintenance. They can even serve as bartenders or waiters depending on their programming.


RAF-9 Engineer robots are generally not hostile and won’t attack unless provoked. To avoid conflict with them:

  1. Non-Aggressive Behavior: Do not act aggressively or provoke the RAF-9 Engineer robots, as they will recognize you as an enemy if you do.
  2. Durable Opponents: Keep in mind that they are durable opponents, so engaging in combat with them can be challenging once provoked.

VOV-A6 Lab Tech

The VOV-A6 Lab Tech robots come in three variations, each with different abilities and upgrades. Here are strategies for dealing with them:

First Model (Plastics):

  • This model is relatively easy to defeat and takes only two hits to kill.
  • It will charge toward you and attempt to kick, which you can easily dodge.

Second Model (Aluminum Alloys):

  • The Aluminum Alloy body makes this model stronger and more mobile than the first.
  • Normal bullets won’t hit them due to their metal body.
  • To defeat them, use blasts or environmental attacks. Freeze them, then attack from behind to bypass their metal body.

Third Model (Biological Polymer):

  • The Biological Polymer model is the most formidable, with high health and various attack types.
  • Be prepared for a range of attacks from this model.
  • It can fire a deadly laser beam, so stay ready to dodge it.
The Lab Tech in Atomic heart.
The first Lab Tech version. [Image Credit: eXputer]


When facing the VOV-A6 Lab Tech models, adapt your strategy based on their version. Use environmental attacks, freezing, and evasive maneuvers to defeat them effectively, especially when dealing with the tougher Aluminum Alloy and Biological Polymer versions.

WSP-9 Pchela

The WSP-9 Pchela robots come in three different designs, each designed for specific tasks. Here are strategies for dealing with them based on their design:

  1. Cargo Delivery Design:
    • These robots are designed for cargo delivery.
    • They are generally not hostile and won’t attack unless provoked.
    • Avoid aggressive actions to maintain a peaceful interaction with them.
  2. Repair Design (with lasers):
    • Some WSP-9 Pchela robots have lasers for repairs.
    • Be cautious when approaching them, as they may use lasers to attack if provoked.
    • Engage in combat cautiously and use evasive maneuvers to avoid laser attacks.
  3. Surveillance Design:
    • The surveillance design robots monitor your location and alert other robots.
    • Be aware that they can expose your whereabouts to hostile robots.
    • Consider avoiding them or neutralizing them to prevent alerting other threats.


When encountering WSP-9 Pchela robots, assess their design and respond accordingly. Maintain a non-aggressive stance when dealing with cargo delivery robots, exercise caution with repair robots armed with lasers, and be cautious of surveillance robots that can expose your location to other hostile robots.

HOG-7 Hedgie

Up next, we have the HOG-7 Hedgie. Its original purpose was to be a survey robot that would cover larger areas and then collect any rare plants or rocks that it found. Now don’t get taken back by its huge size; as you encounter it, you will note that it has fast speed. Thanks to that speed, it could quickly survey a larger area. In addition to that, it can use the hardware inside to quickly process data on any sample of plants or rocks that it comes across.

The Hog-7 Hedgie.
Wait for the Hedgie to overheat so you can attack it. [Image Credit: eXputer]


Dealing with the HOG-7 Hedgie in Atomic Heart requires a strategic approach. Here’s a strategy to defeat it effectively:

  1. Analyze its Moves:
    • Pay close attention to the Hedgie’s attack patterns and movements.
    • Observe the blast wave it creates when slamming on the ground and be prepared to jump to avoid it.
  2. Missile Attacks:
    • When the Hedgie fires three missiles at a time, keep an eye on their trajectory and dodge them to avoid taking damage.
  3. High-speed Charges:
    • When the Hedgie charges towards you at high speed, use the environment to your advantage.
    • Utilize the green posts in the park to call structures into its path.
    • If the Hedgie slams into a structure, it will stop briefly, providing you with an opportunity to attack its weak points.
  4. Cooling Down:
    • The Hedgie may overheat as it moves around the arena at high speed.
    • When it starts cooling down, it will reveal its weak spots.
    • Take advantage of this moment to shoot at its weak points and deal significant damage.

We would suggest using a shotgun at close range as it can deal great damage with each shot.

MA-9 “Belyash”

MA-9 “Belyash” was originally designed for plumbing, installation, and welding tasks. It has a strong structure capable of carrying heavy loads and uses arc welding technology. Its robust body can withstand harsh conditions due to its chimpanzee-like internal structure, enabling it to access hard-to-reach surfaces for welding and other tasks.

Belyash in Atomic Heart Robots.
Belyash as structure like a Chimpanzee. [Image Credit: eXputer]


  • Start the fight by using the Polymeric Jet to freeze Belyash since it moves a lot.
  • After freezing, get close and use an axe for high damage without using ammo.
  • Watch out for its attacks: ground slams and boulder throws. Dodge to avoid damage.
  • When Belyash’s health drops to half, its attacks become deadlier with reduced delays.
  • It starts emitting fire from its head vents and boulders have blast waves to dodge.
  • Maintain distance as you lower its health to stay safe.

NA-T256 Natasha

The USSR’s rapid progress in Atomic Heart owes much to NA-T256 “Natasha,” a heavy-duty loader robot. Natasha’s key features include its ability to carry massive loads and work for extended periods without recharging.

Natasha has rocket boosters on its back, granting it versatile mobility, seen in the boss fight where it launches into the sky.

The NA-T256 Natasha.
Natasha will launch melee attacks and missiles at you. [Image Credit: eXputer]


  • Beware of Natasha’s powerful melee attacks and rocket-powered lunges.
  • Dodge rockets fired at you during the battle.
  • Natasha’s spinning hands attack can be challenging to evade. Stay at a distance to avoid getting hit.
  • After this attack, there’s an opportunity to land hits on Natasha.
  • When Natasha’s health is halfway, it flies into the sky and releases pursuing explosive balls that detonate on proximity. Be agile to dodge them.


Dewdrop isn’t a full robot but a bionic creature designed for the mining industry. It features biopolymer muscles in its head for drilling efficiency and heavy load carrying.

dewdrop in atomic heart robots.
Dewdrop can be hard to defeat. [Image Credit: eXputer]


  • Dodge Dewdrop’s laser attacks; they have a brief animation before hitting you.
  • Use ranged weapons because Dewdrop is agile with tentacle-like arms and a round body.
  • Don’t chase it; it moves quickly and repositions often.
  • In the second phase, its biopolymer muscles become tentacles, adding a ranged attack.
  • Dodge both laser and tentacle attacks.
  • Keep a close eye on Dewdrop’s laser animation to prepare for dodging.
  • Monitor your remaining bullets to avoid running out during the fight.


The most advanced humanoid robots in Atomic Heart are the Twins, named Left and Right. They serve as personal assistants and bodyguards for Dmitry Sechenov, designed in the image of ballerinas. They possess a combination of attributes, including agility and speed.


  • You face them at two different points in the game, starting with Left and later both Twins.
  • For Left, reduce their energy by continuously attacking to prevent stronger attacks.
    The Left
    The Left will put up a good fight. [Image Credit: eXputer]
  • Left has the agility of a ballerina and launches quick attacks.
  • Dodge her lunges, kicks, and spinning movements.
  • Watch out for her metal claws, which deal high damage.
  • She may slam the ground, creating a shockwave, and later use a laser beam. Crouch to avoid the laser.
  • Prevent her from charging up her energy to avoid powerful attacks.
  • When her health is low, she gains high mobility, and you must go all out to defeat her.


Later in the game, you’ll face both Twins, Left and Right, while meeting Dmitry Sechenov. They each have individual health bars, allowing you to focus on one at a time, with Left being the better choice to start with as she’s on the ground.


  • Focus on one Twin at a time, starting with Left.
  • Right will launch ranged attacks, which you can dodge effectively.
  • Both Twins will continuously attack, and you’ll need to dodge large falling boulders around the arena.
  • Right’s attack creates smaller boulders upon impact.
  • Left uses her previously seen attacks.
  • Be prepared to dodge different attack combos, including a laser reflected off a mirror.
  • When their health is low, they both fire lasers that you must dodge; attacking them at this point isn’t an option.
Both Twins atomic heart robots.
You’ll finally fight both twins. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Final Words

The game isn’t about killing robots and whatnot. You have a ton of skills that you can unlock using several different Skill Trees. With that, there are different things that you will have to use your Scanner to scan. In addition to that, you will have to solve a ton of puzzles. For example, finding Clarie’s Parts. There are tons of Mods already for the game that enhance the overall performance of the game. Lastly, make sure to get the best weapons out there, such as the Dominator.

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